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Shaun Murphy, a young surgeon with autism and savant syndrome, relocates from a quiet country life to join a prestigious hospital's surgical unit. Unable to personally connect with those around him, Shaun uses his extraordinary medical gifts to save lives and challenge the skepticism of his colleagu

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Returning Series

First Air Date 2017-09-25

Last Air Date 2022-05-16

Seasons 6

Episodes 97


TMDB 8.5


Sidney C Stojak's profile image

sidney_c_stojak shared a tip "It’s like all other medical dramas. Not very unique."

Tiffany GONSOLAND's profile image

SistaTiph shared a tip "Stolen from the K drama!"

linda_sherrin shared a tip "Love ❤️ this show! Can’t wait until tonight!!"

sandy_tzogas shared a tip "This show is amazing!! What a great actor he portrays!!"

Jocelyn Quilty's profile image

Jocelyn.Quilty shared a tip "I only watched a couple episodes of this but am in love with it"

Ivette Baez's profile image

ivette_baez shared a tip "Great show."

liz_4338 shared a tip "Freddie Highmore is amazing! 😍( he’s so good in anything)"

Emily Beaumont's profile image

rebelbooks101 shared a tip "Great show and the only medical drama I’ll actually watch."

Kayla Correia's profile image

kayla_correia_5590 shared a tip "Absolutely!"

drew_1651 shared a tip "By the same creator of House with a similar theme if you like House you are sure to enjoy this. Great cast which helps too"

LeeEva -🎀 's profile image

leegoe shared a tip "On the first episode and already amazed! If you want a good series to binge (with lots of seasons) this is it! #thegooddocter"

rachel_sanchez_7803 shared a tip "#medical"

Octavia_Skiripa 's profile image

elle-valentine shared a tip "Anybody else concerned how many problems they run into every episode during surgery? 😂😂#drama #romance #Good_Doctor"

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chiky_baby shared a tip "Currently obsessed. Can’t stop watching it!"

Eliza Rodriguez-Punzalan's profile image

cinder.ellai shared a tip "Can't wait for the next episode... Awesome TV series 👨‍⚕️"

Judy Gillis's profile image

judy_gillis shared a tip "I like a lot of the stories."

kirkland_rowe shared a tip "Same!!!!"

Dhiren Patel's profile image

dhiren shared a tip "Binge worthy."

Roberta Lewis's profile image

roberta_lewis_5545 shared a tip "Terrific premise"

Maddie H's profile image

maddie_003 shared a tip "I like the good doctor a lot!!"

Lisa Borum's profile image

lisa_borum shared a tip "I can no longer watch it because I don't have cable anymore but i LOVED the first season episodes that I did get to watch."

Mack 2232's profile image

mack_2232 shared a tip "Great show! The characters are amazing in this, play their parts perfectly! You can really relate to them, I find."

Eric 's profile image

tropicdreams shared a tip "Wonderful show"

jemma_smith shared a tip "Absolutely!"

Lise 's profile image

elise_sumner shared a tip "only good up until the second to last ep of season 3!!!!"

Prncess Dajah's profile image

prncess_dajah shared a tip "This show is amazing. Relates to real life situations based in todagy’s life."

Roxy Paxtor's profile image

roxy_paxtor shared a tip "I like it because theres episodes that are very intresting."

Ozzy Bernstein's profile image

ozzy_bernstein shared a tip "Not really. The whole show is just heartwarming."

Ricky Martinez's profile image

ricky_martinez_13 shared a tip "Really good show, love Shaun and Lea and I can really relate to the show and characters."

Diane Rodriguez's profile image

diane_rodriguez_3862 shared a tip "GOOD GIRLS it is also worth the watch"

Masrur Moontahaj's profile image

masrur_moontahaj shared a tip "Really good!"

Mia Van Diepen's profile image

mia_van_diepen shared a tip "Gives a different point of view in TV about autism"

Jennifer Vargas's profile image

jennifer_vargas_4414 shared a tip "Such a great show. Just watch it!"

