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I liked the ground hog day theme but I wasn't a fan of all the talking.

Boss Level imageBoss Level image

Boss Level

Movies | Action

This is an odd series but I like it. The wolf Legoshi is a intriguing character and his inner conflicts are a great way to see the thoughts behind his actions. Just finished S1 looking forward to S2



Shows | Animation

I just started this because my family is watching it. Its a dystopian thriller, a little odd but interesting so far. It is dubbed.

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The Rain

Shows | Drama

I liked the movie, the action was great but the ending was not good.

The Man from Nowhere imageThe Man from Nowhere image

The Man from Nowhere

Movies | Action

I liked it. It was kind of like a fantasy Mission Impossible. I wasn't a fan of the ending, I felt like there should have been more justice done but thats just me.

The Gray Man imageThe Gray Man image

The Gray Man

Movies | Action

This is my new favorite series, I love Anya and the ridiculous things this family gets mixed up in.

Spy x Family, Vol. 1 imageSpy x Family, Vol. 1 image

Spy x Family, Vol. 1

Books | Tatsuya Endo

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