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When an insatiable great white shark terrorizes the townspeople of Amity Island, the police chief, an oceanographer and a grizzled shark hunter seek to destroy the blood-thirsty beast.

MPAA Rating PG

Status Released

Release Date 1975-06-18

Runtime 124 minutes

Budget $7m

Revenue $0.5b


TMDB 7.6


Faith Shaffer's profile image

beadzombie shared a tip "A classic horror movie that everyone needs to see at least once."

claire_freeman_8903 shared a tip "Great movie except for the fake-looking shark! Lol 😆 (the book was even better with a far scarier ending)"

claire_freeman_8903 shared a tip "You can get a Cameo from Alex Kintner cameo.com"

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jd_miller shared a tip "Best. Movie. Ever. Made."

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sister_carolyn shared a tip "Summer Vibes"

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james_9089 shared a tip "Read this book on a sunny day on a Southern California beach."

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JuiceBokz shared a tip "Great classic. But that shark though lol..."

Julie Rusciolelli's profile image

julie_rusciolelli shared a tip "Best Spielberg film. Haunting music. Never swam in open waters after this film. Brilliant casting. 🙌🙌"

Jonathan Kent's profile image

jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "Without question one of my favorite summer blockbusters ever!"

Sean Talty's profile image

sean_talty_9377 shared a tip "The scariest movie I've ever seen. I'm still nervous about going swimming in the ocean."

Kelly miller's profile image

kelly_miller shared a tip "Pretty sure my recommendation will finally get this little film the audience it deserves."

Athena X's profile image

athena_x shared a tip "Absolute classic. If you've never seen it, you're really missing out. Even years later it's a real thriller."

Katie Woodhouse's profile image

katie_woodhouse shared a tip "My husband has never seen it in its entirety. Tired to watch it recently...not on any streaming app we have 😭"

Greg Whyte's profile image

greg_whyte shared a tip "The shark movie that has yet to be topped"

m_l_3475 shared a tip "The story is great but I have to say one of my favourite things is the music and how they use it! What’s your favourite part?"

John Moore's profile image

john_moore_5143 shared a tip "Top 10 best in suspense"

JoAnna Luna's profile image

joanna_luna_5093 shared a tip "Oh my gosh so creepy reason why I'm so scared of ocean water"

Stella blagowsky 's profile image

stella_blagowsky shared a tip "Oh jaws sorry"

Stella blagowsky 's profile image

stella_blagowsky shared a tip "I guess I am just interested in sharks"

Rufaida Rahman's profile image

rufaida_rahman shared a tip "This movie scared the life out of me but it’s really fun to watch with friends."

James Lovell's profile image

james_lovell_7167 shared a tip "This is my favorite film of all time. #1"

fabiancoronel79 .'s profile image

fabiancoronel79_. shared a tip "A classic to watch! Music is legendary and definitely leaves you on the edge of your seat."

Olivia Strama's profile image

Livv_55 shared a tip "One of the best movies ever made!!!!"

Adam Tetreault's profile image

adam_tetreault shared a tip "The only good shark movie. My dad is scared of bathing after watching this in theatres"

Tamara Sewell's profile image

tamara_sewell shared a tip "True classic. Sound effects leading up to intense moments. Cult favorite"

angelus li's profile image

angelus_li shared a tip "Steven Spielberg"

Cristina Sperandio Woodson's profile image

cristina_sperandio_ shared a tip "Amazing iconic movie."

Connie Francis's profile image

connie_francis shared a tip "If you haven't seen this by now, what are you waiting for? Classic."

Damen Wallace's profile image

damen_wallace shared a tip "💀💀💀"

kelly danielson's profile image

kelly_danielson shared a tip "one of my fave movies of all time! i watch it monthly!"

Nicholas Whitman's profile image

nicholas_whitman shared a tip "My favorite shark film"

kat_morten shared a tip "One of my top 10 films of all time"

Jared Miller's profile image

jared_miller_9378 shared a tip "I live and still in #Winnipeg and this movie made me **** scared of the Ocean, seen it once in person I'm good. It's wet"

tamara_quartin shared a tip "Oh hell yeah!!!!"

Christina Yager's profile image

christina_yager shared a tip "Love shark movies. This is a good one!"

Steven Clay's profile image

steven_clay shared a tip "Watch the “Spielberg” doc, some really cool inside stuff about Jaws in it."

jenny_5348 shared a tip "The Shining is probably my favorite"

Kayla 's profile image

kaylakaylamarie shared a tip "I really enjoyed it. I love thriller, suspenseful movies and it kept me entertained the whole time."

Kevin Murphy's profile image

kevin_murphy_2771 shared a tip "Best summer blockbuster ever made! Forgetaboutit"

Jamie Melvin's profile image

jamie_melvin shared a tip "One of my all time favorite movies"

Brenda Giesbrecht's profile image

brenda_giesbrecht shared a tip "The really long beach party scenes"

tom_t_4140 shared a tip "The movie that invented the #blockbuster."

Kyaw Tay's profile image

kyaw_tay shared a tip "Sharks"

Lemon 's profile image

TheLemon shared a tip "It’s a good movie 👍"

Therese DAmbrosia's profile image

therese_dambrosia shared a tip "A classic! I was 7 seeing it for the first time a the movie theater… it put Spielberg on the map. #stevenspielberg #jaws"

Sam D'Agostino's profile image

sam_dagostino shared a tip "One of my all time fave movies"

sterfry chicken's profile image

sterfry_chicken shared a tip "My favorite movie well there to many good movies"

Trisha McPhail's profile image

trisha_mcphail shared a tip "I chose this movie as the scariest movie I ever saw because it completely change how I view ocean water."

Michael Grainger's profile image

michael_grainger shared a tip "Original for sure. It's a yearly summertime movie night"

Blake Pesetsky's profile image

blake_pesetsky shared a tip "Probably the part where they are in the little are nobody expects sharks to be."

Timothy Sr.'s profile image

timothy_sr. shared a tip "A classic!"

Kimberly 's profile image

kimberly_240 shared a tip "One of my all-time favorite movies. Summer just would be summer without it! #justwhenyouthoughtitwassafetogobackinthewater"

chels. shared a tip "This movie is torture for me."

stephanie_bleau shared a tip "Don't watch before an East coast beach vacation!"

Brett Prynne 's profile image

BrettPrynne shared a tip "Perfect film"

lisa_perkins_1401 shared a tip "My favorite movie."

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brendan_carr_3423 shared a tip "Best movie of all time!"

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Ilikemoviesalotapparently shared a tip "A classic movie to watch. Every now and then I watch it again"

Deleted User Deleted User's profile image

deleted_user_1617072868734 shared a tip "Watched it when I was 12. Still don't like to swim in the ocean"

april_davulcu shared a tip "Classic"

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connally_baskett shared a tip "A masterpiece."

Paul M Summitt's profile image

paul_m_summitt shared a tip "Really good film."

callie_adams_5830 shared a tip "It’s a classic"

Abby Hart's profile image

abby_hart_1582 shared a tip "It is actually about some Bullshark attacks!"

Kara-Chris Smalley's profile image

kara-chris_smalley shared a tip "Everything"

sam_7093 shared a tip "Scared the **** out of me as a little kid that lived on a big lake."

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