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Discover #1 New York Times-bestselling Patrick Rothfuss’ epic fantasy series, The Kingkiller Chronicle. “I just love the world of Patrick Rothfuss.” —Lin-Manuel Miranda • “He’s bloody good, this Rothfuss guy.” —George R. R. Martin • “Rothfuss has real talent.” —Terry Brooks OVER 1 MILLION COPIES SOL

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Author Patrick Rothfuss

Pages 736

Publisher Astra Publishing House

Published Date 2007-03-27

ISBN 1101147164 9781101147160


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Nikki Nienhaus's profile image

nikki_nienhaus shared a tip "One of the best books I’ve ever read."

Veronica Em's profile image

veronica_em shared a tip "Loved! Very unique magic system that I thought was really thought provoking. Loved the stories within stories inside the plot."

Clare Murphy's profile image

claremurphy shared a tip "solid fantasy novel, first of a series that is still being written!"

Jodi Dockow Roman's profile image

jodi_dockow_roman shared a tip "Absolutely loved this book"

Darryl Keeping's profile image

darryl_keeping shared a tip "Oh boy! So many! Honestly, it might be when Kvothe is performing for his pipes. Didn't think I'd ever enjoy it so much!"

Astroneatly Books's profile image

astroneatly_books shared a tip "I haven’t finished it yet, but so far it has been incredible."

leigh_clanton shared a tip "Clever magical explanations"

Jeremy 's profile image

jeremy_6615 shared a tip "Okay it's really good but just know that book 3 of the "trilogy" hasn't come out and most of us have been waiting 12+ years 😅"

Nicole Dent-Bailey's profile image

nicole_dent-bailey shared a tip "Love this book"

Mona Cee's profile image

mona_cee shared a tip "Love love love love - don’t start if you can’t handle that book 3 hasn’t been written"

charlie mars's profile image

charlie_haney shared a tip "i am between "the ginseng hunter" and "two years eight months and twenty eight nights!" what about you?"

ruthie_manlapas shared a tip "Epic story"

Maureen Callahan's profile image

Maureen.Callahan shared a tip "If you liked Harry Potter..."

Jac Squib's profile image

dialitupto11 shared a tip "Literally one of the best books I've ever read. Tolkien has some serious competition with Rothfuss"

Derek Reed's profile image

caviarmy shared a tip "The most comprehensive magic system in a fantasy novel."

Eric Groeschel's profile image

eric_groeschel shared a tip "Excellent book. Now please finish the 3rd one Rothfuss!"

Andrea Fernandez's profile image

andrea_fernandez_9804 shared a tip "Loved every detail. It actually takes you through an amazing world."

James ZD's profile image

james_zd shared a tip "The writing was beautiful, the story was solid, and offered some new perspectives on the genre. Very cool book"

Ema Ward's profile image

ema_ward shared a tip "Incredible. I have no words that will explain how intricate and beautiful this story is."

October (they/them)'s profile image

octobersky shared a tip "I wouldn't say the main character is super sympathetic. I think the worldbuilding is worth it though."

Bill Hinshillwood's profile image

bill_hinshillwood shared a tip "It you loved Harry Potter as a kid you need to read this book!"

eric_grimes shared a tip "One of the best openers to a series I've ever read. Hoping the final book comes soon."

eric_grimes shared a tip "An all time favourite. Very much looking forward to the final book. Hoping it comes soon."

Raynor Maddux's profile image

raynor_maddux shared a tip "Such a great book"

Summer Steffen Land's profile image

summer_steffen_land shared a tip "If you are a Brandon Sanderson fan then this will not disappoint. Very good book!!!!!"

Hannah Steele's profile image

hannah_steele_8613 shared a tip "I also liked the first one best but I loved the second as well. 😊"

Hurricane 's profile image

hurricane42og shared a tip "Best series that no one has read and isn’t already a movie or show but should be"

Heather Anne's profile image

heather_anne_6054 shared a tip "Great fantasy book, love this author. Just wish he would finish the 3rd book already."

compassion_riley shared a tip "Waiting for book three, this is a unputdownable book."

mike fryer's profile image

mike_fryer shared a tip "It has been 9 years, I don't remember that much. I am planning on rereading them when/if the Doors of Stone gets released."

