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As U.S. troops storm the beaches of Normandy, three brothers lie dead on the battlefield, with a fourth trapped behind enemy lines. Ranger captain John Miller and seven men are tasked with penetrating German-held territory and bringing the boy home.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 1998-07-24

Runtime 169 minutes

Budget $70m

Revenue $0.5b


TMDB 8.2


Dorian Adams's profile image

dorian_adams shared a tip "This movie is terrifying especially the opening scene on the beach."

Damien Scott's profile image

damien_scott shared a tip "Visually stunning and heartbreaking."

Nicole Orengo's profile image

nicole_orengo shared a tip "It makes you feel like you are in it. It is visually astonishing and heartbreak. Amazing cast and performance."

paige_hall_1187 shared a tip "Great movie. Heart wrenching at times. Brilliant cast."

Mary Betancourt's profile image

mary_betancourt shared a tip "Excellent movie.."

lethea_garrett shared a tip "Sad but still a good movie"

Michelle Reno's profile image

michelle_reno_4459 shared a tip "Love this movie"

Monica Hawkins's profile image

mlhawkins shared a tip "One of my favorite war movies ever! Worth watch if you like war movies."

Ivette Baez's profile image

ivette_baez shared a tip "In my opinion, the best war film ever made."

Rhonda Downum's profile image

rhonda_downum shared a tip "Excellent throughout. Amazing performances."

Wil 's profile image

apricotti shared a tip "The book made me sob. This was alright"

Lyndon Bray's profile image

lyndon_bray shared a tip "Visceral and spell binding. You literally feel like you are their with the soldiers on D day. Just an incredible movie."

Jody Schouest's profile image

jody_schouest shared a tip "Wow"

Jody Schouest's profile image

jody_schouest shared a tip "One of the best WWII movies!"

katherine_martin_7537 shared a tip "I mean it has Tom Hanks so its good"

Quincy Willow's profile image

quillowords shared a tip "To be honest, I need to re-watch it. It's been awhile, but Tom Hanks is an easy sell for me on most movies he's in 😊"

john_wood_5070 shared a tip "Realistic and tragic story of WW2! Sadness similar to that of “The Great Escape”"

Michael Unknown's profile image

michael_unknown shared a tip "Goated"

Ray Sager's profile image

ray_sager_4897 shared a tip "A must see! Totally worth watching..."

Julie Rucker's profile image

julie_rucker shared a tip "The only movie I’ve ever watched that had me in tears for 30 minutes AFTER I left the theater."

Naomi 's profile image

naomisarai shared a tip "absolutely loved this movie."

Megan Steinberger's profile image

megan_steinberger shared a tip "That's really hard, I don't think I can pick one in specific, but probly the bridge right after the first met Ryan"

Pablo Schmitt's profile image

pablo_schmitt shared a tip "Best war movie to date. Though Band of Brothers was on another level. But I believe was inspiring to both Hanks and Spielberg ."

Jared Miller's profile image

jared_miller_9378 shared a tip "This should be required viewing so we never forget and never disrespect are freedom."

Robert Myatt's profile image

robert_myatt shared a tip "A gritty war movie with some of the best set design and cinematography put to film."

Barbara Moore's profile image

barbara_moore_948 shared a tip "Great movie. Lots of gore as the story plays out."

Aniko TR's profile image

aniko_tr shared a tip "Masterpiece!"

Michael Hall's profile image

michael_hall_8852 shared a tip "It was just a wonderful movie from beginning to end Tom Hanks has come along way."

Adam Tetreault's profile image

adam_tetreault shared a tip "A Great War movie, literally (I’m pretty sure it’s WWII tho)"

Clare Wilson's profile image

Spud_Gun2477 shared a tip "Still the best war movie ever made, nothing else even comes close in my opinion"

jacob_ortego shared a tip "One of the best War movies ever made."

Lawrence Brien's profile image

lawrence_brien shared a tip "Loved this movie, Tom Hanks and the whole cast did a brilliant job."

Nicholas Helgaas's profile image

accidental_ampersand shared a tip "I’d say beat ww2 series."

Kenzie ink's profile image

kenzie_ink shared a tip "10 out of 10. Must watch."

peter_zhang_6791 shared a tip "Pulls on heart strings"

Chandler Elkins's profile image

chandler_elkins shared a tip "Yes very realistic feel"

Ron Mock's profile image

ron_mock shared a tip "Yes......hacksaw ridge... excellent true story"

CT-5597 Jesse's profile image

ct-5597_jesse shared a tip "When the American and the German threw helmets at each other lol"

melanie_osborn_5514 shared a tip "Can never watch it again. Incredible. Deeply moving and so gut wrenching that once was enough for me."

Sagarika K's profile image

sagarika_k shared a tip "It's one of the best war movies ever!"

Opr8tr 7 jr's profile image

opr8tr_7_jr shared a tip "This movie felt very realistic and action packed!"

GGodgemerZ 's profile image

ggodgemerz shared a tip "This movie is realistic and cool it is very good"

Jamal C.'s profile image

jazzmarader shared a tip "A classic everyone should see watch at least once"

Patrick Conway's profile image

patrick_conway_6773 shared a tip "I also found “The Outpost” to be good."

gerard_patrick shared a tip "Probably the greatest war film ever made."

Zardoz Myrh's profile image

zardoz_myrh shared a tip "It was highly dramatic even though it was unrealistic"

Nancy B Cotto-Fuentes's profile image

nancy_b_cotto-fuent shared a tip "Excellent Base on a true story. Moving"

Jessica Jackson's profile image

jessica_jackson_2533 shared a tip "I ugly cried watching this which is probably why I’ve only seen it once, but I’ll remember this movie for the rest of my life."

Joe White's profile image

Mesim shared a tip "The most immersive film I’ve ever seen!"

Melissa Mccutchan's profile image

melissa_mccutchan_6771 shared a tip "Excellent"

Ashley Wharton's profile image

ashley_wharton_6891 shared a tip "This is my favorite war movie! It’s compelling and emotional but also accurate in historical context!"

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