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Told from the points of view of both the Baltimore homicide and narcotics detectives and their targets, the series captures a universe in which the national war on drugs has become a permanent, self-sustaining bureaucracy, and distinctions between good and evil are routinely obliterated.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2002-06-02

Last Air Date 2008-03-09

Seasons 5

Episodes 60


TMDB 8.4


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Greg.Martinez shared a tip "The first season is amazing"

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Greg.Martinez shared a tip "Godspeed Michael Williams. Omar will be missed."

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RicoLoveDinero shared a tip "A Classic....every season is good"

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godzilla_fan shared a tip "Omar's coming"

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laurie_galvin-klinsky shared a tip "Definitely the best show ever!!!"

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carl_walker_4083 shared a tip "Best ever show"

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john_witkowski shared a tip "The best series ever!!"

kelly__renner_ shared a tip "One of the best series that I've ever seen!"

carrie_nygard shared a tip "Takes a while to get to know all of the characters but then it gets you hooked"

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james_downs_1711 shared a tip "The most depth ever given to a city and its problems."

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ever_jn.marie shared a tip "Best show to ever exist"

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lee_barret shared a tip "Just completed viewing EVERY SEASON & EVERY EPISODE for the 3rd time!!! It’s that Dope..."

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van_b shared a tip "Amazing series , it's about Baltimore & the H problem but touches on human trafficking , politics & so much more"

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van_b shared a tip "I loved sll aspects of the series & its classic, very well done. HBO has these brilliant topics for shows or documentary"

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den_n shared a tip "THE Best!"

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aziz_hanifa shared a tip "They just don't make shows like this anymore!"

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ken_l shared a tip "A very underrated HBO drama series."

sam_sweeney shared a tip "Duh"

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kim_lewis_3430 shared a tip "One of the best TV series ever!"

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chris_presley shared a tip "Worth the time investment. Top 5 tv show all-time."

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marc_doria shared a tip "Once you start the first episode you won’t be able to stop watching"

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samantha_daugherty_9525 shared a tip "Be careful, it's addicting!"

patsy_locklear shared a tip "Baltimore is just like this too."

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dawna_beery shared a tip "Definitely!"

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trent_k shared a tip "One of the best shows ever written."

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sammy_scheer_7862 shared a tip "My favorite of all time... so far"

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gregory_dudley shared a tip "It’s great to see how different moves effect everyone on the chess board"

beth_sicilio shared a tip "Unbelievable!! Excellent!!!"

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marlon_terry shared a tip "Closest thing I've seen to being a real cop."

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alexander_shirjang shared a tip "Great writing relatable characters. Was not preachy... "It's all in the game.""

willcarr shared a tip "Very deep story and gritty crime drama. All of the characters are well written."

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benjamin_benson shared a tip "Best Show Ever."

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serese_swartzendruber shared a tip "Famous, award-winning must-see series. Watch all!"

brett_yeager shared a tip "One of the best series ever!"

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julia_d_4070 shared a tip "Compelling, engaging, intelligent."

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heather_hughes_3598 shared a tip "A masterpiece!"

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steven_hendrickson shared a tip "IN my opinion, THE BEST SERIES & CHARACTERS from HBO & easily top 5 multi season shows ever!"

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natalie_baker_1771 shared a tip "Awesome series, will draw you right in."

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troye_tisdale shared a tip "GOAT"

patrick_cannon_7488 shared a tip "One best shows ever."

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bando_calrissian shared a tip "it was the most accurate show in terms of the overall complicity with police that everyday industries and services maintain."

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christopher_carwile shared a tip "Best crime show of all time. Realistic to the point of giving me nightmares at times. Brilliant."

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jonae_desphy shared a tip "Good story line constantly moving. Good strong females good twists damn good action."

Zelbinian 's profile image

zelbinian shared a tip "Literature on screen"

Rex Jacobsen 's profile image

rex_jacobsen shared a tip "Just finished Season two. Not usually a cop show fan, but so far this is great."

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kate_h_3572 shared a tip "The accents make me miss home."

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drewjc shared a tip "I cannot think of a better series. Great casting and outstanding plotlines."

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arun_thomas shared a tip "Absolutely. I rate it #1 in my list of top TV Shows ever made"

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kendra_kolker shared a tip "Fantastic!"

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seajonathan shared a tip "Amazing series that’s worth the time and emotional investment."

