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In Nazi-occupied France during World War II, a group of Jewish-American soldiers known as "The Basterds" are chosen specifically to spread fear throughout the Third Reich by scalping and brutally killing Nazis. The Basterds, lead by Lt. Aldo Raine soon cross paths with a French-Jewish teenage girl w

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2009-08-19

Runtime 153 minutes

Budget $70m

Revenue $0.3b


TMDB 8.2


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rhonda_jean_602 shared a tip "4 out of 5 stars"

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damien_scott shared a tip "That’s a bingo."

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becky_woltornist shared a tip "So good. Django unchained is still my favorite Quinton Tarantino movie. But this is my second. Highly recommend"

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thomas_gagne shared a tip "Genious. Just watch it trust me."

kristen_5239 shared a tip "This movie so good. I never get sick of watching it. Excellent performances!"

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chris_emza shared a tip "this is my comfort movie. Is that weird??"

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immamfred shared a tip "One of the few Tarantino films I would recommend to someone"

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sophia_cody shared a tip "super interesting conversations with terrible conclusions"

Isaac Brown's profile image

isaac_brown_3196 shared a tip "Pick a pace, stupid movie"

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laura_wilson_6347 shared a tip "Really powerful story. One of my favorites of all time."

lisa_8863 shared a tip "Too violent"

Dy Gonzalez's profile image

dy_gonzalez shared a tip "The whole movie is great , funny and dramma"

Regina 's profile image

regina1026 shared a tip "Brad Pitts performance is exceptional. A good Tarantino movie, not his best but very good."

justin_cheatham shared a tip "Hilarious"

Bouwer Marc's profile image

bouwer_marc shared a tip "Another great Tarantino film"

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james_9089 shared a tip "Good stuff👌"

tina_squire shared a tip "A classic"

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brendan_huff shared a tip "Love it, my absolute favorite Tarantino movie. Christoph Waltz and Brad Pitt are perfect in this."

Kyle Osborne's profile image

kyle_osborne shared a tip "My favorite film the year it was released"

Sachin Harsh's profile image

sachin_harsh shared a tip "Quentin is what you watch this for. Brad has been good."

Cassandre Fournier's profile image

cassandre_fournier shared a tip "*in a very strong southern accent* I think that might just be my masterpiece"

Haley DiGregorio's profile image

haley_digregorio shared a tip "Nothing comparable! I agree it's amazing."

desert kid89's profile image

desert_kid89 shared a tip "Yes it's when the 2 guys shoot hitler"

Greg Mc donald's profile image

greg_mc_donald shared a tip "It's Tarantino near his best, IMO. Great story and perfect cast."

Thomas Dexter's profile image

thomas_dexter shared a tip "This is the best movie ever made!!!"

sky_e shared a tip "My favorite scene was when Aldo and friends went undercover and couldn’t get there accents right"

bihskizz shared a tip "F****** love this movie!"

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emjaysavestheday shared a tip "Maaaaaan you’ve gotta watch it!!! It’s not always easy... but.... You’ll be standing and cheering by the end!"

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roman_kuzmych shared a tip "Omfg i watched this Movie at least 6 times now in the last 3 years ik of it and it f'ing awsome"

Shane Wandler's profile image

shane_wandler shared a tip "It has been awhile, can't remember my favorite part. While have to watch it again."

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oli_maddx shared a tip "I’ll forever watch this on repeat"

Jose Garcia's profile image

jose_garcia_9931 shared a tip "The cast is incredible right?"

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heather_muessel shared a tip "Great Cast and Movie. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

Alex Carden's profile image

artobsessedmoron shared a tip "A great Tarentino film. Excellent writing and cinematography. And as always, a flowing penchant for blood."

DENISE PUCKETT's profile image

denise_puckett shared a tip "So good! War and historic"

Kelly Bergman's profile image

kelly_bergman shared a tip "All I expect from you is 100 Nazi scalps. Top notch Tarantino. Everything youd expect from his films."

Sarah 's profile image

sarah_1509 shared a tip "Very good!!!"

Harley Neiditz's profile image

harley_neiditz shared a tip "Could be Tarantino’s best film. An absolute must-see!"

Andrew Copa's profile image

andrew_copa shared a tip "Really just a remarkable movie. It grabs you from the beginning and you just can't look away"

roger_ebert shared a tip "Great story and in the unique style of Quentin Tarantino."

Steve Harrop's profile image

steve_harrop shared a tip "Has to be the Americans speaking Italian at the cinema 🤣"

Sharon H's profile image

sharon_h shared a tip "I enjoyed the ending! I liked the eerie vibe when the movie theatre was burning down. All around a good movie. :)"

kaden_zipen shared a tip "A masterclass in dialogue."

Francisco Haro's profile image

francisco_haro shared a tip "Very good, although the second half slows a little it is very entertaining."

