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S-Town is a podcast hosted by Brian Reed from Serial Productions, a New York Times company. The story follows a man named John who despises his Alabama town and decides to do something about it. He asks Brian to investigate the son of a wealthy family who's allegedly been bragging that he got away w

Artist Serial Productions

Track Count 8


Price $0

Release Date 3/28/17

Explicitness Explicit

Country USA


Salim Hemdani's profile image

shemdani shared a tip "Bib county Alabama is a real place 😎"

Michael Dix's profile image

Michael.Dix shared a tip "Even more gripping than Serial"

Pj Donald's profile image

Tante143 shared a tip "GREAT REAL STORY! First Podcast that ever made me CRY from Shock!"

Cassidy Peterson's profile image

cassidy_peterson shared a tip "Sitting somewhere between laughter, sadness and confusion. A true brilliant mind who craved and needed acceptance."

Joelle Nole's profile image

heyjoelle shared a tip "This is show is a work of art and a labor of love, beautifully produced."

Kenton 's profile image

kentongewecke shared a tip "Twists I didn't see coming."

Stephanie Ellis's profile image

stephanie_ellis_5569 shared a tip "I recommend this to everyone, and each person that starts it ALWAYS finishes it. Such a wild ride."

Mark Mavel's profile image

mark_mavel shared a tip "Might trigger certain people"

anna_lansky shared a tip "Hard to believe it's a true story. Kept having to remind myself. Captivating"

Gretta Albrecht's profile image

gretta_albrecht shared a tip "Takes you into the mind of an unwell person"

Paula Walker's profile image

paula_walker_9882 shared a tip "One of the best"

Paula Walker's profile image

paula_walker_9882 shared a tip "Don’t miss it. Unique"

Sherri Miles's profile image

sherri_miles_6626 shared a tip "It captured my attention and never let up. The twist and turns of this true story will keep you listening!"

Joshua Snell's profile image

joshua_snell shared a tip "It was fantastic"

Christine O'Keefe's profile image

clevergirl shared a tip "Listen to this. You will not be sorry."

Cathy Anderson's profile image

Catepa shared a tip "Couldn’t stop. Listened to the whole thing in one day."

Dan Conway's profile image

dan_conway shared a tip "A masterpiece."

Jason Swarts's profile image

jason_swarts shared a tip "This was an insanely well put together story. I binged this podcast and finished it in a day. I would highly recommend."

Kayla Mahler's profile image

kayla_mahler shared a tip "Loves this one! So addicting"

mary_beth_nilsson shared a tip "Made you want to be able to talk with John."

Emily Ware's profile image

emily_ware shared a tip "One of my favorite podcasts!"

Denver Garrett's profile image

denver_garrett shared a tip "Yes"

Gina Compilli-Diaz's profile image

gina_compilli-diaz shared a tip "Loved this, such interesting chatacters"

Cody Tevis's profile image

cody_tevis shared a tip "Probably the best narrative based journalistic podcast I’ve ever listened to. I’ve probably listened 5 times now."

Windy Gibson's profile image

windy_gibson shared a tip "One of the best podcasts ever!"

Chaz Kuhn's profile image

chaz_kuhn shared a tip "Wow! Wild story"

john_davis_8995 shared a tip "It is cool, I just down loaded this App, still figuring it out"

Debbie Ferber's profile image

debbie_ferber shared a tip "Yes!!! It is so good. Perfect for a road trip!"

Rebecca Recco's profile image

rebecca_recco shared a tip "Oh, and definitely check out “544 Days,” too."

caroline_zimmer shared a tip "Yes! Very dark, but one of the best podcasts I’ve ever listened, too."

lauren_underwood shared a tip "My absolute favorite podcast ever!"

Renee Bucalo's profile image

renee_bucalo shared a tip "Listen to the entire thing beginning to end!"

dawn_mcgoey shared a tip "Sorry for not replying. If you haven’t listened to it, it is a tale of a most interesting man in a small town. I loved it."

Milène Brassard's profile image

milne_brassard shared a tip "Ultra loved it"

Jeanne Vavruska's profile image

jeanne_vavruska shared a tip "Fantastic from beginning to end. Great story, funny, sad, shocking. It has it all."

Peter Pizzati's profile image

peter_pizzati shared a tip "Brilliant"

Stephanie Merrell's profile image

stephanie_merrell shared a tip "I like it! Pretty interesting"

Jason Arnone's profile image

jason_arnone shared a tip "HEAVY REAL F-ED UP STORY"

Alicia Zumbusch's profile image

alicia182 shared a tip "Unexpected, captivating, poignant & hilarious all at once. Left me wanting more."

Tori Oliver's profile image

tori_oliver shared a tip "So. Freaking. Good. I got totally attached to the main character and the twists are wild."

Lizzy Johnstone's profile image

lizzy_johnstone shared a tip "It started a bit slow and developed into a really fascinating story about a man and his clocks."

Amanda Messmer's profile image

amanda_messmer shared a tip "Always trying to keep up with armchair expert!"

Glory M's profile image

glorym shared a tip "There’s so many. In the Dark is great. Both seasons. Many of the Wondery podcasts like Dr Death."

Jennifer Keay's profile image

jennifer_keay shared a tip "Loved it."

Scott Lechlider's profile image

scott_lechlider shared a tip "Hearing the audio of the cast of characters in this podcast it is amazing that they are real people."

elizabeth 's profile image

raccoonish shared a tip "i’ll never get over this podcast!"

