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An engaged, spoiled hotel heiress finds herself in the care of a handsome, blue-collar lodge owner and his precocious daughter after getting amnesia in a skiing accident.

MPAA Rating PG

Status Released

Release Date 2022-11-10

Runtime 95 minutes


TMDB 6.3


Sonia Barajas ♡'s profile image

sonia_barajas shared a tip "Great movie! This gave me a OVERBOARD(with Goldie Hawn/Kurt Russell) vibes, but during Xmas & Lindsey Lohan 😁"

Kaitlyn Kendall's profile image

kaitlyn_kendall_1308 shared a tip "A cute and funny movie. Great to see Lindsay Lohan again with the small reference to mean girls."

piaaa♡ 's profile image

piaaa shared a tip "It was okay but it was also very cheesy"

melly_loveee shared a tip "This movie I had expected it to be good because of Lindsay coming back into acting, but no this movie was just bad."

Siara Crager's profile image

siara_crager shared a tip "Guy from Glee was the best part! 👌"

Kirsten 's profile image

nostalgiaqueen shared a tip "This was cute mostly because I really like Lindsay Lohan I think she was easily the best part. A nice cheesy Christmas movie 🍿"

julia 's profile image

julia_999 shared a tip "Super cute. Ready for Lindsay’s comeback!!"

Tyler 's profile image

tyler_2005 shared a tip "🌟3/5🌟"

Kelli Jean's profile image

kelli_Jean shared a tip "Lindsey Lohan is back! Super cute and funny. A must watch."

Erica Love's profile image

eXlo shared a tip "Very much Halmark movie vibes, but I do love Lohan. It's a whimsical light movie"

Britt A's profile image

britt-a shared a tip "It was ok it’s like a Christmas version of Overboard."

Tiffany Wysbeek's profile image

tiffany_wysbeek shared a tip "Sappy, cheesy, overboard Hallmark-esque Christmas movie. Not a great movie, but it's exactly what you expect from the trailer."

Brandon 's profile image

Lamphead shared a tip "It’s a Lindsey Lohan Hallmark movie that is extremely cheesy, but is harmless with lame jokes that was a one time ordeal."

Joslyn 's profile image

joslyn shared a tip "cheesy, predictable, lovable and cozy! 10/10 perfect for fuzzy blanket movie day vibes 🥰"

bethany_slater_ shared a tip "11.26.22"

Aug8 's profile image

aug8 shared a tip "Cute and funny"

Sara SoDeezy's profile image

sodeezy shared a tip "Cheesy but had its loveable moments. Got me right into the spirit of the holidays 🥰🎄"

B Wa's profile image

b_wa shared a tip "So happy to see Lilo having fun in this silly, but in that classic Christmas movie way, fun with millennial mrs."

Olivia Russo's profile image

olivia_russo shared a tip "2/10"

Monse 's profile image

montse_bc shared a tip "Cute but so dramatic and cringe 😭 I liked it tho"

Laura Bracken's profile image

laura_bracken shared a tip "Not a dreadful movie, but also not a movie I'd recommend or watch again."

lissa_5614 shared a tip "Fun to see Lindsay on the big screen again, and fun to see Troutymouth, but pretty darn boring."

lurianne_marie shared a tip "It alright. Nothing special. The acting is a little cringey at times but overall it’s ok."

Nancy 's profile image

txsgrbny shared a tip "Funny and cheesy, perfect for Christmas."

Leslie Landaverde's profile image

leslie_landaverde shared a tip "Pretty cheesy but I thought an overall good feel holiday movie :)"

bryanna latta's profile image

bryanna_latta shared a tip "It was cute! Typical magic Santa. Typical meet cute! Lindsay Lohan was great! 5/5 stars"

Kathy Taylor's profile image

kathy_taylor_2129 shared a tip "Really cute Christmas movie!"

Hannah Hernandez's profile image

hannah_hernandez_6068 shared a tip "Good cheesy Christmas movie"

Marian Rainone's profile image

marian_rainone shared a tip "I love this movie"

Amy Meenan's profile image

amy_meenan shared a tip "Hallmark movie without any of the Hallmark charm. Boring, predictable, vapid...TERRIBLE."

kira_white_2496 shared a tip "Worse than regular Christmas movies"

ellie_fair_6379 shared a tip "Albeit a little predictable, very cute and festive😊"

emma 's profile image

lilaclaire shared a tip "I think it was a cute christmas movie."

Nichole Hatfield's profile image

nichole_hatfield shared a tip "I love corny romcom and rooting for the little guy. This was just that."

melesa_flores shared a tip "Waste of my downtime."

Cameron Henderson's profile image

cameron_henderson shared a tip "Omg this was the perfect return for Lindsay Lohan"

Desiree LaBine's profile image

desiree_labine shared a tip "Looking for Christmas cheese? Look no further"

Leilah Hussain's profile image

leilah_hussain shared a tip "Was a bit disappointed with the ending but the rest of the film I enjoyed"

Amanda Wolf's profile image

amanda_wolf_1346 shared a tip "Cute, predictable, and fun. Great Christmas entertainment"

katie_guile shared a tip "Okay….so totally predictable….but still a very delightful holiday romcom."

Calleigh Rasmussen's profile image

calleigh_rasmussen shared a tip "It was interesting but I liked it"

Tara 's profile image

tara_3444 shared a tip "Lindsay Lohan is a favorite celebrity of mine."

Cindy Scala's profile image

cindy_scala shared a tip "This was a fun, wholesome romance. It was a nice break from Hallmark. Lindsay was enduring."

Tom Taylor's profile image

tom_taylor_1905 shared a tip "Whimsical Christmas movie. Was really good for a specialty movie."

denise_thorne_1724 shared a tip "So, so bad."

Hayley Ross's profile image

hayley_ross_9738 shared a tip "Lindsey is back!!!"

Liz 's profile image

saturnsayssup shared a tip "Okay it was just okay. I won't watch it again cause there is a lot of wrong parts."

Anne 's profile image

charlanne shared a tip "actually terrible"

Jonathan Eames's profile image

jonathan_eames shared a tip "Honestly couldn't finish it."

Kathleen Davies's profile image

kathleen_davies_8956 shared a tip "This looks fun! I love Lindsey Lohan."

Ty Pennigton's profile image

ty_pennigton shared a tip "It was so stupid but in an adorable way, I was rooting for them the whole time"

sandi_landry shared a tip "It was okay"

morgan_bergman shared a tip "4/10. Corny hallmark energy. If that’s what you like in a movie you’d probably love this, however I was bored the entire time"

jennifer_vatthongxay shared a tip "Predictable but all the cute Christmas feels"

Paetyn Antunes's profile image

paetyn_antunes shared a tip "It was very poorly performed, I love cringy and cliche films, but this one did not hit."

Kara Bazinet's profile image

kara_bazinet shared a tip "Typical corny holiday movie but very cute"

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