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Following the events at home, the Abbott family now face the terrors of the outside world. Forced to venture into the unknown, they realize that the creatures that hunt by sound are not the only threats that lurk beyond the sand path.

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2021-05-21

Runtime 97 minutes

Budget $61m

Revenue $0.3b


TMDB 7.7


Joslyn 's profile image

joslyn shared a tip "Just as thrilling as the first!"

Brian Addison's profile image

brian_addison shared a tip "Really enjoyed this. You can find on Redbox if you don’t have Paramount+ 👍"

Bubba Petty's profile image

bubbapetty shared a tip "CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THIS!!"

christie_biggers shared a tip "SO good!!!!"

jess_ica_9043 shared a tip "Great sequel! On the edge of my seat and held my breath the whole time!!!!"

aryana carter's profile image

aryana_carter shared a tip "love this and i love the way they do the start"

Shell Moore's profile image

shell_moore shared a tip "I actually liked this one better than the first one."

Cole Whitworth's profile image

cole_whitworth shared a tip "A worthy sequel! Enjoyed the second part of this series and ready for the next one."

T.J. Hocum's profile image

t.j._hocum shared a tip "Even better than the first one!!"

Walter Phuego's profile image

walterphuego shared a tip "Decent"

Maria Maqueda's profile image

maria_maqueda shared a tip "I just watched a quiet place part 2 I would definitely recommend!!! Lots of suspense"

Noni Lee's profile image

noni_lee shared a tip "I say it was way better than the first one!"

Gracie Graben's profile image

gracie_graben_6472 shared a tip "Watched this the other day in the theaters. Great jump scare movie!"

Gracie Graben's profile image

gracie_graben_6472 shared a tip "Who else enjoyed it?"

Jennifer N.'s profile image

jennifer_n. shared a tip "I just saw this and it was so good! 10/10 recommend. Good sequel."

Harley Dragon's profile image

harley_dragon shared a tip "super suspenseful!"

Shelby Valentin's profile image

shelby_valentin shared a tip "One of the best movies I have ever seen. Better than the first one - more action!"

Alexandra Lazarow's profile image

alexandra_lazarow shared a tip "Amazing! I think I may have liked it better than part I."

Sarah Coulter's profile image

sarah_coulter_9651 shared a tip "Almost better than part 1! Good movie"

Quinn Prinz's profile image

quinn_prinz shared a tip "Was just as interesting as the first one, I very much enjoyed the mirroring of story lines throughout the plot"

Amani Clemons's profile image

amani_clemons shared a tip "Great movie"

Abby Strater's profile image

highcourtbooks shared a tip "This movie made me jump...a few times"

Miranda 's profile image

miranda_3130 shared a tip "Pretty hecking good!"

richard_wittkohl shared a tip "Horror. Cant do favorite top 5 though...six sense, woman in black, poltergeist 2, event horizon, and frighteners"

roman_marie shared a tip "f"

erin_moore_2612 shared a tip "soooo goood"

caroline_spivack shared a tip "I finally found a sequel that’s as good as it’s predecessor."

Chris Cartwright's profile image

maytheforcebetrayyou shared a tip "A perfect second half to an already exhilarating and high-tension story."

L-Kat Von's profile image

l-kat_von shared a tip "Such a great sequel to the first movie which I love!"

Josephine Morin's profile image

josephine_morin shared a tip "Wanna watch"

meghan_lides shared a tip "Loved it! Full of suspense."

CocoaGirl 's profile image

cocoagirl shared a tip "It was just a really good movie."

Marianna Blanco Boyadjian's profile image

marianna_blanco_boy shared a tip "This movie was extremely good! I enjoyed more than the first part! The way that the story was placed is amazing"

Kate Willis's profile image

kate_willis_8333 shared a tip "Great movie!"

Alex Spell's profile image

alex_spell shared a tip "This movie had me at the edge of my seat! The jump scares were awesome!"

Kyndra 's profile image

bluekyndra shared a tip "amazing movie!!"

