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I make art and write short stories, sometimes together. I like any obscure cult-classic stuff within the horror and anime genres.


My first thought for this list was that the movies would obviously need to be ones that take multiple viewings to understand. However, some movies, like this one, work well for this list purely for their visual richness. I could just see myself getting lost in the beautiful colors and setpieces for years. I could stop on each frame and just admire it, imagine what the process of something so magnificent would look like, maybe even use them as inspiration for decorating my island home.

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Movies | Animation

On the surface, you might think it's a generic mecha anime with a sky-surfboard gimmick, but if you give it a chance, but as soon as you actually start watching, you're immediately hit with so many mysteries about not only this crazy and beautiful world, but also the characters themselves. This show's got everything, #mystery #worldbuilding #drama #action #romance #thrills and delivers so well on all of it. I felt really satisfied with the conclusion too. I might still see the movie spinoffs tho

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Eureka Seven

Shows | Action & Adventure

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