Diana Mueller's profile image

diana_mueller_2198 shared a tip "My favorite podcast is Morbid. So many great episodes and the hosts are the best!"

Molly Scott's profile image

molly_scott_8531 shared a tip "Unique and entertaining"

RJ Ware's profile image

rj_ware shared a tip "Atlanta monster also v good"

Caroline Dozier's profile image

caroline_dozier shared a tip "It’s a series so you kinda have to listen to all of it to understand the story. Let me know what you think if you listen"

Dianne Bracken's profile image

dianne_bracken shared a tip "Starts out like Serial but then takes a huge left turn into wonderful"

Joni Lui's profile image

joni_lui shared a tip "Yes! If you like investigative journal, this is a good one."

Tanita Abrahamson's profile image

tanita_abrahamson shared a tip "STown is the one that got me hooked on the true life documentary style do it would be this one"

Heidi Stevens's profile image

heidi_stevens shared a tip "Fascinating, mystifying, and wistful. If compelling stories about outsiders is your thing, you need to listen to this one."

nancy_vetter shared a tip "Wonderful narrator and the hot mess of the main character is unforgettable."

jorge_negrete_5706 shared a tip "So good."

Notkaren1676 's profile image

notkaren1676 shared a tip "Great story to listen to, you never know what is going to happen next."

Phil Larabie's profile image

phil_larabie shared a tip "Very good, true story"

Eden Klein's profile image

eden_klein shared a tip "Great storytelling"

Tara McDonough's profile image

tara_mcdonough shared a tip "@jenna_hayden2049 For nonfiction, Guru is pretty good as well as The Wonderland Murders. Fiction- Limetown."

Doug Dye's profile image

doug_dye shared a tip "I thought it was very well done. The main guy has an unforgettable personality...very "Tiger King" -ish."

Donna DiGiacomo's profile image

donna_digiacomo shared a tip "Its been years since I listened, I honestly can’t remember! 😂🤦🏼‍♀️"

Liz Gerger's profile image

liz_gerger shared a tip "Probably the most absorbing thing NPR has produced since Serial. Twists and turns!"

izabelle_wensley shared a tip "This podcast was #gritty and #powerful. Time to rethink how we perceive small town America."

Rachel D'Oliveira's profile image

rachel_doliveira shared a tip "Hmm Broken Hearts?"

Jaliza Wyche's profile image

domino.vixen shared a tip "Yes, highly recommended"

Leslie Gobbel's profile image

leslie_gobbel shared a tip "One of my favorite podcasts ever!"

Shanna Edgington's profile image

shanna_edgington shared a tip "Plot twists"

Rebecca Wangler's profile image

rebecca_wangler shared a tip "Such a cool & unique podcast. Never would have thought about telling a story like this."

esther_swartz shared a tip "Best podcast ever"

Elizabeth Doherty's profile image

elizabeth_doherty_614 shared a tip "Haven’t listened to anything new in awhile but the last thing I finished was Detective Trapp"

Dana Mondello's profile image

dana_mondello shared a tip "Omg yes its wild"

zippi shared a tip "It’s really good!"

Junebetty Abbott's profile image

junebetty_abbott shared a tip "I really enjoyed it! It doesn’t have a happy, uplifting mood to it so prepare for that. However, it was super interesting!!"

michael_sanders_3764 shared a tip "Yes, I think so. I remember enjoying it, but don't remember the details of the story."

debbie_halhead shared a tip "Soooo interesting and I got a touch of the feels"

Leza Palguta's profile image

leza_palguta shared a tip "It’s soooo good!"

Hayley Walker's profile image

hayley_walker_6539 shared a tip "Yes! Wholly unrelated, but I love the Astonishing Legends podcast"

sara_bell_2568 shared a tip "Yes, this was amazing! The main character is very complex and great storytelling"

Trevor Wood's profile image

trevor_wood_6446 shared a tip "American Skyjacker, Dr Death, NBC Dateline, Up and Vanished S1 and 2 , Crimetown season 1, Dirty John..."

hannah_sophia_1743 shared a tip "I had to pick podcasts but I never listen to podcasts so don't pay attention to them lol"

karen_sikes shared a tip "Honestly, the hook for me was within the first few minutes of the first episode."

miles_jonaro shared a tip "An iteresting and heartbreaking look into someone's life. Highly recommend."

Emalie Styles's profile image

emalie_styles shared a tip "My favorite murder for true crime. Ladies and Tangents for comedy."

rachel_vanderlinda shared a tip "Oh gosh…. That would be tough. I was entranced with the whole thing!"

Tara Dalton's profile image

tara_dalton shared a tip "Each episode is a continuation of the story. All episodes are a must listen. Enjoy!"

mindy_lipman shared a tip "Southern fried true crime is great"

teresa_harris_8425 shared a tip "Amazing journey!"

Honey 's profile image

honey_johnson_6620 shared a tip "I liked the mystery"

juliet_alvarez shared a tip "Beautifully done. Each episode unfolds in new and interesting ways."

ciara_coleman_3114 shared a tip "It was very interesting!! I liked it, finished it in 2 work days!"

Courtney Carstens's profile image

courtney_carstens shared a tip "Omg it's amazing. Totally unexpected. Love love love!"

jen_garcia_4973 shared a tip "."

Jerry Baker's profile image

jerry_baker_8578 shared a tip "I never laughed so hard"

michelle_mccrary_7100 shared a tip "John B was a very interesting man"

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