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A bride's wedding night takes a sinister turn when her eccentric new in-laws force her to take part in a terrifying game.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2019-08-21

Runtime 95 minutes

Budget $6m

Revenue $58m


TMDB 7.0


Jim Woehr's profile image

jim_woehr shared a tip "Feelings about this movie ? I love it. The end had to grow on me though."

Abbey 's profile image

abs shared a tip "A good laugh out loud horror movie 😂"

My Own Worst Enemy's profile image

enemy shared a tip "Samara Weaving has amazing, guttural, blood-curdling screams. One of the best final girls I've ever seen."

Nadia 's profile image

PousseLananas shared a tip "Very riveting, a perfect blend of thriller, comedy and horror."

Rebecca Bella's profile image

rebecca_bella shared a tip "You go, Girl! That's all I gotta say. Much better movie than what I expected."

through-glass 's profile image

through-glass shared a tip "Solid. Way better than expected. Even some really funny sh!t."

Amy Santi's profile image

amy_santi shared a tip "Believe Me You Have Not Seen Anything Like This You Are In For A Pleasant Surprise As A Horror Lover"

lyndiem6 .'s profile image

lyndiem6_. shared a tip "Good till the very end 😁 loved the dark humor"

Wolfman Jack's profile image

wolfman_jack shared a tip "Thought I would hate this, but it was much better than I expected. Fast paced and fun. Definitely worth watching!"

Angela K's profile image

anikrani shared a tip "This movie is so good! It isn't so scary that it will keep you up, but there is so much suspense and dark humor. Love it!"

Jennifer Wosmansky's profile image

groovgirl shared a tip "Really enjoyed this! To quote Rolling Stone’s review, it’s “Bridesmaids meets The Purge”"

Monique Saltiel Petró's profile image

moniquesp shared a tip "Good movie, very entertaining"

laura_wills shared a tip "Super fun action/horror"

Jennifer Gilbert's profile image

jengi9 shared a tip "this is a new cult movie."

kim_hasty shared a tip "Really good."

Harley Hernandez's profile image

harley_hernandez shared a tip "This movie is so good and funny I love it and I guarantee you will love it too"

Marcus Parks's profile image

marcus_parks shared a tip "Pretty decent film. I liked the takes on the wealthy class and the sense of humor. The main lead has great agency too."

Sean Miller's profile image

sean_miller_5023 shared a tip "Excellent movie! Comedy, horror and mystery with a crazy finale."

Katiel 's profile image

driedpotatochips shared a tip "THIS MOVIE WAS SOMETHING ELSE lol"

Corey Simons's profile image

corey_simons shared a tip "Fun movie. Truly entertaining and fun plot. Not scary at all but good times."

Megan Hartley's profile image

megan_hartley shared a tip "Loved it all, very different than what you would expect. Amazing movie. A new favourite."

Fdubs 's profile image

smoothcookies shared a tip "Awesome and unexpected thrill ride"

Analisa Sanchez's profile image

analisa_sanchez shared a tip "I thoroughly enjoyed this dark comedy"

ken_heard shared a tip "Suprisingly well done movie, is a good one to just sit back and enjoy or watch if you prefer the finer details of film"

Whitney Parker's profile image

whitney_parker shared a tip "VERY GORY but interesting"

Becca Humphreys's profile image

becca_humphreys shared a tip "It’s entertaining right up until the ending and then you will be annoyed you spent your time watching it."

Troy Pennock's profile image

troy_pennock shared a tip "A good yarn"

Kerri Whalen's profile image

kerri_whalen shared a tip "This movie was great! Exciting and funny at the same time"

Cody Tevis's profile image

cody_tevis shared a tip "Pleasantly surprised at how entertaining this was!"

Isabella Diaz's profile image

isabella_diaz_4160 shared a tip "It's really good I watched it more then 5 times but i have to warn you that it is pretty gory but not too much!"

Madi Burton's profile image

madi_burton shared a tip "So crazy"

Damien Scott's profile image

damien_scott shared a tip "Messed up fun."

brittanny_escobar shared a tip "My mom and I went in a bit blind minus the teaser and we loved it"

Sergio Flores's profile image

FlashyTurnip shared a tip "This movie if ******* gold. A new cult classic, it's ******* hilarious and satisfying"

Avi 's profile image

avi_7325 shared a tip "Perfect horror and comedy!"

britney_castillo shared a tip "A very humorous and dark movie"

orin_cameron shared a tip "A fantastic blend of horror and comedy, led by a talented cast. Kept me on my toes the entire time!"

Kayla Pinkney's profile image

kayla_pinkney shared a tip "Great movie lots of plot twists!!!!!"

Carol-Ann Dickinson's profile image

carol.ann shared a tip "So perfect, funny, bloody!"

Josh Gomez's profile image

josh_gomez_4366 shared a tip "A charming and fun movie to watch"

I'mperfection x-underground's profile image

imperfection_x-unde shared a tip "This movie surprised me, it’s a sleeper hit."

savannah-1988 shared a tip "Love this movie"

luke_smith_2857 shared a tip "Amazing movie love it"

Emily Lynch's profile image

emilychase shared a tip "Perfect mix of thriller and twisted comedy, mild on the horror, definitely a must see"

Let's Watch New shows's profile image

Thisappslaps shared a tip "Great mix of comedy and horror, really liked it"

sherry_yeh shared a tip "This is a gem. Not your typical horror movie, very fun to watch."

Savina Kamenova's profile image

savina_kamenova shared a tip "BEST MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN. This girl has to die but she doesn't. All who wanted her death in the end die."

shooshane shared a tip "Incredibly fun movie"

priscilla_4546 shared a tip "It's a perfect psychological thriller with suspense #horror #thriller #thriller"

marci_fazio shared a tip "One of my all time favorites!"

Santa Clause's profile image

santa_clause_5255 shared a tip "Funny, gory, with a little magic thrown in. Loved this movie and it's something I can watch 10 times over come fall."

Library Lost's profile image

library_lost shared a tip "I knew there's a reason why I loved hide and seek...."

Karli Moore's profile image

Im_a_shy_BI shared a tip "This is my favorite horror comedy ever!! I have watched this movie atleast 20 times"

Shana Fondon's profile image

shana_fondon shared a tip "Wow this movie had me rooting for the bride ...the whole dang time."

Jamireal B. Epps's profile image

jamireal_b._epps shared a tip "This was actually a gem. I didn't think to much of it when my sister started it, but it was a great watch."

shaimya_hackett_3215 shared a tip "It's amazing and hilarious"

Amanda Piper's profile image

amanda_piper shared a tip "Kept my attention the whole time. A little predictable but there are a couple of little twists. Fun little horror."

Whatever Lol's profile image

whatever_lol shared a tip "This was such a perfect movie I love the kick ass bride"

Bridgette Martin's profile image

bridgette_martin shared a tip "Such a fun ride"

hus_bus shared a tip "Fun and suspenseful"

Daniela Velez's profile image

daniela_velez shared a tip "I love this movie!!! Mainly because of the how they mix humor and slasher so well!!"

Brianna Johnson's profile image

bribri_doll shared a tip "Fun, funny, and a little frightening. Delivers on the tension and scares, but never takes itself too seriously. Loved it."

ebi_hegeman shared a tip "I cannot begin to say how much I loved this movie. It was very gory but had a comedic balance. 10/10"

jacquin_jenkins shared a tip "Great movie! Good story line and nice twist."

heather_maldonado shared a tip "A new fave.."

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