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Nacho Libre is loosely based on the story of Fray Tormenta ("Friar Storm"), aka Rev. Sergio Gutierrez Benitez, a real-life Mexican Catholic priest who had a 23-year career as a masked luchador. He competed in order to support the orphanage he directed.

MPAA Rating PG

Status Released

Release Date 2006-06-16

Runtime 92 minutes

Budget $35m

Revenue $99m


TMDB 6.2


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mya_formuoli shared a tip "So funny! Great movie for kids and adults! #nacholibre #funny #comedy #family #nickelodeon"

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anamarie_gonzalez shared a tip "It is funny and it teaches a leasson."

jennifer_6248 shared a tip "Great movie to watch with family"

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dailyvibez shared a tip "Funniest thing on the planet"

steven_hagelgans shared a tip "Only the best!"

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paula_cassey shared a tip "Just too funny! Love Jack Black!"

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addy_nelson_3263 shared a tip "This movie always cracks me up"

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friendly_3011 shared a tip "I feel like I have but I can't remember, I'll let you know if it comes to me."

emma_mccarty_4810 shared a tip "It is so funny and is a great family movie"

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josie_b. shared a tip "😂😂🤣"

patrick_j shared a tip "“Now Go! Go away read some boooks!!”"

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nicole_gutierrez_3717 shared a tip "A classic."

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sharice_mcconico shared a tip "Overall truly Hilarious, full of a tal need and comedic cast.made by a good director,very humorous dialogue and story."

natalya_thompson_3146 shared a tip "Funny asl"

carina_bedolla shared a tip "Love the type of comedy"

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rena_schneider shared a tip "Jack Black in spandex. What else is there to say. Lol"

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paul_rosas shared a tip "Classic crazy Jack Black. Campy."

bihskizz shared a tip "One of his best movies!"

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andrea_aguirre_1681 shared a tip "Yes just yes 😂"

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greta_thornburgh shared a tip "Hilarious"

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jennifer_kentner shared a tip "It was funny."

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lexie_jacobs shared a tip "Very funny, but I would not watch it again."

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ramie_peacock shared a tip "If you haven't seen this, you haven't seen anything!"

lilian_sakamoto shared a tip "You have to watch this if you are a Jack Black fan!"

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s_k_2631 shared a tip "One of my favourites! So witty!!!!"

shannon_grigsby_7057 shared a tip "It was funny :)"

tammy_most shared a tip "Classic film. Great quotable lines!!! “I wanna ween”🤣"

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helen_hennessy shared a tip "Funny for the whole family."

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rebecca_barsotti shared a tip "I'm not sure I have a favorite character in this movie. I'm really bad at choosing favorite anythings! What about you?"

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sarah_runion shared a tip "This movie!! Go watch it..."

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kimberly_navarro_3003 shared a tip "Me and my brother watched this movie over and over when we were a little bit younger ☺️"

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anna_her shared a tip "Funny"

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james_h. shared a tip "An epic comedy, full of physical humor"

david_broderick shared a tip "A jack black must see"

sebastian_fernandez_3689 shared a tip "Very funny movie. Its kid friendly and i enjoyed it"

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alese_taylor shared a tip "Jack Black is hilarious!"

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vanessa_robledo shared a tip "I love this movie. It's so funny and fun to watch with the family. Plus it's also heartfelt at the end. Kinda."

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HelenaisBomb shared a tip "Childhood favorite!"

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