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Very interesting that this actually happened.

Secret Agent Selection: WW2 imageSecret Agent Selection: WW2 image

Secret Agent Selection: WW2

Shows | War & Politics

Out of ALL the history that this planet has, WW2 has got to be my favorite time in history, NOT because of the Holocaust (BECAUSE I am part Jewish, at least in my religious views/religious beliefs). & When I was in Middle School I had a beautiful black girlfriend, & the 1 day I saw a kid with a Swastika on his wrist, so I asked him for his glasses, & then I beat the love of God himself out of that kid. It took 3 moderately buff teachers to pull me off of him & he told me he was on Methamphetamin

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Band of Brothers

Shows | Drama

This show is Super hilarious & it just gets funnier & funnier, & I would like to be friends with ALL of the actor & actresses to just get their own opinions on how it was making the most popular show on Television!

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The Big Bang Theory

Shows | Comedy

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