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John Bennett, a man whose childhood wish of bringing his teddy bear to life came true, now must decide between keeping the relationship with the bear or his girlfriend, Lori.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2012-06-29

Runtime 107 minutes

Budget $50m

Revenue $0.5b


TMDB 6.4


jenn_dick shared a tip "Sooo many parts... it’s honestly hard to choose lol"

jenn_dick shared a tip "What’s your favourite?!"

Amy Santi's profile image

amy_santi shared a tip "I Dont Know Normally Like These Kind Of Movies But I Actually Found Myself Laughing Throughout"

triniti99 shared a tip "Hilarious!"

ahmalia erickson's profile image

ahmalia_erickson shared a tip "I'm not sure. I'd have to rewatch it to find out. What's your favorite part?"

Damaris Ureña's profile image

marissmariee shared a tip "Honestly im not sure lol i just watch a whole bunch of different ones"

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aggie_butler shared a tip "So hilarious #comedy"

melissa_lewis_2559 shared a tip "Dirty humor. Bad language, but I've watched it many times."

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tim_dykens shared a tip "Good."

kelly_mulryan shared a tip "Hopefully you get a good laugh out on this movie."

imani_4204 shared a tip "It’s funny. The second one is funny too."

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camping_with_callie shared a tip "Very good I recommend it!"

Duanallen Niemeyer's profile image

duanallen_niemeyer shared a tip "Watch Bad Trip on Netflix if you got it. It's one of those movies that really surprise you."

pam_smith_9277 shared a tip "I thought it was pretty good"

Danielle Weller's profile image

danielle_weller_3221 shared a tip "😁"

Veronica Rios's profile image

veronica_rios shared a tip "Funny movie! so is the movie "million ways to die in the West" Seth Mcfarley wrote that one too."

Moriah Terpstra's profile image

moriah_terpstra_495 shared a tip "I watched it and loved it"

Youssef Harajli's profile image

youssef_harajli shared a tip "Its a really good movie"

Youssef Harajli's profile image

youssef_harajli shared a tip "Recommended"

Lawrence Holland's profile image

lawrence_holland shared a tip "Good 👍"

christy_smith_9593 shared a tip "It is so funny! Not recommend for kids. I think you will enjoy this one!"

Nicholas Whitman's profile image

nicholas_whitman shared a tip "Ow Its funny"

Crystal Marie Dixon's profile image

crystal_marie_dixon shared a tip "He is adorable and funny and easy to relate to."

Mo 's profile image

mo_om shared a tip "One of the best comdey ahit i have ever seen"

Joseph Cruesoe's profile image

joseph_cruesoe shared a tip "I loved the movie it was really funny. There's a movie called Game Over, Man that has the same kind of comedy"

Mary Kate Durkin's profile image

mary_kate_durkin shared a tip "Oh boy I haven’t seen it in forever! Prob the part where they go through all the white girl names!"

adam_c_ward shared a tip "Great"

Callie Todaro's profile image

callie_todaro shared a tip "Great comedy"

theresa_grieco shared a tip "I JUST LOVE TED!. The whole was SOOOO good I watched it 2x's that night!!!!"

Mario Routhier's profile image

mario_routhier shared a tip "I thought it was a riot. A lot of fun to watch"

Daniel Aguirre's profile image

daniel_aguirre_5053 shared a tip "Its good I loved it 10/10"

Kiersten Taylor's profile image

kiersten_taylor_4924 shared a tip "THUNDER BUDDIES"

Samantha Sirk's profile image

samantha_sirk shared a tip "Comedy? Bridesmaids, Old School"

craig_m_4741 shared a tip "Very raunchy!"

khari_rice shared a tip "This one was really good, pretty hilarious and a little raunchy but I love Mark Wahlberg"

greg_summerour_9401 shared a tip "That's tough! My top 3 would be True Lies, Die Hard and Talledaga Nights! I guess love stories are my thing!"

Shoaib Iqbal's profile image

shoaib_iqbal shared a tip "I think you will like Ride along if you like this movie"

ashley_rudolph_6611 shared a tip "You should, it’s such a funny movie!"

Gyms Dunbar's profile image

gyms_dunbar shared a tip "@serenabaker it's a great mindless comedy lol"

Kimberly Harries's profile image

kimberly_harries shared a tip "If I remember. I think 1 hour 45 minutes"

Abby Chapin's profile image

abby_chapin shared a tip "it’s hilarious so great"

Kellz 's profile image

kellz_2125 shared a tip "Love this movie! It's one of our go to movies to rewatch on movie notes! The 2nd one is awesome too!"

Juanita DeWitt's profile image

juanita_dewitt shared a tip "Very funny! Sometimes a little crass but very enjoyable."

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Rocky_ReDD_ shared a tip "It's a great stoner comedy"

Trista Thofson's profile image

trista_thofson shared a tip "It's pretty stupid though 😅"

lulu_2054 shared a tip "omg im so sorry i just saw this. But its a funny movie, i enjoyed it😊"

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jason_rankin shared a tip "Ted? Probably the part where he's working in the grocery store. Its a little raunchy but funny"

luis_suarez_3290 shared a tip "Funny @jassiel_arenal"

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david_mark_3590 shared a tip "Trilling"

Felicity Daugaard's profile image

felicity_daugaard shared a tip "Definitely the first one"

tim_white_1680 shared a tip "🤡🤡🤡#comedy @tyler_jang"

Brenin Perron's profile image

brenin_perron shared a tip "When they are listing all.the white trash names. That gets me every time"

Nathasha Robberts's profile image

nathasha_robberts shared a tip "Ha when he finds the **** on the computer in the second movie 🤣😂"

aden_harris shared a tip "Ted is so funny #comedy"

Nubooti 's profile image

nubooti shared a tip "It was stupid funny"

tyler redbird's profile image

tyler_redbird shared a tip "Tbh the whole movie is my favorite part 😂😂😂"

Fraide Dawood's profile image

fraide_dawood shared a tip "it doesn’t let me watch it"

tyler_6278 shared a tip "Ted"

Evan Dobbins's profile image

evan_dobbins shared a tip "Ted 2 is better"

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vanessa_barrett shared a tip "Yes"

dashyah_jordan shared a tip "Um it's funny but its also very inappropriate."

L & A Vibes's profile image

l__a_vibes shared a tip "Yes, he is actually preparing for sing 2."

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damian_johnson_4025 shared a tip "First"

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jacob_lange_7197 shared a tip "Really funny and really inappropriate but in a funny way"

taylor_young_9614 shared a tip "My favorite part of the movie is when Ted has those strippers over lol."

Allison Raney's profile image

allison_raney shared a tip "First for sure"

Brian Negrete's profile image

brian_negrete shared a tip "How do i watch the movie its just showing me the trailer"

crystal_pacheco_9301 shared a tip "@tristen_fw absolutely! I really like “Four Brothers” and “Mile 22.”"

elizabeth santos's profile image

elizabeth_santos_5043 shared a tip "I haven’t watched it in a long time, but from what I can remember it was funny"

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billy_chu shared a tip "Me too. Super funny"

kristen_5174 shared a tip "It won’t change your life but it’s funny"

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nish_patel_5007 shared a tip "So freaking funny"

megan_schwartzwalder shared a tip "It’s really funny as long as u like raunchy films. I think it’s worth a watch"

Jennifer Stonbraker's profile image

jennifer_stonbraker shared a tip "Hilarious"

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