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Mad Men is set in the 1960s, initially at the fictional Sterling Cooper advertising agency on Madison Avenue in New York City, and later at the newly created firm, Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, located nearby in the Time-Life Building, at 1271 Avenue of the Americas. According to the show's pilot, t

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Ended

First Air Date 2007-07-19

Last Air Date 2015-05-17

Seasons 7

Episodes 92


TMDB 8.2


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Meredith shared a tip "Recently re-binged. Love this show. Anyone else use an inflation calculator during every ep to figure out how much $ they make?"

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Jollysand shared a tip "Love this series. I plan to watch it again soon."

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Jollysand shared a tip "Could watch this over and over. I loved it!"

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alan_sherin shared a tip "Pure dynamite! Loved it! Highly recommend"

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through-glass shared a tip "My favorite of all time TV show. And I've seen everything on TV. ✨"

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krisperdew shared a tip "Probably the best television show of all time."

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lily shared a tip "All-time favorite."

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amfiore shared a tip "Satisfying ending?"

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jodilu shared a tip "How the bad boys acted"

linda_sherrin shared a tip "Loved it! Couldn’t wait until next episode..Binge watched ..."

Tobias D. H. Crichton's profile image

tobias_d._h._cricht shared a tip "Goes beyond just being a great series, its iconic, and well worth a full re-watch or two at least."

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israel_lemus_3238 shared a tip "Set and costume design was really good in this show."

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karla_butler shared a tip "If you don’t know about this you must live under a rock"

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melissa_houck shared a tip "Wasn't a big fan of the final season"

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kyle_osborne shared a tip "Watched all 10 seasons in a couple of weeks- couldn’t stop after the first few episodes"

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ty_vs shared a tip "Omg good show 📺 🎥 🎦"

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peter_alvarez_8431 shared a tip "Very much like suits, but with more sex. LOL"

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sam_choman shared a tip "Amazing character building. Moves slow, though."

Sam Greco's profile image

sam_greco shared a tip "One of my top 10 favorite series."

meital_sha shared a tip "In one word (or two): Jon Hamm"

cathi_cunnion shared a tip "They reminded me of my aunt, a real "cut up". She was our Auntie Mame. Loved the series."

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matthew_breger shared a tip "Among the best written dramas of all time"

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ron_watson shared a tip "It looks like Mad Men is leaving Netflix in June, so now is your chance to watch this great series."

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beth_mendez shared a tip "Yes"

 Sabrina Sabrina's profile image

sabrina888 shared a tip "Prestige tv at its finest"

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trent_k shared a tip "I liked it all the way to the last few episodes."

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martha_spencer shared a tip "Great writing. Great cast."

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doug_nelson shared a tip "One of mine also. ."

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r_lewis shared a tip "Don draper creates the perfect ad"

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michelle_saunders_ shared a tip "Love this show, great option to binge watch...I have 3 episodes left...don't know what to watch next :("

Michelle Saunders 's profile image

michelle_saunders_ shared a tip "I finished it this morning, sooooo good! So sad it's over :("

Niel Gylling's profile image

niel_gylling shared a tip "Great show, especially appealing if you grew up in the era,ending is priceless"

adair_meehan shared a tip "The Coca Cola Ad? As good as any, I suppose. Not many series manage a great ending ..."

liz_phillips shared a tip "One of my favorite series of all time. Watch the first two episodes and then you’ll be hooked!"

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yvonne_stoikos shared a tip "Sexy show! Could keep watching it years later! Bring it back!"

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farzin shared a tip "Hard to stop watching!"

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farzin shared a tip "Sorry to hear:"

Jaime Jr Aguirre's profile image

jaime_jr_aguirre shared a tip "This definitely isn't for kids and younger teens but older teens should be fine."

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nadia_4809 shared a tip "amazing show. storytelling and characters are stunning and cast is legendary."

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cody_tevis shared a tip "They were all so good. Early seasons were my favorite"

barry_miller shared a tip "Amazing show"

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ashley_berard shared a tip "What about you?"

dani_miller_2592 shared a tip "One of my very favorites!"

mary_fullington shared a tip "Great writing"

lori_morgan_2730 shared a tip "The best show ever. I’ve rewatched it 3 times. ❤️"

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alicia_gillingham shared a tip "It has such a good story line! Loved the characters and costumes as well."

Louisa Valitsky's profile image

louisa_valitsky shared a tip "I am watching City on a Hill 2nd season now. The first one was great. This one seems to be good too."

kelly_martyn shared a tip "Best show"

emily_7064 shared a tip "Period piece, insightful about the ad industry."

wylie_maxwell shared a tip "Loved this series!"

