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If you've ever wanted to know about champagne, satanism, the Stonewall Uprising, chaos theory, LSD, El Nino, true crime and Rosa Parks, then look no further. Josh and Chuck have you covered.

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Bow Huh's profile image

bow_huh shared a tip "Great podcast"

Lego Dino's profile image

LegoDinosoar shared a tip "Informational <3"

Leslie Abram 's profile image

leslie_abram shared a tip "One of the only podcast in my favorites."

Josie 's profile image

josiejosieb shared a tip "Great podcast if you’re in the mood to learn something you never thought you needed to know. Josh is hilarious."

Ami Measel's profile image

Sinrau shared a tip "I like it. Some days it is great. Other days….I skip it. Lol. But overall, I listen to it a lot at work when I have time."

bobbi_george shared a tip "It is an interesting hodgepodge of topics. Always learn something new and definitely entertaining."

Kat Espinosa's profile image

kat_espinosa shared a tip "Haven't tried it yet. You?"

Alex Mats's profile image

allemac777 shared a tip "The Philadelphia Expirement episode"

Alex Mats's profile image

allemac777 shared a tip "The Philadelphia Expirement episode"

Meilinda K's profile image

meilinda_k shared a tip "I think it's a good listen while doing something mindless lol"

caitlyn_shieler shared a tip "Definitely!"

Rory Turner's profile image

rory_turner shared a tip "The presentation of the information was too casual."

christie_white_2654 shared a tip "Yes! If you like this one I think you will like Something You Should Know."

Diverse Creater's profile image

diverse_creater shared a tip "It's fantastic!"

Wendell Pereira's profile image

wendell_pereira shared a tip "Oops! Recommended without notice 🥴 Just wanted to save it to try..."

katie cheese's profile image

katie_cheese shared a tip "The guys are funny and the content varies so much you're bound to find something that interests you."

kimberle_johnson shared a tip "*chef kiss* Best of the best!"

Andy Wilson's profile image

andy_wilson shared a tip "For ‘Stuff you should know’ there is a really good one on passports that I listened to a few years ago."

Michele Richardson's profile image

michele_richardson shared a tip "Nah. I haven’t listened in a good while."

emily_8086 shared a tip "Yes, there is a topic for everyone. Somehow they make even the most boring topics engaging."

David Carr's profile image

david_carr_1334 shared a tip "ALL of them are great. I'm addicted lol"

Charles Clark's profile image

charles_clark_1705 shared a tip "Not specifically, I really like the animals episodes though"

Julie Carr's profile image

julie_carr_9746 shared a tip "I love this, the topics are well-researched and interesting!"

Mary McLeod's profile image

mary_mcleod_1103 shared a tip "I re-listened to an old one about robots and predictions as to what robots would mean to us by 2020. They were off by a bit 🤣"

Anika Eudora's profile image

themongrelcur shared a tip "If you like psych stuff, check out You Are Not So Smart."

Jessica Stefano's profile image

jessica_stefano shared a tip "I like it, but it's pretty classic Mike Rowe."

jean_smih shared a tip "Sorry have not listened yet...must have hit the button in error"

harlee chappelear's profile image

harlee_chappelear shared a tip "I didn't get too quite deep into the list, but just the in-depth research and discussion they have is wonderful!"

Valentin Cervantez's profile image

valentin_cervantez shared a tip "I recommend this. Today they’ve posted a “distraction playlist” that are sure to help keep us entertained. Enjoy! 😃"

Kevin Oh's profile image

kevin_oh shared a tip "I actually haven’t listened in a long time but each one is fairly interesting!!!"

Scherlyn Garney's profile image

scherlyn_garney shared a tip "Not yet! Haven't had a chance to listen much.😊"

jay_young_731 shared a tip "What I dont know it was given to me"

Jennifer Adair's profile image

jennifer_adair_5638 shared a tip "Your Brain On Facts you may like."

Brian B's profile image

brian_b_8477 shared a tip "Yes - it’s pretty good"

ule rangga's profile image

ule_rangga shared a tip "spirit"

Morgan Ezzell's profile image

morgan_ezzell shared a tip "Amazing & Educational!"

Neelam Mabood's profile image

neelam_mabood shared a tip "Love it!"

GiGi Huntley's profile image

gigi_huntley shared a tip "Revisionist History by Malcom Gladwell."

Myles Becker's profile image

myles_becker shared a tip "Josh and Chuck play well off each other, and bring funny insights to whatever epic they are exploring for the episode."

THUNDER KITTY's profile image

thunder_kitty shared a tip "@alicia_williams096 I actually haven't even started lol been busy but I may give it a whirl this weekend"

Mary Reush's profile image

mars_reu shared a tip "I’m currently listing to I saw what you did- a movie podcast. It’s hilarious and addictive but I still listen to SYSK each week!"

Mary Reush's profile image

mars_reu shared a tip "My newest is actually a movie podcast called I Saw What You Did...I’m hooked but I still listens to SYSK every week!"

Danielle Kipper's profile image

danielle_kipper shared a tip "Definitely! They have so many episodes so there's lot's of variety and lot's to choose from :)"

Katie Reck's profile image

katie_reck shared a tip "Wait wait dont tell me, mythology, the news and why it matters"

Brittany Haas's profile image

brittany_haas shared a tip "I'm getting through ourfakehistory now!"

Robin Minniear's profile image

robin_minniear shared a tip "Like old friends, learning things together."

Frank Cloutier's profile image

frank_cloutier_1968 shared a tip "@ellaanderson "Pondercast" is another one I particularly enjoy :)"

Trevin Thompson's profile image

trevin_thompson shared a tip "To be honest I haven't listened to it yet. I just liked it so I could remember it later on @harperbrownca"

Jo Ann Fischer's profile image

jo_ann_fischer shared a tip "I am trying to start program so I can listen!!"

Lisa Shepard's profile image

lisa_shepard shared a tip "I skip around and listen to the ones that interest me. They are always pretty good. One and done so use them as fillers."

holly_spragg shared a tip "I have been enjoying the indicator from npr."

courtney_wise_6861 shared a tip "Informative & topics vary"

allie_graham_9314 shared a tip "Yes! I’m kind of a nerd so I like to listen to things that are educational. If you’re into that, you’ll like it!"

Nora Cavazos's profile image

nora_cavazos shared a tip "Informative and covers a wide range of topics"

Ross Whatley's profile image

ross_whatley shared a tip "I like both the presenters they are funny and intelligent."

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