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Atlantic City at the dawn of Prohibition is a place where the rules don't apply. And the man who runs things -- legally and otherwise -- is the town's treasurer, Enoch "Nucky" Thompson, who is equal parts politician and gangster.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2010-09-19

Last Air Date 2014-10-26

Seasons 5

Episodes 56


TMDB 7.9


Amy Santi's profile image

amy_santi shared a tip "The Acting Spot On The Storyline Amazing The Shocks The Turns The Disturbing Factors"

geneva_moss shared a tip "I've watched this series twice. So well done!"

Sister Carolyn's profile image

sister_carolyn shared a tip "I love everything GODFATHER ...looking for great reads or other movies based on topic"

Gino Scarpino's profile image

gino_scarpino shared a tip "Masters of their craft, new and old talent alike. Amazing television."

Katherine Spivey's profile image

katherine_spivey shared a tip "This is an amazing show! Great characters and costumes are fantastic. Must watch period dram!"

Ruby 's profile image

ruby_1624 shared a tip "Great cast and engaging episodes."

L Macintyre's profile image

l_macintyre shared a tip "Both riveting and educational. "

Jen Smith's profile image

jen_smith_4883 shared a tip "Absolutely!! Give it time to really sink its teeth in tho..."

Amanda Kerwath's profile image

amanda_kerwath shared a tip "Incredible show. The acting. The costumes. The sets. Seriously ones of the best shows ever."

Leslie Young's profile image

leslie_young_6693 shared a tip "One of the best series of all time!"

Ryan Marsh's profile image

ryan_marsh_3340 shared a tip "Amazing series, utterly “bingeable.”"

jacqueline_howard shared a tip "Addicting! Buscemi is brilliant. Beautifully filmed period piece loosely based on real events."

Pattie Argo's profile image

pattie_argo shared a tip "Loved the whole series."

lea_6122 shared a tip "From the writing, acting to the set design and costume, this show is phenomenally underrated."

Tay 's profile image

taylorgang shared a tip "Not anything new, I feel like there hasnt been a lot of newer epic stuff that's come out since the pandemic 🙁"

beth_sicilio shared a tip "Excellent!!!!"

Ardy Hagen's profile image

ardy_hagen shared a tip "Sadly nothing great"

Kimberly Rolen Nelson's profile image

tv_fan_grl shared a tip "If you like shows/movies set back in the era of prohibition that are acted and shot masterfully this show is for you! Loved it!"

jz_7825 shared a tip "Great organized crime/mafia tv show"

kim_baumann shared a tip "All seasons with the exception of 5 were great!"

ramona_9981 shared a tip "Couldn’t get enough of this show."

Eric Kinsey's profile image

eric_kinsey shared a tip "Absolutely knucky Thompson and chalkie white are some of the best gangsters ever"

Matt McRell's profile image

matt_mcrell shared a tip "Phenomenal series! It will be so worth your time! Nobody ever talks about this show and it should definitely change!"

Sweet Peas Soap Co.'s profile image

sweet_peas_soap_co. shared a tip "So totally worth it! I watched it twice!"

aideen_guadagno shared a tip "Amazing !!!"

DriiipTV 's profile image

driiiptv_ shared a tip "Good show just need a lot of watch time!!"

Danielle Daviau's profile image

danielle_daviau shared a tip "I haven’t seen it in a few years , but I really enjoyed the later seasons . It was all great though"

Jen Benoit's profile image

jen_benoit shared a tip "It's a great show!"

Jose Calles's profile image

jose_calles shared a tip "Great show!"

frank_gadsden shared a tip "Seasons 1-3 are epic. After that, stop. Just don’t."

Jesper Wacherhausen's profile image

jesper_wacherhausen shared a tip "Best gangster Series ever"

dave_friss shared a tip "If you liked The Godfather or the sopranos you might also enjoy this."

Patrick Bruneni's profile image

patrick_bruneni shared a tip "Fascinating, fun and historically fairly accurate."

phil_mckinney shared a tip "Very good Mob story!"

Andrew Abony's profile image

andrew_abony shared a tip "Fabulous show"

bill_mchugh shared a tip "So good."

Deleted User Deleted User's profile image

deleted_user_1609642374450 shared a tip "Great acting and visuals"

Erika Hylton's profile image

Ekahyl shared a tip "Steve Buscemi and Michael Shannon do a superb job among an already ideal cast."

Jane Doe's profile image

jane_doe_7413 shared a tip "Great show"

David Diaz's profile image

david_diaz_1534 shared a tip "Miss this one!!"

Jason Fleury's profile image

jason_fleury shared a tip "one of the best period pieces with a window into a crazy world"

Heidi Hagan's profile image

heidi_hagan shared a tip "#lovethisseries"

Lewis Taylor's profile image

lewis_taylor shared a tip "Well Done Both With Acting and production also does well as a period piece for the time it took place and written well also!"

tetchjan_simpson shared a tip "Epic, must see"

gerard_patrick shared a tip "Great visuals"

david_root_3408 shared a tip "Loved it! Amazing sets, costumes, characters and writing!"

laurel_walker_9886 shared a tip "One of my favourite"

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