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Four African-American Vietnam veterans return to Vietnam. They are in search of the remains of their fallen squad leader and the promise of buried treasure. These heroes battle forces of humanity and nature while confronted by the lasting ravages of the immorality of the Vietnam War.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2020-06-12

Runtime 156 minutes

Budget $45m


TMDB 6.6


Chad Cooper's profile image

chad_cooper shared a tip "A film with a lot of flaws, but with several very great scenes wherein the actors takents are given the spotlight."

Alan Sherin's profile image

alan_sherin shared a tip "Very different and not what you’d expect from Spike Lee"

Kenton 's profile image

kentongewecke shared a tip "Disappointed in this long movie that felt more like a comedy. Why did it have to be so melodramatic, Spike?"

Andrew Babb's profile image

andrew_babb shared a tip "Great military and history movie!"

Schinner Luigi's profile image

schinner_luigi shared a tip "Perfect"

Tayler Tate's profile image

tayler_tate shared a tip "Spike did his thing with this one"

Nascent Ancient's profile image

nascent_ancient shared a tip "Worth the watch. Really good and powerful. Not just about war at all. Chadwick Bozeman stars."

thomas_dixon shared a tip "A very great movie"

Arturo Hilario's profile image

arturo_movies shared a tip "I liked Paul and Otis. My favorite performances."

Chris McDevitt's profile image

chris_mcdevitt shared a tip "The Delroy Lindo character helped me understand my own Vietnam Vet father a lot."

Tevis Verrett's profile image

tevis_verrett shared a tip "Thoughtful and poignant. You will leave this movie with a newfound respect for the sacrifice"

brandon_cotton shared a tip "One of Spike’s best films. Masterclass performance by Delroy Lindo."

thomas peyton's profile image

thomas_peyton shared a tip "What a hot mess. It's like a poorly researched term paper written qith 11 different fonts."

melissa_morrissette shared a tip "Another great one from Spike Lee with music by Terence Blanchard"

melissa_morrissette shared a tip "Another great one from Spike Lee with music by Terence Blanchard"

melissa_morrissette shared a tip "Another great one from Spike Lee with music by Terence Blanchard"

r lewis's profile image

r_lewis shared a tip "Delroy Lindo should win a Oscar for his role in this!"

Gerald Caraway's profile image

gerald_caraway shared a tip "Engaging war movie exploring friendship, greed, and affects on war on Vietnam Veterans. One of Spike Lee's better films."

Brayden Epp's profile image

brayden_epp shared a tip "Vivid, emotional, colorful and humorous. 3/5"

Briana Reeves's profile image

briana_reeves shared a tip "It was just a good movie to me. I really enjoyed it. #chadwickboseman"

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kenisha_rodgers shared a tip "Wonderful movie!!!! Chadwick Boseman was awesome!!"

myles oreilly's profile image

myles_oreilly shared a tip "It was a great movie!"

Peter Doyle's profile image

peter_doyle shared a tip "This movie is terrible on every level. Great actors are absolutely wasted on a terrible script poorly directed."

aj jenkins's profile image

aj_jenkins_1244 shared a tip "Excellent 👍"

Harvard Blue's profile image

harvard_blue shared a tip "#drama"

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lauren_read shared a tip "FANTASTIC MOVIE!! 100% reccomend"

James Smith's profile image

james_smith_8233 shared a tip "They madr little effort with production values."

James Smith's profile image

james_smith_8233 shared a tip "Please forgive the typos, huge fingers betray."

Jay Lamp's profile image

jay_lamp shared a tip "Great acting and history"

Chris Robinson's profile image

chris_robinson_6973 shared a tip "Spike lee"

J Rivers's profile image

j_rivers shared a tip "I really like the editing effects used as a story telling device."

Shoe Mystie's profile image

shooomyster shared a tip "Alot of action flashbacks to war, drama and good back stories 8/10"

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gkmoviebugg shared a tip "#Great"

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gary_davison_jr shared a tip "Liked waychinf the show"

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aiden_williams_6684 shared a tip "Interesting story and sub plots. LOTS of violence and opening scene isnt comfortable to look at, but thats also why its good."

Christina Kalathas's profile image

christina_kalathas shared a tip "Its a decent flick."

Thomasyne Jefferson 's profile image

thomasyne_jefferson shared a tip "For any Black American who grew up in the Vietnam Nam era, this is a must watch."

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Roodsonley shared a tip "This movie have a really good rythm, not boring at all and tell a really good story about wars."

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daven_thomas shared a tip "I liked it but wish it spent more time in the younger guys instead of the older guys most of the movie"

CornKilla 's profile image

cornkilla shared a tip "Great drama filled movie....."

catherinei shared a tip "This is a great store and the movie deserves a Best Picture nomination."

savana_3644 shared a tip "Poignant ! Vraiment intense et profond"

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daryn_lott shared a tip "This movie is memorable"

teri_perry shared a tip "The action, unity, brotherhood! This movie was well written"

virginia_martinez_6128 shared a tip "Wonderful cinematography. Unique script. Kind of like Goonies if it were adults and included war."

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andy_platis shared a tip "Genius story telling. Mastery of subject and themes. Nuanced but not boring."

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