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A five-person team comprised of a thief, a grifter, a hacker, and a retrieval specialist, led by former insurance investigator Nathan Ford, use their skills to fight corporate and governmental injustices inflicted on ordinary citizens.

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Ended

First Air Date 2008-12-07

Last Air Date 2012-12-25

Seasons 5

Episodes 77


TMDB 7.5


Harvey F Smith's profile image

harvey_f_smith shared a tip "A nice series about thieves of different types becoming Robin Hood’s for those without a voice strong enough to get justice!"

Adam 's profile image

adam_schmadam shared a tip "gritty robin hood guy leads group of ""reformed"" criminals to do good now."

Nancy Monyhan's profile image

nancy_monyhan shared a tip "I love this show!"

john_wood_5070 shared a tip "This is one of the best series with unique David versus Goliath approaches. GREAT characters and excellent writing!"

Mr. J P's profile image

mr._j_p shared a tip "The characters were very likable. Positive vibes."

Teresa Hoff's profile image

teresa.com shared a tip "Every minute right to the end is a guessing game 🙂"

hoosthemoose 's profile image

hoosthemoose shared a tip "I could rewatch this one over and over. "What would Parker do?""

brenda_nance shared a tip "Just started it and love it!"

danielle_bauer_7761 shared a tip "If you like conmen who do good this is the show for you"

theresa_m shared a tip "Absolutely awesome show miss it"

Allie Barden's profile image

allie_barden shared a tip "If you like Ocean's Eleven you should check this out. I love the characters and how each episode falls into place."

holly_harmon_4466 shared a tip "@jes_reese it's really action packed and has a lot of humor. I would compare it to the show Las Vegas or The Librarians."

Courtney Bates's profile image

courtney_bates_7161 shared a tip "It's just great. New spin on the tale of Robin hood."

tanya_5429 shared a tip "It is Ocean's 11 in a series."

Megan Pointer's profile image

megan_pointer shared a tip "Great underrated heist show, with the perfect amount of comedy and drama added in."

Alexis Di Gregorio's profile image

alexis_di_gregorio shared a tip "Fun, quirky, and wouldn't be great if you could find heros so easily."

Nekoneli 's profile image

nekoneli shared a tip "Found family vibes and an ot3 that’s all but cannon"

Phil Ormsby's profile image

phil_ormsby shared a tip "Easy to watch escapism."

Kris Carabetta's profile image

kris_carabetta shared a tip "Catch it on Pluto in the Binge section. Timothy Hutton leads a wonderful cast who can change characters on a a dime!"

Jackson Coelho's profile image

jackson_coelho shared a tip "This show is super intresting and it is not very hard to get just about anyone hooked."

April Astralla's profile image

april_astralla shared a tip "Modern day robin hood's!"

Danielle Johnson's profile image

danielle_johnson_9765 shared a tip "Great writing, great acting, little movie every episode"

Mohammed Djama's profile image

mohammed_djama shared a tip "Amazing TV show"

kim myers's profile image

kim_myers_4967 shared a tip "It was always something new. I love this series"

louise_brown_1217 shared a tip "Fringe"

le_fey shared a tip "Funny"

Jess W's profile image

jessie2020 shared a tip "This show was so amazing. It was funny and entertaining. I enjoyed it more then other series I’ve seen. Definitely recommend"

Whitney Sharber's profile image

whitney_sharber shared a tip "If you like a good "Robin Hood" kind of story, this is good"

mona_seo_moore shared a tip "Fun heists that benefit the good guys 👍"

Xena Erin Rodriguez's profile image

xena_erin_rodriguez shared a tip "Burn Notice is a good show. It came out around the same time as Leverage and deals with a similar plot."

andyv shared a tip "One of my favorite #conartist series"

Squirrel Judy's profile image

squirrel_judy shared a tip "Sooo amazing!!! Would love more like it"

shekhinah shared a tip "Love this Robin Hood group, great series"

pastel_5442 shared a tip "Love action"

Cherri 's profile image

BlackCherri shared a tip "I could watch these series over and over again. This series reminded me of Firefly."

kasarah_allen shared a tip "It has everything you’d ever want in a show"

awesome_user_841767 's profile image

chris_gross_3802 shared a tip "Enjoyed this!"

Ria Mccarthy's profile image

ria_mccarthy shared a tip "Funny with action. I like watching the con play out"

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