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On an isolated island in Brittany at the end of the eighteenth century, a female painter is obliged to paint a wedding portrait of a young woman.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2019-06-17

Runtime 120 minutes

Budget $5.7m

Revenue $9.9m


TMDB 8.2


J H's profile image

jax89 shared a tip "I’m bored of French neo realism and I’m bored of these manic pixie lesbians. I’m gonna go re watch carol instead"

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aviva_downing shared a tip "Love a subversive period drama. Watch this one carefully because there’s a ton of detail."

The shedinja man's profile image

the_shedinja_man shared a tip "Sighs"

Megan Rogers's profile image

megbomb shared a tip "This movie was gorgeous. The cinematography was fabulous, the story was heartwrenching."

Mandi Mateer's profile image

mandipandi303 shared a tip "This movie is incredibly romantic. It's essentially a collection of longing glances."

Abby Rexroth's profile image

abby_rexroth shared a tip "I just saw this a couple of days ago, very good! I'm an amateur artist and the art scenes fascinated me. I highly recommend it."

Marie Garcia's profile image

garsee.ya shared a tip "One of fhe best movies I have ever seen! I love this film! Highly recommend!!!!"

madison_mcgill_2027 shared a tip "It's one of my favorite movies! Definitely recommend it"

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michellemars shared a tip "LOVE"

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ava_vetter shared a tip "what?"

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jon_jacks shared a tip "Looking for a little culture while in lockdown?"

Aaron Morphet's profile image

aaron_morphet shared a tip "Easily one of the greatest romance movies of all time. Plus, the cinematography is stellar."

jennifer_davis_7746 shared a tip "One of the best romance period films I’ve seen in a long time. This is one of my favorite films to date."

Stacy Woods's profile image

stacy_woods_2637 shared a tip "Have u watched it yet?"

Yanitsa Macias's profile image

yanitsa_macias shared a tip "V gay 10/10 The ending left me crying <3"

Valerie Wardle's profile image

valerie_wardle shared a tip "Beautifully done."

Jasmine Limon's profile image

jasmine_limon_5290 shared a tip "Such a beautiful film 10/10"

carly_schans shared a tip "lesbian"

Layla Daoud's profile image

layla_daoud shared a tip "so bootiful made me feel all the feels"

Sarah Nassif's profile image

snassif shared a tip "Portrait of a Lady on Fire deeply and beautifully contemplates the lives of womxn."

Raven Blackwood's profile image

raven_blackwood shared a tip "I wish it had a different ending"


Charlotte Beal's profile image

charlotte_beal shared a tip "Amazing and beautiful."

TheKelundricUnicorn 's profile image

thekelundricunicorn shared a tip "the second half of this movie is so good"

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mary_alcaro shared a tip "Stunning— beautifully shot, very well acted, haunting"

Bella -'s profile image

bella_- shared a tip "THIS IS THE BEET MOVIE YOU WILL EVER SEE. Don't get bored after the first few minutes because the whole story is phenomenal"

kath 🧚🏻‍♀️'s profile image

kathneverland shared a tip "slow but fulfilling and oh so sad wow my heart is broken"

Graceson Kennedy's profile image

graceson_kennedy shared a tip "This was such a beautiful, tender slow burn."

menucha shared a tip "a cinematic masterpiece"

julia_g_7324 shared a tip "Like watching a painting"

Ana María Ponce Prado's profile image

ana_mara_ponce_prado shared a tip "My favorite lesbian movie 💝"

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cristeenuh_ shared a tip "Another favorite movie of mine. I watched it for the first time, cried, hit replay and watched it again, then cried again."

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macksmith shared a tip "Totally captivating"

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alexa_rae_2699 shared a tip "#wlw"

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paul_russell_3477 shared a tip "I have not, but the director has made other films. Girlhood and Water Lilies are the title I can remember off the top of my head."

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ana_rubi shared a tip "i literally had no words, only tears (good tears). this movie is beautiful."

andi 's profile image

andi_9993 shared a tip "Required gay viewing. One of the few pieces of gay media that is done right."

Mary Lamb's profile image

mary_lamb_5094 shared a tip "That moment that made me gasp with my hand to my mouth, and then ugly cry. So bittersweet."

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quincy_brown_2671 shared a tip "Good. Very gay"

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natalia_5874 shared a tip "Gorgeous film"

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emma_916 shared a tip "5/5"

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