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Lore is a bi-weekly podcast (now also a TV show and book series) about dark historical tales. Each episode explores the mysterious creatures, tragic events, and unusual places that fill the pages of history. Because sometimes the truth is more frightening than fiction.

Artist Aaron Mahnke and Grim & Mild

Track Count 247


Price $0

Release Date 9/5/22

Explicitness Clean

Country USA


Neek's Rusty Sword's profile image

Leaf.Kid shared a tip "Used to be like, obsessed to the point where I couldn't look at the word lore and hear Aaron"

QB 's profile image

agentq5ft2 shared a tip "Very interesting. Hits all my sweet spots"

Olivianna Westowski-Angelosi's profile image

indubitaly_adalu shared a tip "I LOVE Lore! I've only found it a few days ago, but I've been binging it like a mf."

Amanda Marchant McLain's profile image

amanda_marchant_mclain shared a tip "My all time favorite for dark history."

Christian Bell's profile image

christian_bell shared a tip "My favorite podcast. I even own a Lore T-shirt."

amanda_jellema shared a tip "Th histories podcast is good, and Cabinet of Curiosities"

Kimberly Bosely's profile image

kimberly_bosely shared a tip "Aaron Makey (sp?) Is a fantastic story teller. I love listening to a couple of his podcasts."

Dolores Manuel's profile image

dolores_manuel shared a tip "I love Lore."

Christian Westerman's profile image

christian_westerman shared a tip "I haven't listened to it in a while actually. Have any episode recommendations?"

Lori Hobscheidt's profile image

lctoj shared a tip "Love how he tells a story!"

Abbie Queener's profile image

abbie_queener shared a tip "My all time favorite podcast!!!!"

Caldesi 's profile image

caldesi shared a tip "An amazing adventure into our dark history and lore"

Aaliyah Stephens's profile image

aaliyah_stephens shared a tip "Ranging from ghost stories to vampire or werewolves, it gives me chills"

Marianna Pruett's profile image

marianna_pruett shared a tip "I play this all the time when I'm doing art and it stimulates my creativity while telling me a great story"

yureisy reyes's profile image

emotionsarebad shared a tip "one word: addicting"

Ryan Hanratty's profile image

ryan_hanratty shared a tip "Been listening to this throughout my last two work days. Great narrator, awesome research."

Casey Spencer's profile image

casey_spencer_4729 shared a tip "It’s a good blend of story telling/history/ and intrigue. Each episode keeps me coming back for more."

Deirdre McGrath's profile image

deirdre_mcgrath shared a tip "It's so hard to pick just one! I love Aaron Mahnke can make any story interesting!"

Audrey Yates's profile image

audrey_yates shared a tip "Right?? I really like it."

nick kopylcheck's profile image

nick_kopylcheck shared a tip "To be honest I haven't listened yet, I'm new to the app and just picked what podcasts looked interesting."

Jennifer Nelson's profile image

jennifer_nelson_1822 shared a tip "Supply and Demand is kinda creepy. :)"

Logan 's profile image

log-an14 shared a tip "All time favorite podcast"

jenna_zarzycki shared a tip "History, fun facts & creep factor"

Jessica Coulombe's profile image

jessica_coulombe shared a tip "Yes, it’s really good, the deliverance is done very well!"

Andrea Thaxton's profile image

andrea_thaxton shared a tip "Oh wow, that's a tough one. Last Podcast on the Left, maybe? For fiction, probably Mr. Creepypasta's Storytime."

Fonda Foster's profile image

fonda_foster shared a tip "My favorite murder"

James McCorkle Jr.'s profile image

james_mccorkle_jr. shared a tip "It can be a bit creepy but it's a very good podcast to have in the background 🙂"

kyle_zarwell shared a tip "No I haven’t, is it good"

Darla Kellner's profile image

darla_kellner shared a tip "I've like them all so far."

Robot Officer's profile image

robot_officer shared a tip "I only just started listening to it so I don't have a comprehensive repertoire, episode 8 the castle is really good though"

Jeny Easton's profile image

jeny_easton shared a tip "There’s one on Lobotomies that’s awesome I think it’s episode 3 or 4"

Kelsey Giesseman's profile image

kelsey_giesseman shared a tip "The books are just as great as the podcast!"

TommyBoi Animations's profile image

tommyboi_animations shared a tip "I don't even know what it's about"

Shannon Stark's profile image

shannon_stark shared a tip "Yeah"

Shlok Mehta's profile image

shlok_mehta shared a tip "All episodes are unique so pick any and you won't be disappointed"

Kimi McCloud's profile image

kimi_mccloud shared a tip "Definitely!"

Kendra Nations's profile image

kendra_nations shared a tip "I'm on episode 145. How about you?"

Meudwen Phoenix's profile image

meudwen_phoenix shared a tip "Fascinating and often creepy. The podcast (and also the show) are well done."

Dani Hasting's profile image

daniwindscar shared a tip "My favorite podcast. I'm a super loyal fan."

Chanel Guerra's profile image

chanel_guerra shared a tip "So many of them. Have you listened to sword and scale?"

Anna Petersen's profile image

anna_petersen shared a tip "The only podcast I listen too! An incredible look at the history behind the scary stories that keep us up at night!"

Jess Patterson's profile image

avocadont shared a tip "Oh and Stuff They Don't Want You to Know is fascinating"

Veronica Andrea's profile image

veronicas_visions shared a tip "I enjoy these stories! This is one of the best scary podcasts out there. The show is also amazing! @alexandra_roselyn #horror"

Jennifer Keay's profile image

jennifer_keay shared a tip "It's great!"

