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“At once a scholar’s homage to The Iliad and startlingly original work of art by an incredibly talented new novelist….A book I could not put down.”—Ann Patchett“Mary Renault lives again!” declares Emma Donoghue, author of Room, referring to The Song of Achilles, Madeline Miller’s thrilling, profound

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Author Madeline Miller

Pages 416

Publisher Harper Collins

Published Date 2012-03-06

ISBN 0062060635 9780062060631


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hayden_talley shared a tip "pretty good, not my favorite but storyline was well thought out"

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theefinalboy shared a tip "“he is half of my soul, as the poets say” made me sob"

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lilly_7251 shared a tip "It’s such a good read! It made me laugh and cry and smile and squeal. It was perfection! 😍"

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ranchyfinch shared a tip "People cried over this?"

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BrokeBookBuyer shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

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dinomike shared a tip "This one lived up to the hype"

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ebbie_bee shared a tip "Ok, but overrated imo"

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morgan_smith_6760 shared a tip "S"

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lexy_writes shared a tip "I thought that this book was good"

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mp_13 shared a tip "Omg one of my faves so good but so ******* sad"

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haleynt shared a tip "absolutely loved the slowburn queer romance throughout the book and how it related to my studies of the iliad"

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maren_mcguire shared a tip "Beautiful!! Has my entire heart"

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shiloh_maxwell shared a tip "BRO IT IS SO GOOD I LITERALLY WAS SOBBING FOR DAYS"

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oharnela shared a tip "Such an amazing read!"

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gen_a_4878 shared a tip "It was good, the writing was great but didn’t capture me as much as i thought it would."

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bananatheidiot shared a tip "STOP STOP STOP IM IN LOVE WITH THIS BOOK"

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kristina.kennedy24 shared a tip "MADE ME CRY SO HARD #historical #romance #achilles #patroclus"

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Rainy_Day_Books shared a tip "Probably my new favorite book"

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karen_artola shared a tip "I finished reading this a couple minutes ago. Oh my. I cried. I was not expecting to cry at all. Agh. Damn :')"

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brianaaa shared a tip "don’t even ask how I’m feeling right now"

shiloh_8329 shared a tip "This is one of my favorite books. It broke my heart and fixed it. I absolutely recommend reading it."

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selah_damerville shared a tip "I don’t like lgbtq+ stuff in my books 🤷🏼‍♀️"

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z0e shared a tip "Read this in practically 1 sitting, this was heartbreaking but so wonderfully touching"

lindsay_313 shared a tip "Great read for friends to lover or coming to age. Emotionally complex"

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aritz_banuelos_3500 shared a tip "Achilles' life narrated by his boyfriend"

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corinne_d shared a tip "The ending of this book had me sobbing. I loved reading every minute of it."

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tashanique_yvonne shared a tip "Sister recommended and I fell in love with Achilles & Patroclus love 💕🫶🏻"

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Izzymeet shared a tip "It was a pretty good read I definitely recommend it."

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willow_s_474 shared a tip "A tad overrated but still super good."

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hillary_cargo shared a tip "Five⭐"

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erika_lopez_991 shared a tip "I couldn't put it down. Beautiful and then it breaks you."

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bobbyhannafey shared a tip "HEARTBREAKING & BEAUTIFUL! A very EMOTIONAL page turner!"

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anna_peacock shared a tip "2022"

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miranda_langle shared a tip "Loved this book so much. Couldn’t put it down."

angela_fellini shared a tip "I haven’t read this yet! It’s on my list for this year."

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River73 shared a tip "6"

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token_productions shared a tip "Amazing loved Achilles and Patroclus dynamic."

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pen.exe shared a tip "i haven’t finished this yet, and i’m scared. i can FEEL the angst coming"

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l0v3r_tae shared a tip "I LOVE FHIS BOOK ISTG"

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paykachu shared a tip "so good omg- it has the most wholesome parts its amazing 💖💖💖"

kasandra_4872 shared a tip "An unexpected gay love story im times of war. Beautifully told 4/5"

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soe_santana shared a tip "Really loved this book and the way it ended."

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angelica_gonzalez_7574 shared a tip "I’ve never read something so poetic as a modern read. It was truly just a magical book that left me in tears and happiness."

