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At the turn of the century, the Angels returned to Earth, seeking to wipe out humanity in an apocalyptic fury. Devastated, mankind's last remnants moved underground to wait for the day when the Angels would come back to finish the job. Fifteen years later, that day has come... but this time, humanit

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Ended

First Air Date 1995-10-04

Last Air Date 1996-03-27

Seasons 1

Episodes 26


TMDB 8.7


Attense 's profile image

southpawstories shared a tip "Not my favorite but had a great ending. Also, the character dialogue was written in an interesting way"

Lou G's profile image

lou_g shared a tip "Existential dread and peak anxiety. Get in the damn Eva Shinji."

JustHalo 's profile image

justhalo shared a tip "Best anime of all time, but it can get brutal. Prepare your mind."

Fidge (they/them)'s profile image

fidge shared a tip "They're just kids bro wtf"

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wolfie_honey shared a tip "The greatest OP of all time!!"

robyn 's profile image

toezforbeanz shared a tip "i absolutely love this show (it’s my fave anime) an absolute classic."

Marten 's profile image

marten413 shared a tip "Man, it was good but i am so traumatized."

Bingust 's profile image

Bingust shared a tip "Only watch this and the first movie if you are emotionally available. You will sob."

Isobel 's profile image

DizzyIsLettuce shared a tip "I'm a shinnie"

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DA__LANDL0RD shared a tip "I loved the imagery taken from various religions and the quotes are phenomenal in my opinion"

Stephanie Noel's profile image

stephanie_noel shared a tip "A favorite"

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ROUSSSE shared a tip "I love it, but it is definetly not for everyone."

sebastian lundrgan's profile image

sebastian_lundrgan shared a tip "Amazing storytelling"

Joseph Manley's profile image

joseph_manley shared a tip "The only anime I ever REALLY liked."

Jeremy Shearer's profile image

jeremy_shearer shared a tip "I'd highly recommend it"

lonely bee's profile image

lonely_bee shared a tip "Definitely if you like physiological anime"

Brandon Cash's profile image

brandon_cash_3057 shared a tip "One of my favs."

Marc Doria's profile image

marc_doria shared a tip "Greatest Anime of all time"

Jessica Jeffery's profile image

trikucian shared a tip "The first few episodes are entertaining, but by episode 10 it turns into a navel gazing, nihilistic, depressing mess."

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kevin_ellis_3137 shared a tip "Classic"

timmity 's profile image

timmity shared a tip "Come for the giant robots, stay for the permanent psychological influence."

Adalyn Roberts's profile image

adalyn_roberts shared a tip "i got like 16 eps in and stopped for some reason, so ill probably just restart it at some point"

Alexandra Sines's profile image

alexandra_sines shared a tip "Ummmmmm depends on what you like. This series definitely becomes like a psychological thriller."

Gabe 's profile image

gabe1703 shared a tip "Teenage Depression with funky robots"

Leo Bocock's profile image

leo_bocock shared a tip "Get in the robot."

GamerLord GS's profile image

gamerlord_gs shared a tip "Shinji"

Denis Valenzuela's profile image

playeragex shared a tip "This is the best show ever"

Rosie Neuharth's profile image

RuzNuz shared a tip "There's some heavy incel vibes throughout the entire series. It is a visually interesting watch if you can stomach that."

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lilli_749 shared a tip "10/10 anime"

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adam_tetreault shared a tip "An existential mecha anime"

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vazzaroth shared a tip "Doo Doo Doo Doo do do do Doo do do do do"

Maddy Smith's profile image

maddy_smith_2193 shared a tip "Existential"

Nicholas Jewell's profile image

nicholas_jewell shared a tip "I loved the psycological part of it, it really messes with you're head"

Dazani Szewcik's profile image

dazani_szewcik shared a tip "Classic"

Daniel Hazelton's profile image

daniel_hazelton shared a tip "Good"

David Brown's profile image

david_brown_2513 shared a tip "This is the third anime I ever watched, and still one of my favorites."

aaron_rabold shared a tip "11th favorite anime/manga series, for all of the original TV anime, older movies, and Rebuild movies; it's all great!"

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fartmaster shared a tip "I kin shinji"

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max_pollard_665 shared a tip "I had no idea what was going on half of the time, it's edgy but I had fun watching it"

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