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The son of a sailor, 5-year old Sosuke, lives a quiet life on an oceanside cliff with his mother Lisa. One fateful day, he finds a beautiful goldfish trapped in a bottle on the beach and upon rescuing her, names her Ponyo. But she is no ordinary goldfish.

MPAA Rating G

Status Released

Release Date 2008-07-19

Runtime 100 minutes

Budget $42m

Revenue $0.2b


TMDB 7.7


Karma :) he/they's profile image

kaminarichu28 shared a tip "I don't know why I hadn't liked the studio ghibli movies yet on here but I love them so much"

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kim_cruz_5571 shared a tip "This will forever be my favorite movie :)"

Madelyn Pena's profile image

madelyn_pena shared a tip "Adorable water girl meets adorable human boy. Beautiful chaos ensues."

Guabilang 's profile image

guabilang shared a tip "A great film"

Natalie Poitras's profile image

natalie_poitras shared a tip "Favorite movie ever ❤❤❤ recommend if your a child at heart"

Kaylyn Peterson's profile image

kaylyn_peterson shared a tip "Love this movie! Such a pure friendship and sense of curiosity! Also a kid movie about kids acting like kids!"

Caroline Garrigos's profile image

caroline_garrigos shared a tip "SOSUKE is adorable!"

Julia S's profile image

julia_s_6126 shared a tip "Super cute movie!!"

lani_bonnie shared a tip "Ponyo is such a sweet lil movie that I can never hate ❤🥺"

ShyAnn Caruso's profile image

shyann_caruso shared a tip "The cutest most heartwarming studio movie"

ShyAnn Caruso's profile image

shyann_caruso shared a tip "“ HAAAMMM “ I’ll never look at ham the same"

Leslie Dennis's profile image

leslie_dennis_8072 shared a tip "Ooooooooh. Haaaaaaaaam. Ponyo loves ham. Ponyo loves sosuke"

Melina C's profile image

LittleSparrow26 shared a tip "Aww I just remembered this movie yesterday and it was my literal favorite movie when I was a kid"

shane reins's profile image

shane_reins shared a tip "Cute ghibli movie"

Caterina Rosa's profile image

caterina_rosa shared a tip "i absolutely love this movie. i’ve already rewatched it 4 times, all in different languages hahah!"

Ana Salinas's profile image

ana_salinas_6517 shared a tip "It's adorable my kids and I love and research it often. It's like an alternate story of the little mermaid by Disney."

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trip_renner shared a tip "I have not, is it good?"

bailey tipton's profile image

bailey_tipton shared a tip "one of the cutest movies :))) the end song is stuck in my head🧍‍♀️"

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art_fannatic shared a tip "AAAA CUTE"

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cyriah_christian shared a tip "PERFECT FAMILY MOVIE"

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tori_zamarron shared a tip "This is a cute one, I definitely recommend!!"

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Cindy- shared a tip "Fun movie"

jess l.'s profile image

jess_l. shared a tip "Such an adorable movie, loved it since I was a kid 🥰"

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wemb1eyy shared a tip "I hecking love ponyo"

taina_rivera shared a tip "It’s the perfect date night movie"

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david_viviani shared a tip "Fantastic movie. Debatable as a goat for anime."

adia_9828 shared a tip "It was adorable, me and my family loved it!"

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eli_petersen shared a tip "PONYO PONYO PONYO PONYO"

Deleted User Deleted User's profile image

deleted_user_1612408041963 shared a tip "honestly, sosuke he’s very sweet"

Mariano Arellano's profile image

mariano_arellano shared a tip "A movie about friendship, and family. And all the better a tsunami rolls in !!!"

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ThatOneAnimeWeeb. shared a tip "I've watched this movie at least 5 times in the span of 3 years. Great movie! I recommend"

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mia_yarbrough shared a tip "So cuteeee"

Xxjazzmyn_lenaxX ._.'s profile image

xxjazzmyn_lenaxx_._. shared a tip "I love this movie it is funny and sad and happy ❤️❤️❤️"

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kelzyth shared a tip "Sweet heartwarming story that works great as an intro to ghibli films."

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levka_starkova shared a tip "Probably howls moving castle or princess mononke"

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liana_murphy shared a tip "It’s a cute and good movie."

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evennie_velasco shared a tip "Ocean anime! #ocean_anime #anime"

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megan_hill_7718 shared a tip "Super cute😍"

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hash_browns shared a tip "It’s a greet movie it was really cute to watch. I would watch it with family and friends!"

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