Rodi Vogel's profile image

rodi_vogel shared a tip "Now reading A Deadly Education by Naomi Novik"

Mike Don's profile image

mike_don shared a tip "i’m reading the lord of the rings trilogy"

Mike Burns's profile image

mike_burns_603 shared a tip "Possibly the top modern pure storyteller."

Julia Bordeaux's profile image

julia_bordeaux shared a tip "I love, love, love this book!"

Turone Greenwood's profile image

turone_greenwood shared a tip "Amazing epic fantasy, shame we will probably never get book 3"

Jennie Damron's profile image

jennie_damron shared a tip "I adored this book. The writing was atmospheric and the story so compelling. I loved the characters so much."

Tausha Griswold's profile image

tausha_griswold shared a tip "One of my favorite series"

Robin George's profile image

robin_george shared a tip "An unusual journey through a fantasy story, but gripping as heck."

Josiah 's profile image

josiah_892 shared a tip "This book was very interesting. I liked the magic system, it's softer than I usually like, but it works well."

ron_barnes_4719 shared a tip "I liked both this one and A Wise Man’s Fear. I’ve been eagerly and sometimes not patiently waiting for The Doors of Stone."

Nikki Davis's profile image

nikki_davis_7200 shared a tip "After the prologue for Doors of Stone came out I have to reread this a fourth time! Highly recommend."

Kastina Inman's profile image

kastina_inman shared a tip "Probably my favourite book of all time."

Andrea Swagler's profile image

andrea_swagler shared a tip "Truly one of my fav books ever, I really hope you enjoy it!!"

Angel Galloway's profile image

angel_galloway shared a tip "I enjoyed it a lot! Definitely recommend"

Adam Pettigrew's profile image

adam_pettigrew shared a tip "Good read"

victoria_appel_1736 shared a tip "Best book I have ever read!"

JJ 's profile image

jj_ferguson shared a tip "I loved this book, not super complex and easy to understand a fun read and a great Segway into the next book 10/10"

Holly Hawkins's profile image

holly_hawkins shared a tip "Yes ma'am! Any recommendations for something similar to this series?"

Alex Hoffmann's profile image

alex_hoffmann shared a tip "One of my favourite books."

Jamie Reyes's profile image

jamie_reyes shared a tip "Just the others in the same series"

jessica_galbraith shared a tip "One of the best fantasy books"

Giovanna 's profile image

giovanna_3401 shared a tip "I cannot find a flaw in this book. Completely enchanted & obsessed."

jaime_ramos-cortez shared a tip "FAVORITE BOOK EVER"

Meredith Tiller's profile image

meredith_tiller shared a tip "Favorite book ive ever read"

Carrie Thompson's profile image

carrie_thompson_9678 shared a tip "I've read this multiple times and never tire of it ❤️"

Rebecca Doyle's profile image

rebecca_doyle_505 shared a tip "Waiting for book #3"

Katrina Zack's profile image

katrina_zack shared a tip "So good! Worth the time!"

Ian Wescoat's profile image

ian_wescoat shared a tip "I haven't finished it yet but it's very good so far"

Matthew Zotti's profile image

matthew_zotti shared a tip "It's probably this one"

Lupe Camas's profile image

lupe_camas shared a tip "I enjoy the book very much but don't like Denna."

Breanne Smith's profile image

bsmith7 shared a tip "Yes. I liked it"

Charli Caffrey's profile image

charli_caffrey shared a tip "I could read this book 1,000 times and still want to read it again."

Lauran Walker's profile image

lauran_walker shared a tip "Actually rereading Alice in Wonderland... Am teacher... Hard to find time for my own! You?"

callah_roth shared a tip "Plot is incredible and the writing is done really well. Impatiently waiting on the 3rd book."

Iana Borova's profile image

iana_borova shared a tip "This is my FAVORITE series (only 2 of 3 published)"

Leya Fletcher's profile image

leya_fletcher shared a tip "All time favorite book!"

Christina MacFadzen's profile image

christina_macfadzen shared a tip "Listening to this on Audible. Highly recommended"

melissa_3980 shared a tip "Absolutely amazing. Its a series so you can be occupied for some time. Definitely recommend."

Andrew Kaler's profile image

andrew_kaler shared a tip "This became my new alltime favorite book series!"

kendra_santoro shared a tip "#magic"

michael_johnston_6506 shared a tip "Epic fantasy with original magic system"

Deanna Avra's profile image

deanna_avra shared a tip "One of my favorite books of all time."

