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As bass guitarist for a garage-rock band, Scott Pilgrim has never had trouble getting a girlfriend; usually, the problem is getting rid of them. But when Ramona Flowers skates into his heart, he finds she has the most troublesome baggage of all: an army of ex-boyfriends who will stop at nothing to e

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2010-08-12

Runtime 112 minutes

Budget $85m

Revenue $48m


TMDB 7.5


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jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "One of my favorite movies to watch,, just a fun one!"

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nataleegrover shared a tip "one of my all time faves!!"

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heather_stevens shared a tip "It was cute, but not a movie I would watch again"

evan_cook shared a tip "This movie deserves a yearly rewatch! Especially now that basically every actor in this movie is well-known!"

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kweku_ananse_haki shared a tip "The best video game movie to ever come to theaters without being an actual adaptation."

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miserys_return shared a tip "Funny and Colorful, this movie is a classic."

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stoneknows shared a tip "Issa good movie too"

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the_beard_knows shared a tip "It's funny"

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joshua_smith_3234 shared a tip "Really different, funny, quirky, unique, and some familiar faces that are recognizable in a few small parts."

jennifer_8975 shared a tip "Quirky, goofy and fun."

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lyle_groniger shared a tip "Best movie ever made about Toronto!"

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clara- shared a tip "so so so so sooo good"

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maudanvers shared a tip "Entertaining and unique! Love the editing and the soundtrack 💥"

malena_nells_6178 shared a tip "Best music and funniest characters"

lorrie_mcfadden shared a tip "A movie you and your older teens can enjoy together."

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unfinished_sentenc shared a tip "This movie had me jn stitches"

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talon_waters shared a tip "The comedy, the music, the video-game aesthetic."

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amber_gj shared a tip "Didn't like this one it's over rated"

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jessica_autumn shared a tip "This movie cracks me up. The retro gamer style of the movie is a bonus."

Kristi Fuoco's profile image

kristi_fuoco shared a tip "Hilarious and melodramatic."

duke_1569 shared a tip "Before it’s time Video Game Classic"

abigail nicole 🏹 's profile image

dreameroftheday shared a tip "listen Scott can kick rocks but this is the best movie ever made #TeamEnvyAndRamona"

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rina_dubosarski shared a tip "Love love love this movie and its filmed in Toronto which makes it so much better"

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e_bar shared a tip "Incredibly cheesy, but also extremely entertaining"

arianna Frias's profile image

arianna_frias shared a tip "Literally just art some might not see this movie seriously or as a joke but it was a deeper meaning it’s great"

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bwch13 shared a tip "a favorite. I love this movie."

charlierosewood shared a tip "Original, funny, clever and cool"

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arlo_7715 shared a tip "One of the best comic book movies ever made"

osiris_1423 shared a tip "If you like video games, comic books, and punk rock, this movie is for you!!"

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d73g0_0rl4nd0 shared a tip "WATCH THIS MOVIE RN"

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samantha_vera shared a tip "It's my favorite movie in the whole wide world!"

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marvin_austin_ii shared a tip "Definitely anytime sexbabombs was said right before the drum count-in"

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sunsh1ne shared a tip "Personally my favorite movie of all time... skipped school to watch this all day no lie."

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lindsay_kamel shared a tip "So creative"

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maytheforcebetrayyou shared a tip "#comfortfood"

joshua_sauer shared a tip "It’s on my top 10 list for all time movies."

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being_mo_is_my_mo shared a tip "I can help but enjoy the artsy way this movie was edited"

hollie_gurrola shared a tip "favorite movie of all time. The way it is filmed is amazing."

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goomba_2 shared a tip "an amazing watch, just as good as the books!"

danieltalley shared a tip "I absolutely love this movie with all my being"

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mindy_turner shared a tip "Easily one of my favorites. A silly, fun one for anyone who has ever been a gamer."

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calming_heat shared a tip "scratched my brain really good"

mckinzie wigley's profile image

mckinzie_wigley shared a tip "Michael Cera classic!"

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LexLuthor42 shared a tip "Took me watching the movie, disliking it, watching video essays on it, watching it again, and now I'm obsessed with it"

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catelaide shared a tip "yes"

Dogs don’t quack's profile image

dogs_dont_quack shared a tip "Extremely fun movie with good characters, funny moments, amazing action and a distinct style."

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mj_arlo shared a tip "Two words: Edgar Wright"

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mike_wazowski_6771 shared a tip "Its funny"

Lorraine Goldwin's profile image

lorraine_goldwin shared a tip "I read all the books its a good movie to anyone who like fiction action :)"

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black_destiny shared a tip "Another Great Movie! The soundtrack and cinematography is a time capsule of early 2010 Culture."

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angelina_mack shared a tip "I LOVE THIS MOVIE SO MUCH YES"

regis_mcginley shared a tip "It was cool like 100 years ago when it came out now it’s just something my girlfriend would watch not me"

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michael_kurland shared a tip "Saw this like 4 or 5 times"

awesome_user_220757 shared a tip "one of the best romance movies for teens"

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tyler_hansen_2836 shared a tip "Comic book romance!"

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willie_klaver shared a tip "Awesome movie with lots of references to things like oldschool final fantasy and zelda music, with a great cast."

brisa_robles shared a tip "Very Awsome"

roshaun_anderson shared a tip "The best video game movie of all time."

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pariza_shah shared a tip "The best movie ever!"

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CloneHigh shared a tip "Hands down, best high movie period. Actiony, comedic, and the VISUALS."

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christina_mayorga_8424 shared a tip "Comic book in real life, Love the storytelling in this movie."

Blaine Padgett's profile image

blaine_padgett shared a tip "Great movie for comic book nerds with great musicians fun characters. One of those Saturday afternoon movies"

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gaelstorm shared a tip "Dylan"

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ruby_glo shared a tip "My all time favorite movie. It’s hilarious and has very cool editing."

ダーク・キャナージュ 's profile image

_8756 shared a tip "One of my most favorite movies of all time both style and substance go above board"

Damion Bartholomew's profile image

damion_bartholomew shared a tip "Gold"

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ayanna_bridges shared a tip "Funny with hot cast and good soundtrack"

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hannah_marie_8129 shared a tip ""I'm in lesbians with you.""

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reidswifey shared a tip "If you and the person you will watch this with is cool then watch this"

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_kitty shared a tip "Pretty good. My dad watched it with me."

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katrina_quiachon shared a tip "Try Mitchell's Vs. The Machines on Netflix"

chloe_wong_3323 shared a tip "comfort movie"

allison_rivera_5781 shared a tip "Coolest movie with sick effects & relatable humor"

sua_munoz shared a tip "Amazing."

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gabriella_ayon shared a tip "This is a cinematic master pieceeeeee a must watchhhhhh"

sofia aguilar's profile image

sofia_aguilar_420 shared a tip "it’s an incredibly creative and entertaining movie, super funny and cool. it really feels like you’re in a video game."

grayson_bennett shared a tip "is it the best movie in cinematic history"

ibuki mioda's profile image

ibuki_mioda_4190 shared a tip "Probably this movie or heathers"

thomas_linn shared a tip "Perhaps the most stylish video game-comic movie ever made. Also a great date movie."

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isabella_babich shared a tip "It’s funny and has Brie Larson…enough said."

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phantom_cookie shared a tip "If you like Chris Evans, seeing him as Lucas Lee in this movie is an absolute treat"

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cailey_phipps_2077 shared a tip "I have watched this movie too many times. Absolutely love it!"

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