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Neal Caffrey, a con man, forger and thief, is captured after a three-year game of cat and mouse with the FBI. With only months left serving a four-year sentence, he escapes to look for Kate, his girlfriend. Peter Burke, the FBI agent who initially captured Caffrey, finds and returns him to prison. T

Parental GuideTV-PG

Status Ended

First Air Date 2009-10-23

Last Air Date 2014-12-18

Seasons 6

Episodes 80


TMDB 8.3


Adam 's profile image

adam_schmadam shared a tip "Art forger and a Fbi guy who is married to kelly kapowski become best friends and keep secrets"

Arnela Salkic's profile image

oharnela shared a tip "Favorite show ever"

Bianca Tailor's profile image

bianca_tailor shared a tip "One of my favorite show. It is well written and well delivered. You can’t help yourself but fall in love with the cast"

Joe P's profile image

joe_procop shared a tip "This was a phenomenal show, USA updated an old program called It Takes aThief and made it so much better."

Priyanka Bhoj's profile image

priyanka_bhoj_9835 shared a tip "People who love con movies will absolutely enjoy this show. Worth watching."

sagar bansal's profile image

sagar_bansal shared a tip "It’s a good show with a lot of witty jokes and keeps you engaged throughout! A perfect show to binge watch."

mel_w. shared a tip "Fun show"

darby_king-maillot shared a tip "Clever and stylish"

traylen kirkpatrick's profile image

traylen_kirkpatrick shared a tip "My favourite cop show."

Cassie Fenoglio's profile image

cassie_fenoglio shared a tip "Obsessed!"

Joy 's profile image

joy_1393 shared a tip "*also on Amazon Prime Video*"

Jennifer Emery's profile image

jennifer_emery shared a tip "Rewatch the series over and over again. My favorite."

mary_torgersen shared a tip "Great binge watch"

Spencer Thomas's profile image

spencer_thomas shared a tip "Witty"

Lorri C's profile image

lorri_c shared a tip "I can't believe I'm just now watching this! Season 1 Episode 1 is all it took and I'm hooked."

patty_edwards shared a tip "Great cast, good plot, great humor"

Jason Anderson's profile image

jason_anderson_3382 shared a tip "Very clever"

Maryann Miller's profile image

maryann_miller_4922 shared a tip "Elementary is another of my favs! It's on Hulu too"

Mp111 's profile image

mp11 shared a tip "Wait is this show anything like suits?"

sara_wyman shared a tip "Matt"

Brad Thorne's profile image

brad_thorne shared a tip "This was a good one..."

janine grgurina's profile image

janine_grgurina shared a tip "This is my all time favorite crime drama."

Jeff Stephens's profile image

jeff_stephens shared a tip "Great show!"

Charlie Meurer's profile image

charlie_meurer shared a tip "Smart broken characters."

Allie Ward's profile image

allie_ward_9149 shared a tip "i have had this on repeat most of quarantine, it aged so well and i love everything about it"

shia raaa's profile image

shia_raaa shared a tip "I am literally in love with this series maneee. Neil just so goa dayum fineeeeee. MOST DEFINITELY RECOMMEND!!"

Makayla Salinas's profile image

makayla_salinas shared a tip "It’s brilliant all the way"

Sabrina Kuznecoff's profile image

sabrina_kuznecoff shared a tip "Witty, interesting, and something for everyone!"

Hannah Benton's profile image

hannah_benton shared a tip "Shows that I’ve enjoyed similar to White Collar are “In the Dark” on Netflix and “Suits” on Prime"

Mohammed Djama's profile image

mohammed_djama shared a tip "Amazing TV show"

Kristen Parks's profile image

deanandme4ever15 shared a tip "I thought this show was something totally different in the beginning."

Abbi 's profile image

Leannabug shared a tip "Favorite show of all time"

Tobi Liederman's profile image

tobi_liederman shared a tip "Absolutely. Watching it again."

Bridget Irish's profile image

bridget_irish shared a tip "Clever and fun"

isabelle_sorrells shared a tip "Totally worth it! Such a good show. One if my all time favorites!"

Alondra Martinez's profile image

alondra_martinez_7049 shared a tip "I don’t think I’ve liked any show as much as I did this one! It was incredible!"

Masoud Hussain's profile image

masoud_hussain shared a tip "It is a really good show once a con man always a con man"

Yarivette Mojica's profile image

yarivette_mojica shared a tip "Best show ever ❤ I've lost count on how many times I've watched this show. #bingeworthy"

tanya_thornberry shared a tip "Great show to watch and relax"

Chanelle Roy's profile image

chanelle_roy shared a tip "So good! The main character is smart, cunning and let's not forget handsome!"

Claudia Contreras's profile image

claudia_contreras_9196 shared a tip "A good heist movie/show always gets me. Also, Matt Bomer."

Nate Olson's profile image

nateo44 shared a tip "Loved this show. Great characters and stories. Just enough overarching storyline but plenty of individual good episodes."

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