The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two poster


Kate Pierce is reluctantly spending Christmas with her mom’s new boyfriend and his son Jack. But when the North Pole and Christmas are threatened to be destroyed, Kate and Jack are unexpectedly pulled into a new adventure with Santa Claus.

MPAA Rating PG

Status Released

Release Date 2020-11-18

Runtime 112 minutes


TMDB 6.5


melly_loveee shared a tip "Cute movie! Definitely liked the first one more"

kind shared a tip "Really good"

Marian Rainone's profile image

marian_rainone shared a tip "I watch movie on Netflix right now"

Mardelle Gohlke's profile image

mardelle_gohlke shared a tip "The 1st movie was a really good family film so hopefully the 2nd one will be as good"

Meagan Quigley's profile image

meagan_quigley shared a tip "The elf’s"

Audarya Sarkar's profile image

audarya_sarkar shared a tip "Fun"

sara_hartzell shared a tip "Not as good as the 1st one but still entertaining"

Joshua Stephens's profile image

joshua_stephens_4604 shared a tip "Im not a christmas movie kinda guy but this is fun to watch"

Roe Lundgren's profile image

roe_lundgren shared a tip "Cute Christmas movie! The first one was better for sure!"

Brooke Lindsey's profile image

brooke_lindsey_ shared a tip "i love this movie"

Jordan Dudgeon's profile image

jordan_dudgeon shared a tip "Its hard to say this... But this is the best Santa Claus yet!"

Kaitlynn May's profile image

kaitlynn_may shared a tip "I cant wait to see it"

Mik Mik's profile image

mik_mik shared a tip "It was the perfect way to start the holiday season."

zoe_jackson_6641 shared a tip "It was an amazing christmas movie and it kept my attention"

Crystal Moreau's profile image

crystal_moreau shared a tip "Such a perfect sequel! Love it! Blended family goodness at Christmastime with "naughty" elves and lots of adventure!"

jordyn alexander's profile image

jordyn_alexander_7886 shared a tip "Its an amazing holiday movie!🤩🤩"

Mark Strathmann II's profile image

mark_strathmann_ii shared a tip "Perfect family movie! Instant Holiday Classic"

terra_mclean shared a tip "Just as good as the first if not better."

Heather Parr's profile image

heather_parr shared a tip "Loved the first one!!!"

Yadhira Tenorio's profile image

yadhira_tenorio shared a tip "A sweet and enjoyable holiday movie about saving Christmas."

hanna_912 shared a tip "Its so awesome and i watched number one and i loved that one so now i really want to watch this one"

abigail_hedgeman shared a tip "@Likewise"

Bresi Figueroa Colindres's profile image

bresi_figueroa_coli shared a tip "wishbone_app"

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kendra_shannon shared a tip "Very good movie its an amazing movie love the Christmas spirit in it."

lily_arendts shared a tip "I loved the little elves"

kemorah_sanders shared a tip "It was so interesting"

Gume Castillo's profile image

gume_castillo shared a tip "Christmas"

Jesse Gasparis's profile image

jesse_gasparis shared a tip "Heart warming and funny, the perfect family movie"

Eloisa Aranda's profile image

eloisa_aranda shared a tip "It was just like the first one but difrent and watch the first be fore the second"

Abby 's profile image

abby_3468 shared a tip "Family friendly and very cute"

Ahriaana Burnham's profile image

ahriaana_burnham shared a tip "A great sequel to a great first movie!!!"

joseph_tornetta shared a tip "Love Goldie and Kurt working together. Kurt Russell makes a great Santa."

andrea_rahal shared a tip "Cute family movie"

Soap 夜明け's profile image

soap_ shared a tip "It was really good i enjoyed the first and the second was the same."

matt_burns shared a tip "Great Christmas movie!"

Katelyn Cole's profile image

katelyn_cole_5875 shared a tip "It was a good movie"

Robyn Smith's profile image

robyn_smith_1538 shared a tip "Great show"

Kylee Bradford's profile image

kylee_bradford shared a tip "Heart warming"

Kallie Poole's profile image

kallie_poole shared a tip "It was a great Christmas movie to watch with my family. They all enjoyed it."

Audrenna Richardson's profile image

audrenna_richardson shared a tip "I liked it cause it was i movie that all the family could watch together."

rachel_adams_8767 shared a tip "LOVE!! This movie and the first one are really just so amazing with the graphics whats not to love!"

J Ggg's profile image

j_ggg shared a tip "I couldn't think they could 1 up the first one but they did"

speedy Gonzalez's profile image

speedy_gonzalez shared a tip "Great Movie"

Shawna Napier's profile image

shawna_napier shared a tip "My kids liked it"

**Worldwidely_in_love** 's profile image

worldwidely_in_love shared a tip "Was a Fun movie...<3"

Valeria Molina's profile image

x.x.x_valerie19 shared a tip "It was the perfect holiday movie for a movie night with family"

mvm shared a tip "So fun and the two stars are incredibly charming!"

Rebecca Ann's profile image

rebeccasays shared a tip "So cute!"

Luyza Dominguez's profile image

luyza_dominguez shared a tip "It was a great family movie"

Roger Bonds's profile image

roger_bonds shared a tip "Funny, great visuals, well written, good stortline"

Dana Geisweid's profile image

dana_geisweid shared a tip "Mrs. Santa Clause"

Lauren Vincent's profile image

lauren_vincent_4162 shared a tip "This movie, and part one, are on my family's list of favorite Christmas movies to watch every year."

Patricia Walstra's profile image

patricia_walstra shared a tip "One of the best"

carmen_mauleon shared a tip "Part one was awesome but this one was outstanding #christmas"

Cortney Sherwood's profile image

cortney_sherwood shared a tip "This was a really good one! We watch both of these every year now!"

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