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Heartwarming, charming, fun. Mother daughter, horror film. Going to get personal but there is a scene that had me bawling bc it made me realize what I was doing with my ex. (Forced Sexual labor, in order to keep his temper in check) Strip tease, Sacrifice for her daughter.

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The Final Girls

Movies | Comedy

Acting so good it'll unlock childhood ptsd flashes of your delusionally abusive mother. Also, Elvira deserved better, ain't no way. 🍨🔨♿🏖🐀☠💌

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? imageWhat Ever Happened to Baby Jane? image

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

Movies | Drama

Watch to hear the voice of PIN. Everyone in this movie needs therapy.

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Movies | Horror

The audiobook on audible was really well done by Harriet Gordon-Anderson. Her voice was soothing and the effort and talent she put into each character was wonderful to listen too. She even put forth the effort to have sound effects for phone calls, it really was a delight. The story pulls you in and even if you figure out some stuff like I did I was just gripped, washing dishes waiting for the horror I had already figured out to be revealed.

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Stranger in the Woods

Books | Anni Taylor

Binging it currently. 🎃🍃 If you liked the dub of ghost stories I think you'll like this one too. Also, I find his mental state entirely relatable... maybe I should text my therapist. "Words can kill people, so keep your judgey thoughts to yourself." "What happened to my smile and my will to live? Where are they now~ 💖 Gone. When you grow up you'll have to make yourself stop crying act too sad and the people you love will pry you off like a tick."💀🤡

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Life Lessons with Uramichi Oniisan

Shows | Animation

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