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victorisshook4 shared a tip "Super cute but also very tragic which was and wasn’t expected"

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kaitlyn_fresh shared a tip "Cried so much"

mj_kist shared a tip "So in love and so broken by this book"

vickie_5526 shared a tip "Could not put it down, so well written. Brought out all the feels and the ending with his mother. 😭"

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josie_720 shared a tip "Very good book made me cry for hours at the end"

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willowtree shared a tip "bittersweet endings are great"

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julia3691 shared a tip "mlm"

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toothpick shared a tip "I need somebody to love me the way Achilles and Patroclus loved eachother"

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coffee_spirit shared a tip "Definitely one of my favorite Greek books, the end made me cry and the writing was beautiful the whole time"

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lily_jan3 shared a tip "This book made me sob 😅 it’s definitely worth a read :)"

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alexia_paige shared a tip "5/5 ⭐️ Such an amazing and beautiful retelling of homer’s Iliad, 10000% recommend picking up this book!"

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alexia_paige shared a tip "5/5 ⭐️ Such an amazing and beautiful retelling of homer’s Iliad, 10000% recommend picking up this book!"

noobmaster_kendrick_6691 shared a tip "this made me cry for and hour it was so good though. The ending was the best’"

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tyra_woods shared a tip "It is one of my favorites, it was my first 5 stars. I highly recommend!"

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swaggsuho shared a tip "loved it sm 🥹"

lizardddd shared a tip "one of my favorite books of all time, geniusly written"

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katie_hassler shared a tip "I loved this book! The story telling swept me up and I couldn’t put it down. Bring tissues!"

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hunter_jensen13 shared a tip "The writing in the book is beautiful! 10/10 would recommend to anyone interested in #teen_romance #greekmythology #lgbtqia"

ava_watts shared a tip "THIS BOOK MADE ME CRY, I LOVE IT"

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wanderlustbread shared a tip "Can not get over Achilles pretending to be a girl or the epic romance he had with Patroclus 5/5"

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epic_han shared a tip "so beautiful. i loved the writing style although it was way out of my vocabulary range. i cried and laughed throughout it all."

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roisin_mullen shared a tip "🥲"

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Succulent_2369 shared a tip "I cried, but it was truly one of the best books I’ve ever read."

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kellen_gondo shared a tip "Definitely not my style ⭐️"

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nyckolas_dempsey shared a tip "I swear this will be a classic within the next generation."

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erin_6781 shared a tip "If I could read this book again istg"

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Wrembry_yee.gremlin shared a tip "I cried so much, especially the last 50 pages. One of my favorites"

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marialhood shared a tip "An absolute classic, read it on the beach and shed some tears at the end"

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rey_min shared a tip "Such a beautifully tragic story."

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rokaza shared a tip "You guys successfully cyberbullied me into finally reading this. It’s really good but nothing could have lived up to the hype."

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neroflowers shared a tip "I don't have any words for this- you have to read it for yourself, 10/10 would read again."

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gabriela_champion_2501 shared a tip "ABSOLUTELY LOVED!!!"

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taylor_j_olsen shared a tip "Incredible I absolutely LOVE this book"

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alexandra_aguilar_393 shared a tip "One of the best book I’ve ever read 5 stars"

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jessica_gurule shared a tip "AMAZING BOOK"

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tiana_pendergrass shared a tip "Such a beautiful read."

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annbutaddtheie shared a tip "It was a beautiful story. It showed an amazing romance and if your into Greek mythology that’s a bonus."

Aʟᴇxɪs Sᴋʏᴇ 's profile image

axs_s shared a tip "I finished this book on the last day of 2022. And I was DISTRAUGHT I LOVE THIS BOOK!!! EASILY BECAME A TOP 3 BOOK OF MINE🏹"

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emerythepotato shared a tip "Amazing. Few spicy scenes, but overall made me feel wholesome."

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jaira_hernandez shared a tip "This book pulled at all of my heart strings!"

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angy_mof shared a tip "CRYING. SOBBING. REREADING."

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daisy_m. shared a tip "absolutely destroyed me. five stars."

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zhnia shared a tip "literally so so so soooo good. so well written. im already reading it again and i just finished a reread a few hours ago."

fgdgdxb shared a tip "LOVE IT SOO MUCH"

victoria_4316 shared a tip "This is such a good read. I cried at the end. If you haven't read it you should read it"

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julie_846 shared a tip "Yes! “Last night at the telegraph club” is a great book"

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TrippieAins shared a tip "I’m just so in love with this book everything about it!!!!"

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natelikesyogurt shared a tip "Heart-wrenching but in the most beautiful way."

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sky_lark shared a tip "This tore my heart out then plunged it back in ten times. It was so worth it"

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Lushina shared a tip "The writing and romance and just everything about this book was lovely and enchanting"

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sandra_liang shared a tip "I read Where The Crawdads Sing after reading this! Both are good read for me! :)"

brittany_rhymes shared a tip "new favorite book ever"

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katie_owens_8379 shared a tip "So good"

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alexa_gerdes shared a tip "It was mid and overhyped"

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ann_rac shared a tip "Absolute masterpiece. Made me fall back in love with reading."

