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Lim Ju-kyung is a high school student. Since she was little, she has had a complex about her appearance. To hide her bare face, Ju-kyung always wears make-up. Her excellent make-up skills make her pretty and she hides her bare face in front of others. She gets involved with 2 men; Lee Su-ho and Han

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Status Ended

First Air Date 2020-12-09

Last Air Date 2021-02-04

Seasons 1

Episodes 16


TMDB 8.7


penny_osorio shared a tip "Funny! Cute! Exciting"

Tina Skeen's profile image

tina_skeen shared a tip "Suuuuch a cute show full of beautiful people (inside and out)! Highly recommend"

Stephanie Alcauter's profile image

stephanie_alcauter shared a tip "It’s a great show me and my sisters loved it! There’s also a WEBTOON about it as well. #drama #comedy #truebeauty"

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chiky_baby shared a tip "My heart broke when this ended😞"

Naihugh Treasures's profile image

awesome_nj shared a tip "If you like you like drama I highly recommend this kdrama you can get it rakuten Viki #kdrama #truebeauty"

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awesome_nj shared a tip "Also if you love romance"

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IceSnake shared a tip "This kdrama was funny and cute highly recommended!"

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diana_gomez-reyes shared a tip "If you like love triangles I recommend strong woman bong soon."

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imthemap shared a tip "100% watch it on drama cool for free"

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cassandra_meeks shared a tip "I thought it was hilarious! I liked it."

hunter frederick's profile image

hunter_frederick shared a tip "So funny and the characters are so strong. Even the side characters are great. What a fun ride!"

Allison Andrist's profile image

allison_andrist shared a tip "Incredible my favorite Kdrama 💕"

monica_martin_58 shared a tip "Very cute series and the music was awesome"

jesse_7841 shared a tip "The amount of second hand embarrassment I got was enough to kill 30 grown men"

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piya_verma shared a tip "i don’t rly have one! there are sm good shows out there and it’s way too hard to pick just one for me lol"

Shakayla Lige's profile image

shakayla_lige shared a tip "It's hilarious"

Catherine T.'s profile image

catherine_t. shared a tip "Must watch #kdrama"

Bao Di Le Nguyen's profile image

Bangtansprincess_101 shared a tip "Amazing kdrama ever"

christie_p_270 shared a tip "Amazing! I loved the chemistry between the characters!"

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tara_ho shared a tip "I have been following the web toon for years. It was fun to see them in live action. They did the best job casting."


strawberry_donuts_g shared a tip "Its amazing i loved it with the 2 episodes"

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norma_blanco shared a tip "First 2 seasons were really funny and cute. I can’t wait for the next two epsodes."

jada_liu shared a tip "Its based off of one of my Favourite webtoon/book"

awesome_user_751181 shared a tip "Its so funny and I love it"

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ianna_r-j shared a tip "Very much a Teen drama! Very divergent from the Webtoon, but very entertaining. Also have a pretty good ost!"

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l_l_6078 shared a tip "❤️❤️"

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lina_luong shared a tip "I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH, it’s so good cus suho actually love ju kyung for who she is ❤️❤️"

farhiya Maohmad's profile image

farhiya_maohmad shared a tip "#drama #romance #family"

jasmin_albeno shared a tip "LOVE this show great story i just like it #drama #romance #truebeauty"

jadenkyle_ramos shared a tip "This is one of my favorite shows to watch"

srna_satchiassa shared a tip "i am still simping for Han Seojun but i will forever be team Suho😍😍"

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rana_nagash shared a tip "so good!!!!"

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amanda_salewski shared a tip "I mean who didn’t love this? Has so much hype for a reason. Amazing drama"

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sony_s shared a tip "second lead syndrome at its finest 😭"

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