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A fun, no think, entertain me watch

Miss Congeniality imageMiss Congeniality image

Miss Congeniality

Movies | Comedy

We liked this one. Not what we expected, but a fun watch. Loved the cat side kick!

Lightyear imageLightyear image


Movies | Animation

3/5. Funny, clever. Not laugh out loud kinda funny. Not a terribly original show, definitely not a realistic show either

Uncharted imageUncharted image


Movies | Adventure

Cute, funny. Lots of actually funny one liners. We appreciated the writers humor. Some language and it’s an action flick. Would recommend to the right person

The Lost City imageThe Lost City image

The Lost City

Movies | Comedy

A fun, modern Ocean’s type of heist. Fun watch. Some language.

Tower Heist imageTower Heist image

Tower Heist

Movies | Action

I really enjoyed this movie. It is slow moving, and feels kind of long, but it was a great story. I enjoyed learning about some of these things happening during the war that you never hear about. I would definitely recommend this.

A Call to Spy imageA Call to Spy image

A Call to Spy

Movies | Drama

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