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paul_wearden shared a tip "What kinds of shows do you like?"

Paul Wearden's profile image

paul_wearden shared a tip "House of Cards is quite interesting."

Patti Bella's profile image

patti_bella shared a tip "A look back at the mid sixties in the advertising industry."

Carol Hudson's profile image

carol_hudson shared a tip "Women have come a long way since this time period"

Scott Schatzan's profile image

bluedogs2 shared a tip "Definitely one of the best series ever. There is so much to love about this show. Once you start you will see."

Joelle Hogan's profile image

joelle_hogan shared a tip "TOP 10 ALL TIME FAVORITE TV SHOW"

Fran Netherton's profile image

fran_netherton shared a tip "Compulsively watchable"

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ariana_goswick shared a tip "Gripping, dark at times."

john_howard_47 shared a tip "Loved it"

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diane_dirk shared a tip "There were moments of the show I absolutely loved but if I was really honest I struggle watching it."

Shirelle Weetman-Jones's profile image

shirellewj shared a tip "You must watch Mad Men. But be prepared TV will be ruined for you. Nothing else stands up to the quality of Mad Men."

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kristy_musall shared a tip "Addictive"

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maria_maxwell shared a tip "Love!"

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emilee_jacobson shared a tip "Love, love, love. Raunchy, sexist ad world at its finest"

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alexandra_nolan shared a tip "Rating: A Classic"

shellie_lawson_4516 shared a tip "Watch it for the clothes alone!"

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kim_warner_3602 shared a tip "Great 👍"

Caroline Stinchcomb's profile image

caroline_stinchcomb shared a tip "Everything about this show is perfect"

vicky clearwood's profile image

vicky_clearwood shared a tip "Costumes and story"

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raquel_peterson_5923 shared a tip "I could not get into this show to save my life"

barb_158 shared a tip "Amazing show you will not be able to stop watching!"

katie_bondhus shared a tip "This is one of my favorite shows ever. So true to the time periods, and full of characters that you love to hate!"

rubn_david shared a tip "It was a great show"

chels. shared a tip "I love Jon & January..."

JoAnn Edenburn's profile image

jojo shared a tip "excellent series"

Christine Lau's profile image

christine_lau shared a tip "I’m not caught up..."

Travis Fergason's profile image

travis_fergason shared a tip "If you appreciate the character development it can truly take you back to this significant time in America bro"

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angie_parks shared a tip "Binge worthy"


lisa_creasey shared a tip "I’ve watched one episode every single day for the past two years. Crazy? Yep."

Brandon Keer's profile image

brandon_keer shared a tip "Leaving your wives and having lots of affairs has never been this entertaining!"

Kelly Morris's profile image

kelly_morris_1215 shared a tip "This show is wierd and a lite boring ans has problematic moments. I still just get wrapped into Don Drapers world."

james_morris_8036 shared a tip "Love it"

trish_rucker shared a tip "My all time favorite! Compelling story and love the 1960's setting."

david_broderick shared a tip "Enjoyed it"

lisa_perkins_3588 shared a tip "The very first one. Episodes were not as good after as they progressed"

Iliy Guti 's profile image

iliy_guti shared a tip "Absolutely loved!! Didn’t expect this series to be THAT good"

rebecca_allen_3939 shared a tip "One of the best shows"

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catherine_register shared a tip "One of the best and most well acted recent dramas of this era"

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jamie_collins_520 shared a tip "A really great show that you can watch over a long period of time. Be prepared for a lame ending though"

Heidi Hagan's profile image

heidi_hagan shared a tip "#awesomeseries"

randah_mckinnie shared a tip "The aesthetic was incredible"

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tiffany_good shared a tip "One of a kind #drama #sexy"

sam_greeson shared a tip "It’s perfect"

Sue Laitala-Toscano's profile image

sue_laitala-toscano shared a tip "Love being immersed in another time."

Jessica Dawes's profile image

jessica_dawes shared a tip "One of the best written shows I’ve seen"

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leighann_maxwell shared a tip "The perfect series."

Linda Babcock's profile image

linda_babcock shared a tip "It’s not for everyone but I absolutely loved The Sopranos."

Linda Babcock's profile image

linda_babcock shared a tip "“You” on Netflix is good. Definitely different."

Linda Babcock's profile image

linda_babcock shared a tip "“You” on Netflix is good. Definitely different"

jude_richardson_2791 shared a tip "Complex characters"

stacey_youmans shared a tip "Loved!!"

Amber Kinder's profile image

amber_kinder_6947 shared a tip "I love the outfits, the lifestyle, the vibes... Made me want to go back in time!"

michelle_maloney_6772 shared a tip "Total obsession!!"

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