Rox In a Box's profile image

rox_in_a_box shared a tip "Soooo good. Amazing acting. Fantastic character development. Funny and wholesome. 10/10"

ruby brashier's profile image

ruby_brashier shared a tip "Ugh I can’t"

Ruthie Walton's profile image

Ruthiewalton58 shared a tip "Can't wait for Season four!!"

patricia_privitera shared a tip "The last one when Shawn was stuck in the building trying to save that girl my favorite Dr died 😢"

Owen Pray's profile image

owen_pray shared a tip "AMAZING"

Esabelle Elkins's profile image

esabelle_elkins shared a tip "Absolutely LOVE the main character Shaun!"

happy 2 be alive's profile image

happy_2_be_alive shared a tip "Worth the watch its well acted and has great moments in the show binge worthy."

Abnelys Mendez's profile image

abnelys_mendez shared a tip "@Likewise"

Sarah Mae's profile image

sarah_mae_ shared a tip "OMG! I love this show so so much! Definitely would recommend! #shawnie"

Kelsey Greer's profile image

kelsey_greer shared a tip "Recommend to all of the Grey’s Anatomy fans."

Crisis Release's profile image

crisis_release shared a tip "It's all about Freddie Highmore's brilliant acting."

Kaiden Koch's profile image

kaiden_koch shared a tip "I've seen some episodes on YouTube and I love the actor that plays the Good Doctor"

cheyenne_berryhill shared a tip "so good and sweet and sad. such an amazing actor. 4/5"

Joshua Gans's profile image

joshgans shared a tip "It is a relaxing watch"

McCall Vickers's profile image

mccall_vickers shared a tip "It is a great show about a doctor on the spectrum"

Anonymous 's profile image

anonymous_1481 shared a tip "Good show ,might be emotional"

Sydney Aurand's profile image

sydney_aurand shared a tip "Probably Shaun I can relate better. Yours"

Melanie May's profile image

melanie_may shared a tip "SO WORTH WATCHING"

Alexandria H's profile image

alexandria_h shared a tip "good show funny"

Mateo Trumbo's profile image

mateo_trumbo shared a tip "Amazing"

launa lowery's profile image

launa_lowery shared a tip "Best show!"

Melivee Milucci's profile image

melivee_milucci shared a tip "This show is a heart tugger! So good."

Alex Briggs's profile image

alex_briggs_2146 shared a tip "Its not completely accurate but its a great show"

Jenna Bertelsen's profile image

jenna_bertelsen shared a tip "Better than grays anatomy if you ask me!!"

Natalie Medina's profile image

natalie_medina_9932 shared a tip "season one episode one is pretty good but my favorite is episode 5 of season one"

Kay Chan's profile image

kay_chan shared a tip "So cliche"

Andrea Fonseca's profile image

andrea_fonseca_4927 shared a tip "Perfect to binge watch!"

Hanna Cruz's profile image

hanna_cruz shared a tip "I watched the Korean drama first and then watched this American version it’s good as well"

Aidan Schrier's profile image

aidan_schrier shared a tip "Atypical is kinda like this if you wanted to check it out"

sheyne_possman shared a tip "Elementary is a pretty good one"

sheyne_possman shared a tip "Elementary is a pretty good one"

Derek O'Neal's profile image

derek_oneal shared a tip "I love it!"

Dana Parish's profile image

dana_parish shared a tip "New Amsterdam is also an enjoyable hospital show with relationships and “real-life” drama"

brittnie_cook shared a tip "I dont know if it's a book but it's on Netflix, it's called Call the midwife. It's an amazing show"

Erica Young's profile image

erica_young_5641 shared a tip "I actually haven’t even gotten around to finishing it! I need to though…been catching up on Catfish lol"

crystal shaw's profile image

crystal_shaw shared a tip "You should it's pretty cool"

Ariell Aníta's profile image

ariell_anta shared a tip "I like how it humanized someone with ASD and brought us into their world."

aliesha_brown shared a tip "Definitely!"

Alicia Mathew's profile image

alicia_mathew shared a tip "200%!!!"

Alicia Mathew's profile image

alicia_mathew shared a tip "Yes, totally!! There's so much drama and content that the plot never gets old, highly recommend this!! @lauragarcia1"

awesome_user_893321 shared a tip "Best shoe ever!!!!"

Liz Payan's profile image

liz_payan shared a tip "Perfect show! Easy to watch and interesting, love Dr. Murphy"

sheen_sehgal_1002 shared a tip "The acting"

Benjamin Geyser's profile image

benjamin_geyser shared a tip "Interesting"

Jan Bethany's profile image

jan_bethany shared a tip "I can’t get enough of Shaun Murphy"

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