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Katelyn Harrell


I read this in 7th grade and absolutely loved it. I can’t even describe why, but just the feelings from the characters and the ways in which their described, makes me feel like I was there. I’ll never forget the feeling of reading it for the first time and wishing I could just read it over again so I could experience it.

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The Outsiders

Books | S. E. Hinton

I listened to the audiobook and couldn’t put the book down. I loved it so much. The imagery was beautiful.

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Books | Neil Gaiman

This book made me cry so freaking much but also laugh a lot just because of the layout. I used to live inGeirgia and i moved right after i read this and the part about waffle house just hit me lol. I love his books because they’re easy to read, but add so much emotion and so much impact.

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What If It's Us

Books | Becky Albertalli

this book made me cry, like all of his books. It’s so good and makes you think. Every part of this book feels real. With evrry character I see where they’re coming from. With every page im desperate for the next.

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More Happy Than Not

Books | Adam Silvera

This book is chilling, but so well written. The matter at hand is delicately handled. I felt so immersed in the story and like i was there with the characters. I love Adam’s books so much.

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History Is All You Left Me

Books | Adam Silvera

Love the many different stories, but with the same feel. It was so immersive and i felt like i was hanging on every word.

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Lying in Wait

Books | Ann Rule

This is the first book I really got attached to. I read it 5 times in fourth grade and the first night i stayed up until 1 am on a school night to read it. I haven’t read it in awhile but it still has such a soft spot in my heart.

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Pictures of Hollis Woods

Books | Patricia Reilly Giff

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