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Hey there, I'm a huge film and TV buff. I've seen over 600 movies and TV shows from all around the world. I'm gonna make good recommendations and give you good reviews. You should drop a follow, frfr.


I didn't expect to like this series when I came across it, but it's so damn good. Extremely good characterization, cinematography, and writing. It's honestly an engrossing, beautiful piece of art that demands so much from the actors you can see how it bleeds. Zendaya shines in the main role and really gave me a new appreciation for her as an actor. The drama can be overwhelming at times, but so is life. The characters at the core of it all are real and hold nothing back. Prepare to be hooked.

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Shows | Drama

This is a show that requires patience to watch, it's a slow burn and very character driven, but I think that's a good thing. I've never read the source material, but the show is so good that I have picked it up. It's extremely relevant to today's events. I love how the characters are all interconnected and it feels like the plot is playing chess with time. More importantly, I love Miranda's character and how something she never wanted to show anyone becomes so central to the plot.

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Station Eleven


This movie pleasantly surprised me. It's rare that I'm surprised by Hollywood in this era. This is a great comedy movie with surprising commentary on indolence and the effects that elite capitalist greed has on workers and consumers. While the movie isn't necessarily "deep" it's all there in a fairly succinct package. Whether you like video games or not, I highly recommend seeing this movie if you're in need of a good laugh.

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Free Guy

Movies | Action

Man, what can I say about this movie? Just watch it, I can't even spoil this one. Korean cinema has been leaps ahead of America for decades and truly captures that 80s-90s golden cinema feel. This is no exception. If you like dramatized true crime about serial killers, this one will stick with you for a long time. And if you've seen this, never forget.. 9 PEACHES 🍑

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Memories of Murder

Movies | Crime

John Constantine is one of the greatest characters in the DC Universe. Honestly, Alan Moore is a legend. This movie is a great representation of why whenever people encounter John, they are immediately entranced and want more. I love Keanu's portrayal of the character and the cast of this movie knocks it out of the park. I can't recommend this enough if you love comics, action, and a good time. If you enjoyed this, check out Fox's Constantine TV series it is also equally as excellent.

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Movies | Drama

Get Out is a polarizing horror film with a message. Don't worry if the social commentary bothers you, that's intentional. This is a film packed with psychological horrors that are very real and pervasive in American society. The scariest part about the film is that the subtle nuances portrayed in the film are very real. I highly recommend this film to any black Americans who haven't seen it yet.

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Get Out

Movies | Mystery

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