This is a wonderful read! It’s about a sea captain in her majesty’s Royal Navy who bonds to a dragon. Book 1 is great! book 2 is good. book 3 is ok. And I didn’t read past that.

His Majesty's Dragon imageHis Majesty's Dragon image

His Majesty's Dragon

Books | Naomi Novik

This is book one. And our man isn’t introduced yet, but they go from a “i barely tolerate you because we are fellow knights” to “we are married, and I have your best interests at heart.” It takes the whole series, but I wholly recommend if you like fantasy, and a realistic relationship buildup. And the world is immersive. (I want a nordy roll SOO bad 😭)

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Books | Donita K. Paul

This is my favorite mccaffrey book! Its about a girl who lives under extreme prejudice. And about how she finds freedom.

Dragonsong imageDragonsong image


Books | Anne McCaffrey

This is a high fantasy, historical fiction. It’s about a lady Edwardian- esque who decides that she can jolly well study dragons as well as any man. Quite funny and relatable.

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A Natural History of Dragons

Books | Marie Brennan

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