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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • Pierce Brown’s relentlessly entertaining debut channels the excitement of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. “Red Rising ascends above a crowded dys­topian field.”—USA TodayONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR—Entertainment Weekly, Buzz

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Author Pierce Brown

Pages 400

Publisher Random House Worlds

Published Date 2014-01-28

ISBN 9780345539793 0345539796


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erin_wires shared a tip "One of my all time favorite books! I recommend to everyone ♥️"

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bella_iskhakov shared a tip "this book is one of my favorites :)"

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sierra_dresch_3925 shared a tip "I have a list of favorites but I think The Way of the Shadows series by Brent Weeks is under rated. I Absolutely loved them!"

anthony_pierre shared a tip "You've read the book?"

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karen_smith_4130 shared a tip "Loved it. Had me hooked by page 2. Cried, laughed and cannot wait to dig my fingers into the sequel"

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mandy_rinlee shared a tip "The audiobook version is one of the best I've ever heard. The narrator really does a great job bringing life to the characters."

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ryan_sullivan_8360 shared a tip "I’d have to go with the first one. Admittedly, I haven’t gone back and read the 4th one he wrote, and not sure that I will"

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whitney_tholen shared a tip "This is a great book! It is like the Divergent series in space. 🚀"

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robin_george shared a tip "Gripping story of a martian slave rising up the ranks of his oppressors to tear the system down from the inside."

kirsten_bob shared a tip "Amazing story"

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christopher_grosz shared a tip "Recommended 100000%"

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katie_rojo shared a tip "I just finished Empire of the Vampire - dark fantasy book that was really good."

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ashley_holliday_7044 shared a tip "Wonderfully written and very captivating! A binge-worthy read!"

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eric_kimball shared a tip "asome"

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conor_vaughan shared a tip "Amazing sci-fi Hooked on this whole series"

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trustmrose shared a tip "There is always a “go to” series to recommend to someone. This is the series I recommend to everyone!"

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olivia_hanson_7133 shared a tip "It had to much gore for me, but it’s my boyfriend’s favorite series"

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james_drolet shared a tip "It was highly entertaining."

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vio_rlln shared a tip "Yes, I really enjoyed when the main character is infiltrating the gold school.. what about you? 😇"

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kindall_mitchell shared a tip "Yes. I enjoy the world and characters he has created."

hannah_jones_7406 shared a tip "This book had so much rape in it. It got crazy. Main character didn't even punish the people who did it"

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nushka_blais shared a tip "I like the writing and the story. If you mean the author as a person I do not know."

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shanea_renee shared a tip "Thrilling and beautifully told. Great for both men and women."

Marlon Santoyo's profile image

marlon_santoyo shared a tip "That’s a difficult question... hmm... I really like the mistborn series"

Marlon Santoyo's profile image

marlon_santoyo shared a tip "Hmm... that’s a difficult question... I really like the mistborn series"

Melissa Un's profile image

melissa_un shared a tip "This is my favorite series."

natika shared a tip "Loved this series! So well written, creating the most fascinating worlds! Can’t wait to read it all over again"

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erinbk shared a tip "Hands down most brilliant, engaging, powerful series I’ve ever read!"

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amy_lou shared a tip "One of the best science fiction series I've ever read!"

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reagan_hogan shared a tip "Hi! No, so far just this. But a novel you might like if you liked this is scythe by Neal shusterman!"

zackery_freehof shared a tip "An action-packed adventure into a fully realized world by Pierce Brown. You’ll want to start the next book right away."

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jason_toste shared a tip "Great politial society book"

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angie_crew shared a tip "Seriously, the best series EVER! I cannot wait until the 6th book!!!!"

brigham_elton shared a tip "The pace! Favorite book of all time. Something on every page!!!"

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amanda_barthau shared a tip "I found this book very hard to get into. Not personally my type of book I think."

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danielle_tyson shared a tip "Amazing start to a great series!! Would read again."

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brian_reilly_9115 shared a tip "Best series I’ve ever read"

tyler_gibson_2662 shared a tip "Probably the battle where they hide inside the dead horses or when they pretend to be drunk and trap the Jackal"

todd_ferguson_5318 shared a tip "Loved this series. Read it 4 or 5 times now"

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adam_akins shared a tip "Amazing"

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susan_crosby shared a tip "Right now, I'm reading the Cruel Prince series. It's pretty good!"

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susan_crosby shared a tip "I'm reading The Cruel Prince series by Holly Black right now, then I will read Shadow and Bone. Cruel Prince is good."

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nikki_bedingfield shared a tip "One of my all time favorites"

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ryan_ford_6712 shared a tip "Amazing trilogy. Do yourself a favor and read it."

gregory_murphy_1081 shared a tip "This would be an intense movie (and maybe movie series)"

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fandom_artist shared a tip "It was very intense, thought provoking, and i just like references to Roman mythology."

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TheThunderThief shared a tip "Hunger Games but for adults. And good set up for what turns out to be a fantastic series."

Cinzia AD's profile image

cinzia_ad shared a tip "I’m just about to finish the second book! So happy it’s a trilogy!!"

Aaren Ritchie-Bonar's profile image

aaren_ritchie-bonar shared a tip "So entertaining, made for the movies!"

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elisa_tilley shared a tip "I wish I could un-read this and then re-read it again for the first time! So good! I lost sleep."

rodes_ackerman shared a tip "Excellent book, so many twist and turns!"

natalie_thompson_282 shared a tip "If you like Hunger Games, you’ll love Red Rising."

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mckenna_krueger shared a tip "Roman empire meets space and rebellion. Needless to say it keeps you on your toes"

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katrina_ransom shared a tip "Love this! The entire series is now my favorite."

hayden_9862 shared a tip "One of the best books I’ve ever read. Cannot give it enough praise."

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lauren_e_15 shared a tip "This is an amazing opener to such a great series. It truly is a must read"

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rachelle_kauffman shared a tip "Like space opera hunger games"

Jessica Hawco's profile image

jessica_hawco shared a tip "Pretty good start to a decent Sci-fi fantasy series. 👍"

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michelle_bennett_3262 shared a tip "Such a good read. So engrossing and needed to go straight to the next book."

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