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sadie_english shared a tip "I wish I could go back and read it for the first time again. Definitely lived up to the hype. Best I’ve read in a while."

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iLovestuff shared a tip "Such a Beautiful read! Finished it at 8 am before a trip! I cried for an hour after 😭"

ari_reyes shared a tip "I just got the book after I’m done I’ll let y’all know how good it was so yall can read it too #booklover"

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ten69 shared a tip "I can't stop reading this:)"

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averyelizabeth shared a tip "One of my most favorite books ever! finished it in three days and can’t wait to read it again!"

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thatonehistorynerd shared a tip "Best tearjerker I’ve ever read I would reread this over and over if i could #historical #lgbt"

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abigail_alcala shared a tip "I loved this book. Took halfway to get into it, but it flew just as soon as I did"

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deva_d shared a tip "Reread it!"

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nymos shared a tip "I finally finished this book and I cried. The ending is precious"

niki_v_7735 shared a tip "It was a lot of build up and the end gave it exactly what it needed."

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emma_carroll_8520 shared a tip "beautiful romance"

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heidee_wisdom shared a tip "reaallly drug out and couldn’t keep me interested even 3/4 through the book"

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anna_jones_6131 shared a tip "it was so heartbreaking but deeply romantic. so wonderful i sobbed but LOVED it."

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Lily_ofthevally shared a tip "Beautifully written book. One of my new favorites. It made me cry but 10/10 recommend it"

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amanda_george_9711 shared a tip "Currently reading"

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heily shared a tip "Definitely worth the hype, it’s so beautiful! 10/10"

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john_carter_8887 shared a tip "I loved it. I wasn't good with the names but I really loved this book"

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carolinaperezt_ shared a tip "This book is amazing!"

emmalie_grobner shared a tip "This book perfectly feels the beautiful and tragic queer love story"

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breanne_c shared a tip "I did not like Circe but I loved this book. Listen to the audiobook and be prepared to cry."

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pgt shared a tip "Mlm"

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kelseypflute shared a tip "I think about them every day."

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lyndsey_plyler shared a tip "Purchase please"

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lana_629 shared a tip "My fav book"

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andrea_yana shared a tip "The most beautifully written book i’ve ever read. I love it."

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eva_smith_7629 shared a tip "I just finished this, and wow. go read it right now."

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arabella_kimmel shared a tip "It’s so cute and very enjoyable, have a box of tissues ready though"

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ella_hamilton_8372 shared a tip "it’s amazing"

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victoria_cross_3890 shared a tip "Writing style is beautiful"

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sara_hendrix_6094 shared a tip "Beautifully written"

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zoe_laker shared a tip "Truly the best book I have ever read."

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phoenix_3520 shared a tip "It’s fantastic for a rainy day read"

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cheyenne_santana shared a tip "Loved this book! Different from what I thought it was going to be but I really enjoyed this book. Read this book in a day."

elizabeth_veacock shared a tip "my all time favorite book. 10/10 i sobbed and sobbed through the ending and it was so well written and just so simply beautiful"

stacey_7250 shared a tip "I really wanted to love this book however I was not wowed. Good storyline and characters."

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christianna_fappiano shared a tip "Literally loved it sm!!!"

book_obsession shared a tip "I have no tears left."

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lexy_cameron shared a tip "Loved it"

ale_barron_4495 shared a tip "This book tore my heart out, was beautifully written, and had me hooked until the very end. Definitely recommend!"

lucy_white_8644 shared a tip "This is literally one of the best books ever!!"

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sydney_reichel shared a tip "it felt like reading an ooc fanfic idk y j couldn't get into it. i understand the appeal for others tho"

Maddie.B 's profile image

maddiedotbee shared a tip "True to mythology as written in the Odyssey and Iliad. Very good. Author has another: Circe."

denitri_douglas shared a tip "Just read it, loved it. Couldn’t put it down. A retelling that’s definitely worth the read."

