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We all grew up with this story passed down to younger siblings and kids. This is a story to focus on. This is a movie for movie night. Any age can watch it. With the saying "Don't judge a boom by it's cover" Belle falls in love with the beast. With a rival on his hands Gaston is jealous. All is peaceful and there is a guaranteed happy ending.

Beauty and the Beast imageBeauty and the Beast image

Beauty and the Beast

Movies | Romance

This is the definition of a high school romance. And as you see them grow and thrive you understand more about the choices they make. These people grow up together, grow weak together, and grow strong together. They are four friends that even with problems can't be separated. Characters show so much in one show, especially FRIENDSHIP!!! They are amazing.....

A Love So Beautiful imageA Love So Beautiful image

A Love So Beautiful

Shows | Drama

Second male lead syndrome will absolutely hit you. You will feel a love and soft spot for them both. Their stories are great and the peoples emotions bring the story to life. These people fit their characters and bring so much passion and affection to this drama. The mystery is a mystery to you at first too. But once you're let in on the secret it kills you inside. This is a 10/10....I love it.

Who Are You: School 2015 imageWho Are You: School 2015 image

Who Are You: School 2015

Shows | Drama

I don't really have words for this one. Words will not explain my love for this. Words will not explain the feelings I felt. Words will not explain the happiness given out. This is a masterpiece that has to be shared. This is a show that is worth you're time. Even though you might get frustrated it definitely will be worth it in the end.

Love in the Moonlight imageLove in the Moonlight image

Love in the Moonlight

Shows | Comedy

This is a show that will have you at the edge of your seat. The thought of the thriller, and they're love is amazing. When you think of this or a scene from this you automatically want to rewatch it all over again. The actors in this are really good. When you look at the chemistry it makes you want some of you're own. The tears of laughter you will shed while watching this is definitely worth it. I personally love this show and I definitely wish there were more episodes. Bur warning it addictive

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon imageStrong Woman Do Bong Soon image

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Shows | Comedy

This was the first book I actually read multiple times. When my mom ordered this book and another book I was more immersed into that book but as I started to read this and relate and she started to drag in appeal to emotion and I finished in a day. I had never been attached to a book before. I was elated when my mom ordered a second book from this author. She really knows how to make a person smile and feel all type of emotions. She is a queen. Please read this book.

Harbor Me imageHarbor Me image

Harbor Me

Books | Jacqueline Woodson

This book really makes you feel for Zj and it makes you feel for the book. When reading this you will get transported into another world as you watch the character thrive and wish for what he had. You will ready about everything just so that he can tell you about the present and his hopes for the future. I love this author and her story.

Before the Ever After imageBefore the Ever After image

Before the Ever After

Books | Jacqueline Woodson

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