Francisco Haro's profile image

francisco_haro shared a tip "Any specific genres?"

Adam Tetreault's profile image

adam_tetreault shared a tip "The best opening in any movie"

chels. shared a tip "You can never go with with Brad Pitt or the Coen Brothers."

asia_hinson shared a tip "Fave movie of all time? Mmmm that’s really hard. I have favorites in different genres lol"

katie_2132 shared a tip "My all time favorite is The Outsiders."

Sandra Nino's profile image

sandra_nino shared a tip "When he’s talking to his troops and he his scalps. What about you? What’s your favorite?"

Dorottya Szabó's profile image

dorottya_szaboo shared a tip "This is the Tarantino movie for not Tarantino fans."

Penny Whitford's profile image

penny_whitford shared a tip "SUPERBLY EXECUTED!!!"

Jennifer Gould's profile image

jennifer_gould shared a tip "Top 10 fav movies of all time. Quintin is such a genius."

Nicholas King's profile image

king_nickolai shared a tip "Phenomenal story line, a little slow at times if your not paying attention. Great acting and superb casting."

Denny Fanelli's profile image

denny_fanelli shared a tip "Bonn-jore-No"

Rich Creason's profile image

rich_creason shared a tip "Quentin Tarantino is the man"

bob_kochman shared a tip "Great!"

Adrian Arenas's profile image

adrian_arenas shared a tip "Great dark humor and violent misadventure with the classical Tarantino's touch"

Ella Cohen's profile image

ella_cohen shared a tip "Fantasy Holocaust flick. Tarantino at his best."

Mike Dulaney's profile image

mike_dulaney shared a tip "An amazing World War 2 film. I would recommend it if you enjoyed Django, Kill Bill or Saving Private Ryan."

pratik_bhandarkar shared a tip "Christoph Waltz best performance"

acole 2018's profile image

acole_2018 shared a tip "Tarantino is a genius. Who doesn't like watching Nazis get their butts kicked?"

Gianni Tucci's profile image

gianni_tucci shared a tip "I dislike nazis"

Christianna McLean's profile image

christianna_mclean shared a tip "The dialog honestly is second to none."

pablo_desandi shared a tip "*many"

Lynn James's profile image

lynn_james_6900 shared a tip "Brad Pitt is flipping hilarious and Christoph Waltz is amazing - the best!"

Nicholas Moore's profile image

nicholas_moore_6484 shared a tip "Jurassic Park"

Nikhil Chaurasia's profile image

nikhil_chaurasia shared a tip "Yess. Quentin Tarantino is one of my favorite director's 🔥"

shotgunsaul 's profile image

shotgunsaul shared a tip "it’s a badass movie that’s for sure👌🏽"

jonathan hunter's profile image

jonathan_hunter_8640 shared a tip "Tarantino was in his bag with this one"

Amy Chiappe's profile image

amy_chiappe shared a tip "Not really... I enjoyed all of it, anything about WW1 and WW2 I enjoy"

Renee Williams's profile image

renee_williams_2570 shared a tip "Yes and no. If it’s Tarantino, Django Unchained is also another great film."

Braulio Bonilla's profile image

braulio_bonilla shared a tip "It has to be the bar scene"

Alexander Frederick's profile image

alexander_frederick shared a tip "Boon Dock Saints, Nobody, The Crow, John Wick"

eileen_mchenry shared a tip "Revenge stories are the wind beneath my wings."

Mel S's profile image

mel_s_8043 shared a tip "Brutal, hilarious, and effective. As always, Tarentino really delivers with the script on this one."

roughdouglas shared a tip "Maybe my favorite Tarantino film. Could be a stage play and still work. Pulp fiction edges it just slightly."

Camélie Macaluso's profile image

camlie_macaluso shared a tip "Well if you dont mind a bit of violence its a great movie the suspense in some scenes is intense and the cast is 👌"

Matthew Rivera's profile image

matthew_rivera_6500 shared a tip "at the moment I’d say either The Lighthouse or Shutter Island but there are a lot more and it’s hard to choose!"

Dan Aguiar's profile image

dan_aguiar shared a tip "Love Brad Pitt in any movie really but this one and Fury are my favorite war movies with him in it."

Justin Shields's profile image

justin_shields shared a tip "One of the best Tarantino movies, that and Django"

Stewart Sanford's profile image

stewart_sanford shared a tip "The Godfather and The Godfather 2 as a single movie."

lyndsay_lee shared a tip "Try Knives Out and the Grand Budapest Hotel! Oooh also JoJo Rabbit and the Search For Wilder People! @harperbrownca"

Jordan Lindsey's profile image

jordan_lindsey_9211 shared a tip "Anything by the director Quentin Tarantino! Django Unchained is one of my favorites 😊"

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