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A ruthless outlaw terrorizes the West in search of a former member of his gang, who’s found a new life in a quiet town populated only by women.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2017-11-22

Last Air Date 2017-11-22

Seasons 1

Episodes 7


TMDB 7.8


Jenna Hayden's profile image

jenna shared a tip "So good! Finished it in a few days. I want more."

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sher_free shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

Sher Free's profile image

sher_free shared a tip "I’m NOT a western fan and this is one of my FAVORITE shows ever. And there is a great plot that keeps you constantly on the edge!"

M S's profile image

m_s_2645 shared a tip "This was well written and brilliantly executed"

M S's profile image

m_s_2645 shared a tip "Why so I love Godless...let me count ALL the ways. {Chef's kiss}"

jennifer_johnston_7706 shared a tip "It has a good story line and the acting is good!"

Deena 's profile image

swanqueen shared a tip "Never finished it western side gayyyy"

Marcus Manthey's profile image

Oldgray shared a tip "Good start. Hope more is coming."

Bouwer Marc's profile image

bouwer_marc shared a tip "Excellent female empowering western tale"

kimberly_brewington shared a tip "Excellent"

Jorge Garcia's profile image

jorge_garcia_3866 shared a tip "Even if you are not a fan of westerns, this good-vs-evil series will get your heart going."

Shaniece 's profile image

shalynn_89 shared a tip "Great mini series, wish is was still on!"

Kesi Olafimihan's profile image

kesi_olafimihan shared a tip "Highly recommend"

Heather Ross's profile image

heather_ross_3773 shared a tip "Excellent modern western, strong female lead"

Jonathan Gerhardt's profile image

jonathan_gerhardt shared a tip "100% the end isn't the best but...still worth it."

Shannon Johnson's profile image

wildelakecreative shared a tip "I binge watched this. I loved it!"

Jon Perera's profile image

jon_perera shared a tip "Loved this show"

Anne Krampe's profile image

anne_krampe shared a tip "Love a good western!"

Jeff Jacox's profile image

jeff_jacox_1676 shared a tip "It was one of the best westerns I've seen in a long time. I'd say "homecoming" was my favorite...wrapped everything up perfectly"

Chris Presley's profile image

chris_presley shared a tip "Quick watch. The last 20min of the finale makes it worth the rest."

Mark Bloomstein's profile image

mark_bloomstein shared a tip "Captivating western....slow burn that draws you in with a solid storyline. Well worth your time."

Antonio Juarez's profile image

antonio_juarez_2586 shared a tip "Great show.!!"

Mariah Joy's profile image

mariah_joy shared a tip "A different story for a mining town that isn't often talked about, let alone produced in film."

Bob Schaller's profile image

bob_schaller shared a tip "Very good."

lynn_brickman shared a tip "More entertaining than believable."

Ralph Grisi's profile image

ralph_grisi shared a tip "Very good short series!"

debbie_faupel shared a tip "Such a great series!! I wish there was another season, but I get that this was just a “long movie.”"

Shelli Golden's profile image

shelli_golden shared a tip "Excellent!"

Kaitlin Stinson's profile image

kaitlin_stinson shared a tip "Excellent show. Highly recommend!"

Kelly  Ribesky's profile image

kelly__ribesky shared a tip "Its really a good series"

Calvin Spears's profile image

calvin_spears_3662 shared a tip "Great western..I so wanna give a spoiler.."

KC Jean's profile image

kc_jean shared a tip "Was good..wish there was more."

Vanessa Moreau's profile image

vanessa_moreau shared a tip "This is one of my favourite shows ever. If you liked Queen's Gambit - please watch tbis."

Morgan Davidson's profile image

morgan_davidson_5588 shared a tip "Town run by women. Who wouldn’t like that?"

Kimberly Craven's profile image

kimberly_craven shared a tip "I wish there were more episodes!!!"

dianna_medina shared a tip "I’m not even a fan of western movies/shows but this show was amazing."

Sarah K's profile image

sarah_kennedy_7017 shared a tip "This is an excellent mini-series with a great ending."

Tiffany Perconti's profile image

tiffany_perconti shared a tip "Wasn’t my favorite but it was entertaining"

matthew_74 shared a tip "Good old fashion western - reminded me of the movies I grew watching as a kid"

holly_gorrell shared a tip "Nice Western."

chels. shared a tip "Michelle Dockery did NOT disappoint. Well-deserved Emmy Nomination."

mark_salomon shared a tip "Rewatched this twice now! The Cinematography is amazing!!"

frank_gadsden shared a tip "Excellent! One of the best miniseries out there. This was back when Netflix’s quality control wasn’t trash."

Miranda Parsons's profile image

miranda_parsons shared a tip "Amazing!!! Wish it was a series"

marcie_s shared a tip "Really good!"

randy_cade shared a tip "One great series. Action, violence ans great acting."

Adelheid Haskar's profile image

adelheid_haskar shared a tip "*does"

Lila Dawson's profile image

lila_dawson shared a tip "Strong female lead, a new take on an old tale, and well written characters."

Diego XD 's profile image

steppenwolf1910 shared a tip "Best show on Netflix"

Janet Hartlen's profile image

janet_hartlen shared a tip "Not a big western fan, but the story line drew me in. It was well done"

Marquee Banks's profile image

marquee_banks shared a tip "It's amazing"

emily_2629 shared a tip "One of the best shows I’ve ever seen"

Trish_doc shared a tip "Awesome."

Emma Davis's profile image

emma_davis_5081 shared a tip "Strong story about women power!"

Barbara Goostree's profile image

barbara_goostree shared a tip "This was an excellent show, very like an old time Western. I've watched it at least 3 times."

chocha_magic shared a tip "Dark and brooding, loved it"

krista_metzger shared a tip "I like seeing strong women in Westerns."

nikki_patnoe shared a tip "Great show the cast, just perfection"

harshta_batra shared a tip "SO ENTERTAINING AND WELL WRITTEN PLOT"

tara_busch shared a tip "Good movie, strong female characters. Would have changed the ending though."

tyson_gibbons shared a tip "This is a must watch. Among the best western serials ever. Best since Deadwood."

Tyler O's profile image

tyler_o_7299 shared a tip "I don’t like westerns much but this was very intriguing and follows through with a satisfying end"

allie_morris shared a tip "Sooooo good!! Highly, highly recommend!!! Not just for fans of westerns... it’s very well written for anyone to enjoy!"

Dawn Lucas's profile image

dawn_lucas_7694 shared a tip "It was great! I binged this one!"

Shannon Crawford's profile image

shannon_crawford_2970 shared a tip "Very good! I was hoping there would be another season"

toddo shared a tip "More involving than your typical Western thanks to character development"

Scott Leber's profile image

scott_leber shared a tip "It was ok"

Jenessa Jacobs's profile image

jenessa_jacobs_8242 shared a tip "Wish there was more, but totally satisfied 🥲 great cast and story!!"

Nanashi 's profile image

princess_vegeta shared a tip "My favorite western series."

marc_provenzano shared a tip "Compelling. Well written"

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