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childofsappho shared a tip "It was so sad I cried for 30 minutes I have NEVER cried at a book before and I’ve read some really sad ones"

Jennifer villanueva 's profile image

jennifer_villanuevaa shared a tip "I love this book so much, it had me sobbing ! such a good read"

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jonathan_charlestre shared a tip "Cried and felt so related to the characters, every male should read this."

marci_mckay_3839 shared a tip "I ugly cried for the last quarter of the book. Much of the tears were that the book was coming to an end. Highly recommended!"

haley_premo_9790 shared a tip "So exciting couldn’t put it down and the love between them is so good so many good quotes too 10/10"

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kassi_r shared a tip "Literally the best book ever"

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ella_ranola shared a tip "This book lives in my mind rent free"

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m1ss3nt shared a tip "i loved the writing"

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gaby_palomo shared a tip "This novel is more than a book; it is a beautiful story."

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harper_teague shared a tip "I just read this book and I absolutely loved it! does anyone have any recommendations to read after this book?"

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alayna_drolet shared a tip "I would sell my souls to read this again for the first time. 100000/10 it was so good. i sobbed"

cam_harris_3556 shared a tip "I just finished Lolita and started My Dark Vanessa today!"

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sharise_doolaege shared a tip "Captivating and filled with Greek names. Good imagery"

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JamieDaniels shared a tip "Amazing book and beautifully written, highly recommend if you love Greek mythology and queer representation."

KIANA HOWELL-BERRETT's profile image

kiana_howell-berrett shared a tip "Best book ever. Read the first page and your hooked, iv read this 3 times."

madyn_adcock shared a tip "I will never emotionally recover from this book."

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tracy_macrae shared a tip "Well written, unexpected story telling given it’s based on a classic. Really enjoying it."

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michelle_vera shared a tip "The only book that’s made me cry"

joce_6291 shared a tip "so good"

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andi_123 shared a tip "I’m in love with this book. I loved the angst and romance in this. #sadbutamazing"

liz_9616 shared a tip "this book is so bittersweet. i love it. definitely be ready to not be ok"

madilyn_wright shared a tip "SO SO GOOD!"

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cr_818 shared a tip "Literally one of the most beautiful and heartfelt books I've ever read and one of my absolute favorites."

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thalia shared a tip "This book was amazing and so hard to put down"

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mckinley_potvin shared a tip "How could you not like this book. Absolutely beautiful in every way. Absolutely heart wrenching, I loved it"

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valerie_leach shared a tip "Picked this up at the airport on my way home from vacation. Such a beautiful story of love and loss."

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madeline_mckinney shared a tip "My favorite book of all time. Is literally built to make you cry. 5 stars."

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emily_hall_9679 shared a tip "This book made me cry approximately 25 times. How dare Madeline make me feel these things.😭😭😭"

Cyn Izquierdo's profile image

cyn_izquierdo shared a tip "Obsessed! Her words are eloquent and poetic. The love story is like no other a different perspective on such a beautiful story."

isabel_snyder_7717 shared a tip "one of the most beautifully written books i’ve read in a long time. cannot recommend reading this enough."

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sunny_malcolm shared a tip "Loved seeing Achilles through Patroclus' eyes. Ship them 😍"

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alila shared a tip "This book is so sad, but I still loved it. 1000/10."

ethan_pfeiffer shared a tip "It's so descriptive and romantic, truly amazing!!"

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ruby_skye shared a tip "BEST ******* BOOK EVER made me sob so hard"

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itzz._._hilda shared a tip "I cant describe the amount of love I just have for this book."

delia_sargeant shared a tip "Reimagining of a classic. Love me some Greek gods and intense partnerships. Couldn’t get enough."

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karen_smith_4130 shared a tip "Its just incredibly dull. The characters, the story, the violence. Its just a dull read"

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tarana_bhangoo shared a tip "Beautiful book!"

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noelia_romero shared a tip "This is so good . You will love it if you read it"

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finnick_odair_he_is shared a tip "Omg, I cried so much reading thisss"

R1v3r s00t's profile image

R1v3rs00t shared a tip "Rollercoaster of emotions"

arabella_pirrone shared a tip "I fell in love with Patroclus and Achilles and it was so difficult to leave them. So beautifully written."

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_holland_1945 shared a tip "Devastated"

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valerie_r_1979 shared a tip "Get from library"

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irene_oust shared a tip "Exquisitely written book. If Greek mythology/ancient world/historical fiction is your thing, do not miss this!"

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marcus_parks shared a tip "Easily my favorite book ever. Beautifully written and truly heartbreaking."

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daedae_._ shared a tip "Cried. There were so many tears shed but it’s worth it :,)"

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veronica_gomez_7246 shared a tip "My favorite book of all time. So beautiful and tragic at once :)"

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betty_demissu shared a tip "actually have no idea per usual ahah"

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chamomilebee shared a tip "I read this in an afternoon and couldn’t put it down. Cried so hard I popped a blood vessel in my eye. I’ve reread it twice."

sarah_ottinger shared a tip "literally the best book i’ve ever read"

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rosa_kuzyakin shared a tip "I liked the whole book and the ending was also great ☺️"

Julia Winslow's profile image

julia_winslow shared a tip "I loved how she blended the history of the Iliad with her interpretation of Patroclus and Achilles relationship."

