It was a typical funny love romance movie. A little cheesy, but it was cute and I liked it.

Love in the Villa imageLove in the Villa image

Love in the Villa

Movies | Romance

The first episode was great to me. I’m all in now.

The Serpent Queen imageThe Serpent Queen image

The Serpent Queen


I overall liked it. However, I was becoming super annoyed with Josh’s curiosity in the first few episodes. Like, u just got to disobey huh?? Like someone else mentioned. They should of just got her a dog. lol it’s a creepy show, but also like watching folklore & fantasy. Parents n teens can watch together. I also give it a 3.5 Stars.

Elves imageElves image


Shows | Drama

I’ve always had at pets and consider myself the cat whisperer. lol I found this documentary funny and informative. Made me understand my cat’s behaviors more.

Inside the Mind of a Cat imageInside the Mind of a Cat image

Inside the Mind of a Cat

Movies | Documentary

Not one of Eddie Murphy’s best, but I still enjoyed it. I love the actors in this show as well. Many scenes are funny too.

Vampire in Brooklyn imageVampire in Brooklyn image

Vampire in Brooklyn

Movies | Comedy

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