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Set on an island off the coast of New England in the summer of 1965, Moonrise Kingdom tells the story of two twelve-year-olds who fall in love, make a secret pact, and run away together into the wilderness. As various authorities try to hunt them down, a violent storm is brewing off-shore – and the

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2012-05-16

Runtime 94 minutes

Budget $16m

Revenue $68m


TMDB 7.7


Amelia Kaiser's profile image

amelia_kaiser shared a tip "Not my favorite Wes Anderson movie but definitely a good one!"

Sage DeForest's profile image

sage_deforest shared a tip "beautiful and daring. I do wish it was a little longer and complex to help with the pacing though."

Jonathan Kent's profile image

jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "One of my favorite movies, gives me a feeling of nostalgia!"

Nick 's profile image

nick_roye shared a tip "Great movie"

Pacey Strickland's profile image

pacey_strickland shared a tip "Movie is like an odd fever dream that somehow feels impossibly long even though it’s less than two hours."

Rather NotSay's profile image

rather_notsay_6247 shared a tip "The more I watch and think about this one, the closer to number one it gets on Wes Anderson's greatest list."

Kolika Simmons's profile image

kolika_simmons shared a tip "This is so true to how it feels to be a tween in love."

Nancy 's profile image

txsgrbny shared a tip "Hilarious and so weird!"

Gabbie 's profile image

gabbygabbs shared a tip "8/10☆ "We're in love. We just want to be together. What's wrong with that?""

Katie 's profile image

katie_h_ shared a tip "Love in its sweetest most pure form 💗 and such a perfect ending!"

Chloe Haderlie's profile image

chloe_haderlie shared a tip "Hilarious show that brings you right back to childhood"

Claudia Henry's profile image

claudia_henry_7568 shared a tip "Wholesome and charming."

franniegirl shared a tip "Freaking love this movie!! Cheeky, sweet love story with all of the best Wes Anderson stories, mood, visuals and music!!"

ava_janczak shared a tip "first wes anderson movie, still my all time favorite"

karma_sneede shared a tip "Loved it!"

Jalyse 's profile image

jalyseh shared a tip "Love this one, @jesca_wales have you seen it?"

Ella-Elaine Tisdale's profile image

ella-elaine_tisdale shared a tip "You're welcome 👍 It's an awesome movie!"

Rachel Shaw's profile image

rachel_shaw shared a tip "This movie is everything. I can’t write a review because it would sound psychotic fitting all I need to say into 2000 characters."

Paige More's profile image

paige_more shared a tip "One of my favorite movies of all time!"

Paloma Sofia's profile image

paloma. shared a tip "“I love you, but you don’t know what you’re talking about.”"

dakota_hardel shared a tip "One of my favorite movies of all time! Such a charming story!"

Mackenzie Scott's profile image

mackenzie_scott_5214 shared a tip "Great Wes Anderson movie, loved how they filmed the movie @WesAnderson"

April Siciliano's profile image

aprilsauce shared a tip "My favorite Wes Anderson film. The two main young actors are absolutely wonderful to watch."

Rebecca ohlandt's profile image

ilove_moviesntv shared a tip "Forever one of my favorite"

Colton Liquin's profile image

colton_liquin shared a tip "A great Wes Anderson comedy about youth 4/5"

Alanna Frick's profile image

alanna_frick shared a tip "Classic Wes Anderson. Visually gorgeous. The color palette alone inspired our entire wedding. One of my all time favorite movies!"

Jaimie Julson's profile image

jaimie_julson shared a tip "In the pecking order of Wes Anderson flicks, this doesn’t make top 3 for me but it is still quite fun and enjoyable."

Abigail Overstreet's profile image

abigail_overstreet shared a tip "I love every wes Anderson movie!"

Melissa Hordych's profile image

melissa_hordych shared a tip "♥️💙💜🖤💛💚"

Melissa Hordych's profile image

melissa_hordych shared a tip "#quirky"

Yuni 's profile image

yuni shared a tip "I love the cinematography in this movie 😍 the colors were mesmerizing afff !"

mack_thomas shared a tip "It’s the best ngl"

Coen banko's profile image

coen_banko shared a tip "Not everyone loves Wes Anderson, but a true tv lover knows he’s a king!"

adam_jensen_5472 shared a tip "I still feel awkward from the beach scene. "

Nicole Saldana's profile image

soulattractive shared a tip "Love anything wes anderson"

Andrea Williams's profile image

andrea_williams_5760 shared a tip "Unique, visual, storyline, humor"

Madelyn Harris's profile image

madelyn_harris shared a tip "Terrific indie film about young love. I ciuld watch this movie over and over again and not get bored"

Machie Ravers's profile image

machie_ravers shared a tip "It’s pretty and it has some funny moments."

GaelStorm 's profile image

gaelstorm shared a tip "Graham"

Pablo Barcenas's profile image

pablo_barcenas shared a tip "Another out of the ordinary movie"

Fr. Chip Hines's profile image

fr._chip_hines shared a tip "Great movie! Must see by Wes Andersen"

Amanda Andres's profile image

amanda_andres shared a tip "I’m"

madeleine_carter shared a tip "One of my all time favorites!"

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