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OMG. best book i’ve read in a while!! there is so much potential analysis for this book. it is a great high school read, it’s fast paced and pulls you in immediately. i loved it!

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Books | Yaa Gyasi

so. good. a literary classic for a reason, this book explores slavery, ghosts, and womanhood unflinchingly. haunting, yet beautiful.

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Books | Toni Morrison

so. f-ing. funny. if you loved rick and morty, like i do, you will adore this show. good show to decompress with if you don’t want to watch anything too serious!

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YOLO Crystal Fantasy

Shows | Comedy

endearing, odd, emotional, and funny. i’ll admit, i had a hard time getting into it at first, but the people in the show and the stories just grow on you, especially nathan! if you liked the office or parks and rec, you might like this too! i’ve never seen anything like it before. fun watch!

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The Rehearsal

Shows | Comedy

so so funny and lighthearted! loved it!

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House Party

Movies | Comedy

great comedy! good if you like heist movies like oceans 8 with female leads!

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The Hustle

Movies | Comedy

sci fi normally isn’t my cup of tea, and admittedly, i picked this book because the cover is beautiful and had such an enticing title! it wasn’t my favorite book ever, but that’s just because of what i prefer. it is a great book and so eloquently written, i would highly recommend for those interested in dystopia, science, futuristic themes, and ESPECIALLY young adults. i think the writing is perfect for most people that age!

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Sea of Tranquility

Books | Emily St. John Mandel

so, so amazing. it was an enthralling drama that kept me entertained the whole time. i would take caution as there is a lot of verbal and emotional abuse in this story. the actors performances were all stellar. also, please let me know what you think of the abrupt ending!

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Movies | Drama

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