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A mysterious criminal steals a secret state-of-the-art time machine, intent on destroying America as we know it by changing the past. Our only hope is an unexpected team: a scientist, a soldier and a history professor, who must use the machine's prototype to travel back in time to critical events. W

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Canceled

First Air Date 2016-10-03

Last Air Date 2018-12-20

Seasons 2

Episodes 26


TMDB 7.3


Heather 's profile image

heather_stevens shared a tip "Such a fun show! So sorry it ended, but the wrap up was extremely well done! Loved it!!!"

Lois 's profile image

dr_lois shared a tip "I love time travel adventures, so this series was perfect for me. I just wish Gorgeous Goran had his lovely Croatian accent!"

Jennie Dahl's profile image

jennie_dahl shared a tip "Love the cast and the storyline. I also like all the history in the show"

Imranullah Mohammed's profile image

imranullah_mohammed shared a tip "History plus time travel with comedy"

brittney_nicole_7005 shared a tip "I wish show kept going #sogood"

Steph Kay's profile image

hauntedbooty shared a tip "A stronger show before it succumbed to conspiracy hunting, I am still a huge fan of this cast and - always - time shenanigans."

Aquaman Lumenarous's profile image

aquaman_lunarous shared a tip "It was good till it got woke. Then everything went to $h!t #GetWokeGoBroke"

Lucky 's profile image

a_lucky_fellow shared a tip "Time travel. It makes you question your choices and focus on just how much power you hold in your own life. I enjoy time travel."

Keyara Stevens's profile image

keyara_stevens shared a tip "One of the great shows that was on TV and go cancelled big you haven't seen than you should watch"

Corinna 's profile image

corinnalopez66 shared a tip "I was so sad when it ended. I loved the unexpected twists."

Hannah Lanoue's profile image

hannah_lanoue shared a tip "One of the best shows ever. LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!"

Victoria Janicke's profile image

victoria_janicke shared a tip "Loved this show! Good mix of history, drama and all of that."

hoosthemoose 's profile image

hoosthemoose shared a tip "Another great time travel show. Learned a few interesting history things while watching it too."

Anna Reifenrath's profile image

annareifenrath shared a tip "YES"

traylen kirkpatrick's profile image

traylen_kirkpatrick shared a tip "The best time travel show, in my opinion."

Thomas O'Connor's profile image

Nocturne shared a tip "Even though the show was cancelled, they were able to come back to give it an ending. They should do this all the time!"

Benoit Tessier's profile image

benoit_tessier shared a tip "Ouch. I am not sure. I thought the first year was the best."

sydney_mueller shared a tip "This is the best show. You should watch it! It did not get enough love for how well thought out and amazing it actually is."

Jennifer Lynn's profile image

missmacmhaolain shared a tip "#time_travel #Timeless #hiddengems"

Misti Harmon's profile image

misti_harmon shared a tip "I loved this show. Was so disappointed when it was canceled."

louella adams's profile image

louella_adams shared a tip "Loved this one.. wish there was more"

roxied shared a tip "One of the only shows I’ve rewatched. It was really good."

Mary OConnell's profile image

mary_oconnell shared a tip "I am obsessed with this show!! Definitely recommend."

Evergreenoutsider10 's profile image

evergreenoutsider10 shared a tip "A wonderful show that ended far to soon. Great cast, fast pace, every episode better than the one before."

randi_peterson shared a tip "We just watched this series loved it"

a_mos shared a tip "It is the perfect show to binge watch! Wish it were atill on air...#Timeless"

Tasha Akhmetgalieva's profile image

tasha_akhmetgalieva shared a tip "Loved this show! Too bad they decided to cancel it."

Makayla Lowe's profile image

makayla_lowe_6523 shared a tip "The ending of this show is the best I have ever seen!Also the characters are so amazing!"

lori_mayne shared a tip "History, time travel, comedy and a bit of romance- just perfect"

Jonathan Jenny Kuilan's profile image

jonathan_jenny_kuil shared a tip "Great way to learn a little about history…but still get your sci-fi in!"

Your Honda Meg's profile image

your_honda_meg shared a tip "Great show! If you love history and time travel, this is a great choice!"

Christina Henderson's profile image

christina_henderson_9537 shared a tip "Love this show!! So awesome and educational!"

Mary Koski's profile image

mary_koski shared a tip "Family friendly, interesting, action packed... think butterfly effect on history. Great cast!"

cindy_allan shared a tip "Watching timeless I love it"

Daisy Sustaita's profile image

daisy_sustaita shared a tip "Season 1, Episode 11."

julieann shared a tip "My absolute favorite show ever!!"

Dinah Donovon's profile image

dinah_donovon shared a tip "One of the best shows on television in years!!!!!"

Ygor Correia's profile image

ygor_correia shared a tip "Great show"


Holly Renodin's profile image

holly_renodin shared a tip "Loved this show! I loved how they intertwined historical characters"

Holly Renodin's profile image

holly_renodin shared a tip "Loved it! I'm a history nerd so love that it's bringing in real historical figures into the storyline"

Michelle Havens's profile image

michelle_havens shared a tip "I wish this show never would have been canceled. It was the absolute best!!"

Mariah Cooks's profile image

mariah_cooks shared a tip "Love the combination of history and time travel!"

Kristi Paplow's profile image

kristi_paplow shared a tip "More! I want more!"

Ayat Alsabkha's profile image

ayat_alsabkha shared a tip "I watched Manifest! Such a great show but it got canceled unfortunately :("

Kari Clark's profile image

ahhh_kariclarkson shared a tip "This show is so fun! And has a lot of heart. Would absolutely watch again. #timetravel #bingeworthy"

lauren_forte_6533 shared a tip "Loved the look at different historic events. I learned some interesting trivia!"

KaEllin Brown's profile image

kaellin_brown shared a tip "We enjoyed this show wished it would have lasted a little bit longer"

ben_hornor shared a tip "A classic time travel show short and sweet gets a bit slow around season two but it’s a 9/10"

aubrilynn_king shared a tip "."

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