Basically, Cap was wrong…. End movie lol

Captain America: Civil War imageCaptain America: Civil War image

Captain America: Civil War

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Had some doubts about the show at first, but the music, cinematography and story telling have me hooked. Everyone in the show is basically trying to better the situation they are currently in and even though it’s 3/4 episodes in I’m excited to see how they make it as a rap group. My favorite aspect of the show is how they make it feel like you’re just regularly scrolling through IG stories.

Rap Sh!t imageRap Sh!t image

Rap Sh!t

Shows | Comedy

Actually enjoyed this more than I thought, I expected this show to be one THOSE terrible Netflix shows but I enjoyed the shows pace and going for the ride with NPH and the separation/moving on from his longtime partner. Also happy to see Tisha back out here acting as well.

Uncoupled imageUncoupled image


Shows | Comedy

This adaptation of Batman wasn’t like your average/the ones we have already seen. I actually enjoyed the mix of detective Batman, emo Bruce Wayne and of course the action crime fighting Bruce.

The Batman imageThe Batman image

The Batman

Movies | Action

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