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A young lion prince is cast out of his pride by his cruel uncle, who claims he killed his father. While the uncle rules with an iron paw, the prince grows up beyond the Savannah, living by a philosophy: No worries for the rest of your days. But when his past comes to haunt him, the young prince must

MPAA Rating G

Status Released

Release Date 1994-06-23

Runtime 89 minutes

Budget $45m

Revenue $0.8b


TMDB 8.3


Justine Reed's profile image

justine_reed_294 shared a tip "So hard to decide. It's one of my favorite childhood movies"

Sierra Malonson's profile image

sierra_malonson shared a tip "Timon and Pumba"

taniyah_2542 shared a tip "That one has to be my favorite too, either that or “Can You Feel The Love Tonight!”"

Vickie Joseph's profile image

vickie_joseph shared a tip "Great movie"

Tiffaney Kelly's profile image

tiffaney_kelly shared a tip "What king character is your favorite"

Reinette Kent's profile image

reinette_kent shared a tip "Love the new one also!! It is very well done by Jon Favrau(spelling?)"

carson_dyke shared a tip "Nope"

Greg Haugen's profile image

greg_haugen shared a tip "Just saw it!"

Cristian Nieto-Mora's profile image

cristian_nieto-mora shared a tip "Watch this movie and it means no worries for the rest of your days, it's a problem free philosophy."

Sajan palagiri's profile image

sajan_palagiri shared a tip "Ya its awesome..."

Shennelle West's profile image

shennelle_west shared a tip "This pig"

lauren_1707 shared a tip "yes"

Tracy Osbourn's profile image

tracy_osbourn shared a tip "Oh my... so many good parts. Probably when Timon & Pumba find Simba. 😁"

alyssa_ghazouly shared a tip "When Simba reunites with Nala !!"

Sangeetha Gokulan's profile image

sangeetha_gokulan shared a tip "Not yet. Definitely on my list. :)"

Percy Beckwith's profile image

percy_beckwith shared a tip "It was a good movie with lots of teachable moments"

Kaitlin Richmond's profile image

kaitlin_richmond shared a tip "Hakuna Matata, circle of life, and can you feel the love tonight."

Majadaboy Retana's profile image

majadaboy_retana shared a tip "No es nueva pero es bonita"

Gustavo Franco's profile image

gustavo_franco shared a tip "Rambo"

Marco Chacón's profile image

marco_chacn_1307 shared a tip "I haven’t, is it any good?"

Dianne Black's profile image

dianne_black shared a tip "Simba, whom I used as a parallel to Hamlet when I taught English Lit."

Japheth Cueto's profile image

japheth_cueto shared a tip "I actually haven't. Do you know where I can watch it?"

Marcus Primm's profile image

marcus_primm shared a tip "Omg sorry I didn’t see this.. Scar is my favorite! Whose yours?"

Emily Sikes's profile image

emily_sikes shared a tip "Ooooh! I like all three movies! (1, 1 1/2, and 2)"

Sara McDevitt's profile image

sara_mcdevitt shared a tip "Simba!"

kelli_rosales shared a tip "Yes, but my ❤ will always belong to the original. I named my old puppy Simba after it."

Shaakirah Greene's profile image

shaakirah_greene shared a tip "Yes, not a fan"

Jovanica JeanCharles's profile image

jovanica_jeancharles shared a tip "Yes i did"

Odaysha Hicks's profile image

odaysha_hicks shared a tip "I like it"

maureen_esch shared a tip "I just love the whole movie :)"

La'Breaya Ridley's profile image

labreaya_ridley shared a tip "Sarabi. I really wish she had a larger role. Who is your favorite character?"

Giovanni Hernandez's profile image

giovanni_hernandez_2343 shared a tip "I mean Timon said it"

Terri Higashi's profile image

terri_higashi shared a tip "When simba is up on the rock as king."

billy schmidt's profile image

billy_schmidt_8280 shared a tip "I like the whole movie. Dont really have a favorite part"

Michelle Bailey's profile image

michelle_bailey_5598 shared a tip "Yes! The original will always be my favorite"

R Frisch's profile image

r_frisch shared a tip "Mustafa and son on the peak. Talking about life"

Sat Williams's profile image

sat_williams shared a tip "The Shakespeare themes related to Hamlet. It's also a coming of age tale."

