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Blake Johanson


I didn’t like this one as much as the other books in this series but this one was still amazing and beautifully written! #dystopian #ya

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The Toll

Books | Neal Shusterman

A close friend of mine really liked this book so I decided to read it. It’s pretty good and definitely a classic everyone should read! #classic #childrens #adventure

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The Borrowers

Books | Mary Norton

A friend of mine recommended this book for me and I absolutely loved it. I loved how positive she was despite everything she had to go through as a trans woman. #trans #lgbt #manga #romance

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The Bride was a Boy

Books | Chii

This book was intense and full of twists and turns. The ending had me shocked and I’m excited to read the final book. #dystopian #ya #books

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Books | Neal Shusterman

This book was amazing, definitely in my top 5 favourite books. The concept and plot were amazing. The characters and their development astonished me. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes dystopian YA novels. #dystopian #ya

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Books | Neal Shusterman

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