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joshua_ruddock shared a tip "Best TV show ever made. Takes a few episodes to get into it, then it's amazing!"

jd_smithson shared a tip "My favorite show of all time."

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israel_sushman shared a tip "One of the top 5 Best Series - a must watch"

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drew_jennings shared a tip "Incredible HBO drama series."

asdf_asdf shared a tip "Classic"

tracy_rutler shared a tip "One of the best shows ever made."

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edward_krivac_iii shared a tip "Literally my All Time Favorite Series"

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travis_martin shared a tip "Perhaps the best series ever created"

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steven_tarlow shared a tip "Greatest crime show/greatest TV drama ever. Excellent writing and acting."

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elizabeth_knight shared a tip "Excellent TV about the confluence of poverty race drugs and the police"

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t_faison shared a tip "Stringer/ Idris"

john_gainous shared a tip "Season 4 I believe. I like the slow burns."

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mitchell_jones_818 shared a tip "I'll tell you this. Watch the first couple of episodes and you'll call off work to watch all five seasons."

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kevin_maldonado_322 shared a tip "Easily one of the best shows I have ever seen."

gary_milligan shared a tip "My favourite show of all time"

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chris_hamb shared a tip "First few seasons were really good. Heart stopping soul gripping drama."

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rich_mcneill shared a tip "Groundbreaking.. bored this after watching OZ"

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deleted_user_1609743253312 shared a tip "Omar coming! Hands down my favorite series from HBO"

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eminem shared a tip "[Source:]"

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walter_spracklin shared a tip "#5 on my list of top TV shows"

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william_colon shared a tip "great series!!! recommend"

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donna_drake shared a tip "Loved this series!"

gary_kalen shared a tip "One of if not the finest series ever made."

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cheryl_layton shared a tip "Stick with it. It’s worth it."

gordon_neal shared a tip "I live where this was filmed. Very accurate."

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spencer_perry shared a tip "The best story ever told in the tv medium."

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summer_majeski shared a tip "The best"

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thomas_cook_2012 shared a tip "One of the most engaging TV Dramas of all time"

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matthew_simpson shared a tip "Perhaps the greatest TV show of all time. At least Top 3"

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cynnndee shared a tip "One for my favorite crime dramas!! Great writing and acting."

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charlie_biedenharn shared a tip "One of the best shows ever made. Truly."

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andrew_haner shared a tip "Top 5 series of all time."

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raine_hernandez shared a tip "If you think Breaking Bad is the GOAT, The Wire is a whole other level."

Deleted User Deleted User's profile image

deleted_user_1611035379419 shared a tip "Best series I have ever seen on TV. I’m not exaggerating. You have to watch all three seasons. There is a story arc."

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virgilyo shared a tip "Everyone should watch this show."

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evan_pc shared a tip "Hi bill"

james_morris_8036 shared a tip "Best Show ever"

david_broderick shared a tip "I liked it it’s worth watching"

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raphael_johnson_693 shared a tip "Show was put together real well. Loved everysingle season. Worth watching"

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lori_sullivan_8744 shared a tip "Total immersion into this world"

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roberta_cumberland shared a tip "Loved it especially season 3 ...unpredictable"

charles_cox shared a tip "Another legendary show with a all to real premise."

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willie_klaver shared a tip "Easily one of the best shows of all time. Top 3 best HBO show"

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emmanuel_cavalcante shared a tip "The best show ever"

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matt_james shared a tip "Greatest show of all time."

ila_tiburcio shared a tip "Character development"

brian_cooper_5283 shared a tip "Greatest show ever."

daniel_aiello shared a tip "Perfect show"

gerard_patrick shared a tip "Gritty"

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vince_c_8550 shared a tip "Very good"

david_charoux shared a tip "One of a kind, realistic portrayal of the decay of an American city, realisitic cop show with great characters and story."

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derek_brickell shared a tip "Top 5 All Time"

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myles_becker shared a tip "One of the best series ever."

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stacyohstacy shared a tip "All time fave tv show"

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gene_wozniak shared a tip "One of the best shows on TV"

hardy_lebel shared a tip "As close to reality as police drama gets."

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janackeh_blackwell shared a tip "Excellent show! #mystery #suspense #crime #crime_and_mystery #crime_drama #mystery_and_detective #drugs"

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