Jennifer McCracken's profile image

jennifer_mccracken shared a tip "Sounds interesting."

kieran_mcnalt shared a tip "Well thought out novel that leaves you wanting more every time you put it down."

Adam Vanhooser's profile image

adam_vanhooser shared a tip "couldn't put it down"

skye 🔖's profile image

cupoftea shared a tip "thank u messina <3"

christopher hampton's profile image

christopher_hampton shared a tip "100%"

Summer Smith-Jensen's profile image

summer_smith-jensen shared a tip "For lovers of a story. Come, stay a while & listen."

Rhiannon Sanders's profile image

rhiannon_sanders shared a tip "My favorite, I read it once every other month"

Charles Beaton's profile image

charles_beaton shared a tip "It's just amazing. Can't stress it enough. No words to describe it."

Peter Jowett's profile image

peter_jowett shared a tip "It's very good, actually amazing considering it is the authors first effort."

Rachael Strifler's profile image

rachael_strifler shared a tip "The Audible Audio voice is really good if you go that route"

rick_payn shared a tip "Great storytelling!"

Anna Sparks's profile image

anna_sparks_9459 shared a tip "Definitely! It did drag on a bit a few times, but I have a pretty short attention span sometimes."

Adam Weverink's profile image

adam_weverink shared a tip "I've read this book and its sequel a few times now. As soon as I open it, I can't put it down. Waiting for the third!"

hzbdsh shared a tip "It is an awesome book. It is beautifully written and broke my heart a couple of times."

Zahira Bencheikh-Abbas's profile image

zahira_bencheikh-ab shared a tip "Very well written story with a complex plot, loved it ❤"

Maria Ouellette's profile image

maria_ouellette shared a tip "So well written. Helps grown ups fall in love with magic."

Shawn Cushatt's profile image

shawn_cushatt shared a tip "Both of his books are great."

Raymond Evans's profile image

raymond_evans shared a tip "Beautifully written with a profound appreciation of language, emotion, and life"

Miranda Andreson's profile image

miranda_andreson shared a tip "Captivating story telling!"

Sean Hodges's profile image

sean_hodges shared a tip "This was a superb series."

Martha Palmer's profile image

martha_palmer shared a tip "Could not put it down"

Jason toste's profile image

jason_toste shared a tip "Amazing story and characters told in the style of Forrest Gump"

Phil Taylor's profile image

phil_taylor_6638 shared a tip "A great book. Hopefully Patrick Rothfuss will complete the series in 2021."

Katie Taylor's profile image

katie_taylor_561 shared a tip "I've only read this collection of books from him. I really enjoyed them but I have no expanded knowledge of his works."

Breana Green's profile image

breana_green shared a tip "Beautiful writing and world building. This book stands as one of my favorites."

Jacob Sauber's profile image

jacob_sauber shared a tip "Immensely entertaining, Rothfuss spins a tale of roguish adventure full of beauty, tragedy, and humor. #patrickrothfuss"

Bal Ganesh's profile image

bal_ganesh shared a tip "Wonder if the third one’s ever comin up 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️"

Ginnie Ramirez's profile image

ginnie_ramirez shared a tip "Greatest Book I’ve ever read. Incredible writing"

Angela Rux's profile image

angela_rux shared a tip "The story was well written & had depth. The writer has a wonderful imagination."

Jacquelynn Cookson's profile image

jacquelynn_cookson shared a tip "Absolutely one of the most incredible books I have ever read. I recommend this as often as I can."

gabi_p. shared a tip "Solid magic systems, great banter, exciting plot and a flawed but very cool protagonist."

Ashlin Cooper's profile image

ashlin_cooper shared a tip "Yes! If you like Harry Potter, you'll love this"

mia_belanger shared a tip "I really liked «Lord of the Isles », «  Bartimaeus Sequence » and « Altaveran »."

Zachary Corbin's profile image

zachary_corbin shared a tip "OMG yes. I promise you won't regret it."