Ramon Sotelo's profile image

ramon_sotelo shared a tip "I think Mufasa"

tracy_8297 shared a tip "Yes, in the theater and at home. Different but good."

mackenzie_8354 shared a tip "i have! they have some funny references but the original is better in my opinion"

Emily Koeppel's profile image

emily_koeppel shared a tip "Rafiki"

aj jenkins's profile image

aj_jenkins_1244 shared a tip "Outstanding. 1 of very few that I enjoyed"

Roland Broughton's profile image

roland_broughton shared a tip "The money"

Harry Styles's profile image

harrystyles shared a tip "[Source:]"

Lebron James's profile image

lebronjames shared a tip "[Source:]"

Debra Zilch's profile image

zerodaz shared a tip "Would love to see new Lion King"

Michelle Dewalt-Hernandez's profile image

michelle_dewalt-hernandez shared a tip "I love it"

Peyton Cosky's profile image

peyton_cosky shared a tip "No I haven’t"

Sherry M's profile image

sherry_m_2206 shared a tip "I couldn’t choose!"

Susan Lalode's profile image

susan_lalode shared a tip "Yes I have seen this movie very good movie !!"

breanne_danielson shared a tip "Rafiki ❤"

Bryce Hayes's profile image

bryce_hayes shared a tip "Yes. Not as big of a fan there, but it was enjoyable.😎"

jan_starnes shared a tip "No, I haven’t"

DeOnna Braunberger's profile image

deonna_braunberger shared a tip "No. Not yet"

Arlene Selinsky's profile image

arlene_selinsky shared a tip "All the songs"

Shawnee Mills's profile image

shawnee_mills shared a tip "Yes I have"

jesse corry's profile image

jesse_corry shared a tip "I love the original also. I saw it in the theater when I was a kid."

Tony Ochoa's profile image

tony_ochoa shared a tip "I haven't! Not choosing to skip out on it just haven't had the chance."

nancy_bowers shared a tip "Not yet"

Shira Mack's profile image

shira_mack shared a tip "Mufasa - Rafiki"

k_olderog shared a tip "Yes. I liked the animated better."

Kim Rymer's profile image

kim_rymer_4986 shared a tip "Yes the old one is better"

peggy_sosa shared a tip "The graphics were beautiful."


pavan_lakkavajjula shared a tip "It's hard to say a specific portion, I loved the whole movie."

Jeremy Cadena's profile image

jeremy_cadena shared a tip "The Hakuna Matata part"

Meg An's profile image

meg_an shared a tip "Yes, I'm a big Disney fan"

Simone Dekadt's profile image

simone_dekadt shared a tip "The beginning when you see all the animals coming together to pay homage to the new baby and he holds him for everyone to see"

Samantha Mathews's profile image

samantha_mathews shared a tip "Definitely when they sing Hakuna matata!"

Chloe Carson's profile image

chloe_carson shared a tip "Amazing! Great movie! Glad u love it like me!"

Serena Antonio's profile image

serena_antonio shared a tip "I’ve seen both"

ripley_sage_casajuana shared a tip "if you would like a movie to cry this is a good movie."

Brittany Ford's profile image

brittany_ford_7400 shared a tip "Yes! It was good, but the original is better"

Alex Lopez's profile image

alex_lopez_8779 shared a tip "Hey i love this movie plz follow and comment what u think about it"

Liza Shkurenko's profile image

liza_shkurenko shared a tip "Never I hate deaths I get so sad"

Liza Shkurenko's profile image

liza_shkurenko shared a tip "I meant if you hate deaths don't watch cause it's sad I didn't watch it but my family did"

Deleted User Deleted User's profile image

deleted_user_1598249072908 shared a tip "All of them lol"

cynthia_jarvis_keating shared a tip "Yes. Like them both."

King Wiemann's profile image

king_wiemann shared a tip "The music soundtrack. Great complement to the story."

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