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Hey there, I'm a huge film and TV buff. I've seen over 600 movies and TV shows from all around the world. I'm gonna make good recommendations and give you good reviews. You should drop a follow, frfr.


A literary masterpiece. I spent my late childhood reading through these pages with vigor and it still stands the test of time today (one movie and an HBO series later). Read it, read all of the books, but please endeavor to understand the themes. I won't get into it here, but there's a very important message in His Dark Materials that people seem to be missing. A lesson that truly needs to be learned.

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The Golden Compass

Books | Philip Pullman

This movie pleasantly surprised me. It's rare that I'm surprised by Hollywood in this era. This is a great comedy movie with surprising commentary on indolence and the effects that elite capitalist greed has on workers and consumers. While the movie isn't necessarily "deep" it's all there in a fairly succinct package. Whether you like video games or not, I highly recommend seeing this movie if you're in need of a good laugh.

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Free Guy

Movies | Action

Get Out is a polarizing horror film with a message. Don't worry if the social commentary bothers you, that's intentional. This is a film packed with psychological horrors that are very real and pervasive in American society. The scariest part about the film is that the subtle nuances portrayed in the film are very real. I highly recommend this film to any black Americans who haven't seen it yet.

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Get Out

Movies | Mystery

I consider The Dark Knight to be Nolan's masterpiece. The performance of The Joker by Heath Ledger is powerful and raw. It's so powerful that this role possibly took his life #hottake This film has a lot of content deeper than the surface level Batman story. The film is very character driven and about people's motivations, how far they're willing to go to defend and achieve their ideals, and that hidden imperceptible sanity switch inside us all that is waiting to be flipped.

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The Dark Knight

Movies | Drama

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