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Starting over isn’t easy, especially for small-town guy John Nolan who, after a life-altering incident, is pursuing his dream of being an LAPD officer. As the force’s oldest rookie, he’s met with skepticism from some higher-ups who see him as just a walking midlife crisis.

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Returning Series

First Air Date 2018-10-16

Last Air Date 2022-09-25

Seasons 5

Episodes 80


TMDB 8.2


nathalie_corbin_6618 shared a tip "Another one of my favorites"

Picasso 's profile image

shooomyster shared a tip "Good little cop tv show, good comedy and intresting situations 9/10"

Amanda Cornish's profile image

amanda_cornish shared a tip "Such a great show to watch with the family!"

William Crawford's profile image

william_crawford shared a tip "Awesome series"

Jef Lawrence's profile image

jef_lawrence shared a tip "A great action packed comedy drama with heart"

iBeTheSHOOTER 's profile image

ibetheshooter shared a tip "Another easy watch."

Shari Goddard's profile image

shari_goddard shared a tip "Absolutely!"

Britney Reyes's profile image

britney_reyes shared a tip "Every episode was interesting."

Taylor Brown's profile image

taylor_brown_2896 shared a tip "Best cop show I’ve ever watched, all of the characters are outstanding and the relationships they build are so fun to watch."

Carrie Brooks's profile image

carrie_brooks shared a tip "Great cast! Good show. Sucks you in. Ready for season 5!"

Aime Welch's profile image

aime_welch shared a tip "Nathan Fillion is amazing!"

CanadianGoose 's profile image

potatohasaimYT shared a tip "Favorite show... Can't wait till January 3rd!"

Andy D's profile image

randleton shared a tip "John nolan that is all. Great show"

Kady Mcknight's profile image

kady_mcknight shared a tip "No favorites, but it is a terrific show."

tonya G's profile image

tonya_g shared a tip "It’s a great drama show plus comedy!!!!!"

karen_saari shared a tip "Nathan Fillion lights up every scene"

Isaac Stark's profile image

isaac_stark shared a tip "Kind of, depends on what you are interested in"

Raquel Pedra-Winterdal's profile image

raquel_pedra-winter shared a tip "I love the story, the action and it's also funny."

jessica_labelle shared a tip "This show is the best. Nathan fillion is a dream."

leah harber's profile image

leah_harber shared a tip "It’s realistic but it’s also funny and it has great Character chemistry"

vanessa_428 shared a tip "Love this show! Great cop show and the characters are so likeable! I love Tim Bradford☺️"

michael_lewis_2132 shared a tip "A show with a good heart and some nice surprises."

awesome_user_895180 shared a tip "Love this show! Nathan Fillion is superb"

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melissa_quintana shared a tip "I love this show so much"

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steven-awde shared a tip "Fantastic show"

test_name shared a tip "Its a fun show."

elizabeth_skufca shared a tip "The story line keeps you on your feet"

Ani Gradwohl's profile image

ani_gradwohl shared a tip "Definitely Now and Then. I love the compassion Nolan shows refusing to tell someone what they can and can't do with their lives."

Tyger Fernandez's profile image

tyger_fernandez shared a tip "Really didn't expect to like this, since I don't watch cop shows, but Nolan is so fun to watch."

Aviva Jenkins's profile image

aviva_jenkins shared a tip "Great show!!!"

Dynara Jones's profile image

dynara_jones shared a tip "I liked this show because it was funny and exciting to watch."

M ASH's profile image

m_ash shared a tip "Funny"

ashley_4061 shared a tip "I loved this show! Can’t wait to watch more episodes"

Viquar Khan's profile image

viquar_khan shared a tip "Found a show called who killed sara on Netflix"

Viquar Khan's profile image

viquar_khan shared a tip "Ohh #outlander is a really good show"

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jodi_huhn shared a tip "It’s the perfect show to binge watch if you are into crime comedy and drama"

hardy_lebel shared a tip "My wife likes it."

lauren_lee_2764 shared a tip "Once you dive in, you're right into the action and chaos of the perspective of a old man learning what it takes to be a cop."

toni_hohenstein shared a tip "I enjoyed it."

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jen_leslie shared a tip "I def do"

Dustan Seipel's profile image

dustan_seipel shared a tip "Another good one. I do like @NathanFillion as an actor!"

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shawn_c shared a tip "Humourous, and action-packed. Storyline shows multi-character backgounds."

corrina_1804 shared a tip "This one is my go-to show for anything!"

sherley_velazquez shared a tip "A good Mix of cop show/life story drama, not boring…"

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lu_wang_4964 shared a tip "Yes! 9-1-1 and 9-1-1 lonestar, station 19, greys anatomy, and s.w.a.t!!"

Kelsie Knock's profile image

kelsie_knock shared a tip "Funny cope drama."

Kelsie Knock's profile image

kelsie_knock shared a tip "Not in the same vain as this but I started watching the reboot of Fantasy Island. That's really good too."

Erock 457's profile image

erock_457 shared a tip "This show is great! It shows how good cops can make an impact in the world."

Kristy 's profile image

kristy_1869 shared a tip "Nathan. Freaking. Fillion."

Rebecca Levy's profile image

rebecca_levy_9500 shared a tip "So many… but SWAT, fbi, greys, law and order …"

Sherry Richardson's profile image

sherry_richardson_1020 shared a tip "I love crime shows"

Wayneghost84 's profile image

wayneghost84 shared a tip "A must watch for me"

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