Tammy Taylor's profile image

tammy_taylor_4629 shared a tip "Engrossing character life story. Kvothe’s life is both tragic and surreal. You can’t stop reading to see what happens next."

emily_diffenderfer shared a tip "It’s super long and the series will probably never get finished but it’s so good"

Donald Mcnamara's profile image

donald_mcnamara shared a tip "Must read fantasy book"

Katie McGowan's profile image

katie_mcgowan_6382 shared a tip "This book is amazing"

jo_807 shared a tip "My fav is Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. Can't wait for the next one!"

Andrea Sanderson's profile image

andrea_sanderson shared a tip "Honest to God the best series I have ever read."

Joey Piparo's profile image

joey_piparo shared a tip "100%. One of the best books I have ever read."

Dethkloak 's profile image

dethkloak shared a tip "This is a must read, even if your not a fantasy buff, or sci-fi, doesn't matter. You have to read this book."

Zachary Taylor's profile image

zachary_taylor_278 shared a tip "Dune is my all time favorite! But I just finished Golden Son and I really loved that too"

karen_quackenbush shared a tip "Black Sun by Rebecca Roanhorse"

Tammie Burke's profile image

tammie_burke shared a tip "Definitely"

Tatiana Hernandez's profile image

tatiana_hernandez_9935 shared a tip "Yes, it's like a mix of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. It's incredible"

Stacey Kokot's profile image

stacey_kokot shared a tip "Mine as well!! I wish the 3rd book would come out..."

Blo Bert's profile image

blo_bert shared a tip "My favorite book of all time( so far) is the princes and the dressmaker!"

kimberly_creason shared a tip "How have I not read this yet!? So so beautiful!💙 Absolute masterpiece!!!👌🏽"

Sonia Angélica Godoy Nail's profile image

sonia_anglica_godoy shared a tip "Still waiting the last book to come"

Nathan Klein's profile image

nathan_klein shared a tip "Dis number 1"

Chandhnee K Iyer's profile image

chandhnee_k_iyer shared a tip "I liked the fact that it gave me a very hogwartsy feel. Good storytelling. That's always great!"

Cody Lautt's profile image

cody_lautt shared a tip "My #1 favorite book! #fantasy Need more like these"

Jose Arciniegas's profile image

jose_arciniegas shared a tip "Any dialogue with Dena probably. My least favorite part is when he decided not to finish it. LOL"

Jonathan Lewis's profile image

jonathan_lewis_5239 shared a tip "Fantastic introduction to a wonderful saga, look forward to book 3!!"

Jessica Hirsch's profile image

jessica_hirsch_7238 shared a tip "Really good book! Sucks you in from the first page!!"

Audrey Martinez's profile image

audrey_martinez_919 shared a tip "Most definitely. It has a bit of a slow start but you get hooked"

Heather 's profile image

heather_6851 shared a tip "I just finished Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson. Loved it!"

Mark Pitman's profile image

mark_pitman shared a tip "Absolutely stunning. I read a ton of fantasy and this is the best I've seen in a long while."

Jana Korz's profile image

jana_korz shared a tip "Still looking for something new to love.. re-read Harry Potter recently because I can’t find anything.."

Bryan Steiner's profile image

bryan_steiner shared a tip "Currently enjoying The Winter People by Jennifer McMahon. How about you?"

Lavender 's profile image

lavenderrine shared a tip "Ugh ! The best!"

cait_4333 shared a tip "The Lies of Locke Lamora has a similar vibe. Of course also most of Brandon Sanderson’s series would be comparable too!"

Sprix Fauxnamer's profile image

sprix_fauxnamer shared a tip "I'm a big fan of an older fantasy series by David Eddings called The Belgariad. If interested, start off with Pawn of Prophecy."

Kari Pearson's profile image

kari_pearson_9393 shared a tip "Just re-read Dune since it's been a minute and just started Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson. You?"

Annika Artle's profile image

annika_artle shared a tip "Took me a bit to get into it but loved it so much by the end! Such a great story."

stephen_odaniel shared a tip "I think that Patrick is a great author and recommend this for sure"

rey_guillen_9732 shared a tip "It definitely is!!! And the writer is almost done with book 3 took his sweet time finishing"

samantha_6846 shared a tip "10/10 - Long but brilliantly written. I love his voice and all the twists and turns of the story"

Sarie 's profile image

sariexyz shared a tip "My favourite book ever written. Enjoy!"

Dan Christenson's profile image

dan_christenson shared a tip "Just finished Rhythm of War by Brandon Sanderson. Thoroughly enjoyed it!"

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