Isabel 's profile image

ratfern6 shared a tip "I LOVE this podcast it dark history and weirdly calming too would 100% recommend even if it not that ture crime"

abby_caslow shared a tip "I really like “The Red Coats” and “Doing Tricks.” How about you?"

Denii Rincon's profile image

denii_rincon shared a tip "Good production"

Bailey Haseman's profile image

bailey_haseman shared a tip "I like it, it’s really chill, laid back. Funny at times"

Grinager Skye's profile image

grinager_skye shared a tip "This app sucks at giving context."

Jason Weaver's profile image

jason_weaver_3206 shared a tip "I enjoy it occasionally. The stories are a good length and usually take on a creepy topic."

Denton Forsyth's profile image

denton_forsyth shared a tip "No not yet"

Jordan Swartzentruber's profile image

jordan_swartzentrub shared a tip "Episode 8 is pretty wild! 😳"

Christina Piper's profile image

christina_piper shared a tip "I don’t listen to podcasts but I had to pick one so yeah. I have watched the show though"

Amanda Martinez's profile image

amanda_martinez_3332 shared a tip "Its fun, but personally I prefer Spirits"

Niki Gildersleeve's profile image

erislily shared a tip "I've kind of been jumping around (I don't listen in order) but so far my favorites are 85 & 92"

Rae Gaden's profile image

rae_gaden shared a tip "Episode 8: the Castle"

sara_f_282 shared a tip "Awesome stories and great narration"

Heather Haack's profile image

heather_haack shared a tip "One of my favorites for a podcast, I need to start over from the beginning to current episode!! #lore"

joseph_clayborne shared a tip "Have you listened to Radio Rental or American Shadows? Those are both very good Podcasts."

Hannah Dowell's profile image

hannah_dowell shared a tip "The Penumbra Podcast and Magnus Archives are a couple of my favorites."

Darcy Anatidae's profile image

darcy_anatidae shared a tip "Try the History Uncovered by All That’s Interesting podcast on Spotify"

Darcy Anatidae's profile image

darcy_anatidae shared a tip "Supernatural by Ashley Flowers on Spotify is really good as well."

Carmen R's profile image

carmen_r_8779 shared a tip "Definitely 😊 Give the first few episodes a try and see if you like it. Available as a tv series on Hulu as well."

jesus_moraga shared a tip "Greatly written. Awesome content. Excellent research. Amazing stories with great entertaining value."

no no's profile image

HannahMarie shared a tip "Narrator really knows how to set the mood with music and tone of voice."

Sarah Ridgeway-Seyran's profile image

sarah_ridgeway-seyr shared a tip "Hmmm...a bit different from this genre, but I also really enjoy Morbid!"

Aubrie Hernandez's profile image

aubrie_hernandez shared a tip "Its excellent! His voice is very soothing, great music and it's about historical legends and lore. It's in amazon too!!"

hannah_west_6777 shared a tip "I’m super into weird history facts and this doesn’t disappoint. I love that it covers so many cultures/ countries as well."

Tara Neubaur's profile image

tara_neubaur shared a tip "Very fun! Definitely worth a listen."

Sylvia Montemayor's profile image

sylvia_montemayor shared a tip "If you like strange and paranormal try Paranormal Mysteries on Spotify."

Tim Dehof's profile image

tim_dehof shared a tip "I listen to noble blood and ridiculous history for history podcasts"

Rachel Ingalls's profile image

rachel_ingalls shared a tip "I can't think of a fave off hand, but I always enjoy the topics!"

Bettina Trevino's profile image

bettina_trevino shared a tip "The Magnus Archives is another good podcast to check out"

Meg Perry Boudah's profile image

meg_perry_boudah shared a tip "Episode 170 Into the Wild was really fun !"

Flaming 's profile image

flaming_8747 shared a tip "I'm not much of a podcast person but I absolutely fell in love with this"

Tina 's profile image

bluebeard shared a tip "Been following this podcast since it first aired. Met the host Aaron at a comicon, he was really fun to talk to."

Josh King's profile image

josh_king_4073 shared a tip "Love every story. I can binge listen to them."

lauren_carnahan shared a tip "Hmmmm possibly unobscured or tales?"

Karen Kersten's profile image

karen_kersten shared a tip "Interesting stories."

Sophia Scott's profile image

sophia_scott_8853 shared a tip "100% I Love all the shows Aaron Mahnke produces. Lore has short episodes but they have no problem drawing you in."

1985Inc shared a tip "Love it. I listen to Lore while I work. Easy breezy creepy listening."

Christine Bruce's profile image

christine_bruce_1239 shared a tip "Love the new and interesting cultural history I didn’t know about"

Julie Grasmick's profile image

julie_grasmick shared a tip "Not yet but I will keep you posted!"

Nanashi 's profile image

princess_vegeta shared a tip "Exactly what I wanted it to be"

Tasha Chapel's profile image

tasha_chapel shared a tip "The Hidden Djinn, One Strange Thing, Unobscured"

AngieRose 's profile image

angie_rose91 shared a tip "Honestly don't know. I haven't listened to podcasts in awhile but when I go on a podcast binge this is one of my favourites"

rachel_g_5290 shared a tip "Spooked by Snap Production. Great way to start the Halloween season 🎃"

emilie_4703 shared a tip "Definitely worth it"

Anah Berry's profile image

anah_berry shared a tip "Possibly my all time favorite podcast, the tv series is also good"

Stacy Portwood's profile image

stacy_portwood shared a tip "Definitely, if you're into storytelling!"

Crystal Goddard's profile image

crystal_goddard shared a tip "He has several that are good. “Cabinet of Curiosities” is one and he has a new one called “Grim & Mild Presents”"

Kemma 's profile image

Lunika shared a tip "Love this to much"

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