Rachel Gartz's profile image

rachel_gz shared a tip "BETTER THAN THE FIRST ONE. Wow the kid actors in this are absolutely phenomenal. Love the ASL representation."

leslie_6679 shared a tip "The only movie that could drag me out of COVID bubble to see in a theater!"

Stefan Maragh's profile image

stefan_maragh shared a tip "Not much didn't see it yet but waiting to see it on streaming"

kate_smith_1495 shared a tip "Lots of jump scares would've seen it 10 more times that night"

sherry_2053 shared a tip "Really good movie! Better than the first one!"

ashley_monique_balo shared a tip "I loved it just as much as the first"

Moon 's profile image

moon_2194 shared a tip "It was so intense, left me on the edge of my seat. Did not expect the ending. Over all it was so good I would watch it again!"

leona_1137 shared a tip "one of the best movies i’ve seen by far!"

Sydney Denney's profile image

sydney_denney_518 shared a tip "So good! I think it’s still in theaters too if you’re up for that!"

L K Schilling's profile image

l_k_schilling shared a tip "I felt it was a good follow up. I love this cast, certainly miss John though. Solid follow up as we all know it’s hard to do."

Kimberly Harpe's profile image

kimberly_harpe shared a tip "I loved the first one.... I think the second one scared me even more!!! Fantastic work, and I am certainly hoping for a third!!!!"

David Ayzenberg's profile image

david_ayzenberg shared a tip "I actually haven’t seen this yet!"

amy_devos shared a tip "Hard to believe but might even be better than Part I!"

Addison Dumlao (2027)'s profile image

addison_dumlao_2027 shared a tip "#great"

candace_mcdowell shared a tip "Very suspenseful movie! Spectacular acting and keeps you on the edge of your seat!"

david pichinte's profile image

david_pichinte shared a tip "It was a lot of fun"

phaneendhar reddy's profile image

phaneendhar_reddy shared a tip "Not bad sequel but didn't match the original"

santos_cardenas shared a tip "Bitch when da *** coming I’m ready"

Bratzz Bratzz's profile image

bratzz_bratzz shared a tip "How do u watch movies on this app (I'm new to this app)"

Presley 's profile image

raincloud shared a tip "I’m so freaking excited for this movie!!"

Peter Pizzati's profile image

peter_pizzati shared a tip "Krasinski nailed it imho!"

Joseph Bosetti's profile image

joseph_bosetti shared a tip "Fantastic movie front start to finish"

Rina 's profile image

r1na shared a tip "Not quite as good as the first one, but still a good suspense movie. Definitely moved quicker."

Hazel Santamaria's profile image

hazel_santamaria shared a tip "Much scarier than the first one and just as good."

Carlos Nassar's profile image

carlos_nassar shared a tip "More action than the first one, but still has the same tension/suspense."

Darien Franke's profile image

darien_franke shared a tip "Didn't quite hit the same levels as the original in any aspect but a good sequel nonetheless!"

Ihsan Basaran's profile image

ihsan_basaran shared a tip "Liked it! It is as exciting as the Part I. 7/10"

vivian_5259 shared a tip "I cant wait too"

miley_814 shared a tip "I’m so excited"

Ange Bauzer's profile image

ange_bauzer shared a tip "Loved it. Very suspenseful. Had some good scares too."

a.d shared a tip "Amazing such a great movie"

Stephanie Markus's profile image

stephanie_markus shared a tip "OMG it was fantastic! Even better than the 1st!"

LD music's profile image

ld_music shared a tip "Amazing, new favourite movie"

Javier Ojeda's profile image

javier_ojeda_4105 shared a tip "Really good action and acting by Mr Murphy"

ladybug512 shared a tip "Better than the original!"

Zaryah Ross's profile image

zaryah_ross shared a tip "Lots of jump scares but really good love the plot."

Kendal Redding's profile image

kendal_redding shared a tip "Great plot but the ending seemed abrupt"

rachel_mccrary shared a tip "I loved the first one better, but I still think this sequel is great! Definitely watch it!!!"

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