Sutton_reads 's profile image

sutton_reads shared a tip "Madeline Miller’s prose is like a warm blanket, so smooth and comforting."

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readingpaigelol shared a tip "didn’t cry but loved the story telling"

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mica_hart shared a tip "This book is wonderfully written by a very smart story teller who knew what she was doing. It is tragically beautiful!"

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taylor_forster shared a tip "beautiful."

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saraelisabeth shared a tip "This book is so heartbreakingly beautiful 😭 it’s not just a book, it’s a work of art! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5"

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Belle_11525 shared a tip "I expected more... it wasn't bad I just expected it to be more heartbreaking"

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ev_carino shared a tip "The story was well written and conveyed the characters feelings very well"

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lbclark05 shared a tip "The last line. That’s all imma say. The. Last. Line. OUCH!"

sophiamarie_scarang shared a tip "This book was amazing, I could read it over and over again."

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rae..0_0 shared a tip "This book made me bawl my eyes out😭 very good."

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soofia shared a tip "beautiful"

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katie_powell_7959 shared a tip "3/5"

willow_brown_8430 shared a tip "spectacular. amazing. heartbreaking. so good"

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madison_hyder shared a tip "You're welcome! It's an amazing book and I'm glad I'm helping others find it."

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katie_moncrief_2896 shared a tip "I physically don’t think i’ve ever been more obsessed with a book in my whole life !!!!!!!!!!"

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ariana_mcclain shared a tip "Loved"

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kaitlin_honeycheck shared a tip "SADNESS"

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bayleigh_lansdell shared a tip "This book. I don’t know what to say it was just incredible but will rip your heart to shreds. Highly recommend."

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millennialathena shared a tip "A touching and intimate new perspective on the Trojan War"

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manari shared a tip "I loved how the author is very descriptive when it comes to all the characters looks and personality s!"

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natasha_renee_5645 shared a tip "This was such a beautiful story. Listened to the audio book and I was absolutely enthralled."

ananya_sonpatki shared a tip "10/5 for mythology, drama, etc. made me SOB but such a good book. 10/5 must read"

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sophie_christopher shared a tip "god."

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nightling_owlet shared a tip "I haven’t finished it yet but it is so good so far"

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bri_deopere shared a tip "Loved this book!"

mia_6659 shared a tip "perfection."

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serenity_taylor_5853 shared a tip "If you want to cry I suggest you read this book. I had a week-long book hangover."

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serenity_taylor_5853 shared a tip "“it’s bury your gays but they live happily ever after in the afterlife”"

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abbi_rockett shared a tip "I sobbed! 😭"

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horsegirl1098 shared a tip "Can you guys briefly tell me what this is about??? I want to read it but i dont want to waste money if its not my type 😂"

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kaelyn_kurz shared a tip "reading it right now but i don’t want it to get recommended lol"

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theseusss shared a tip "Currently reading ‘What If It’s Us’ by Becky Albertalli! Definitely one of my top 5 favorites :)"

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samantha_ashdown shared a tip "I’ll Give You The Sun is one of the best books I’ve read, TSOA is also phenomenal💕"

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emma_shemko shared a tip "I really love the Percy jackson books they’ve always been comfort reads for me!"

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michele_fust_823 shared a tip "I didn’t expect this book to be a love story, but it’s honestly one of my favorite love stories ever"

christian_9983 shared a tip "Another great story."

vyshnavi_rajanala shared a tip "Heartfelt and heartbreaking concealed in a book. Loved the human emotions depicted."

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payton_dietz shared a tip "I love this book so so much!! It’s wonderful and the ending made me cry"

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jaden_rowe shared a tip "Very descriptive and gritty! Love this take on the Achilles myth!"

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macie_m_1452 shared a tip "busting"

idi_b shared a tip "I still think about this and cry."

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miagrace_delfini shared a tip "I got this book recommended by a friend, it’s a beautifully written book. The emotions in Achilles is stunning."

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krista_bell shared a tip "Easily one of my favorite books that I’ve read to date."

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hadia_zahr shared a tip "i think the ending where patroclus and thetis discussed achillies!!"

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raelynn_r._675 shared a tip "amazing book! i recommend reading up on greek legends before if you don’t know much. lots of names that you may want to know."