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After the unexpected death of her husband, a suburban mom resorts to selling weed to support her family.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2005-08-07

Last Air Date 2012-09-16

Seasons 8

Episodes 102


TMDB 7.4


Alan Sherin's profile image

alan_sherin shared a tip "The first season was great!"

Leslie Abram 's profile image

leslie_abram shared a tip "So good."

Eric Grind's profile image

eric_grind shared a tip "Wish I would have seen this?"

Leanne Gray's profile image

leanne_gray shared a tip "One of my favorites"

Gino Scarpino's profile image

gino_scarpino shared a tip "If you do, you get it. If you haven’t, you might, but it’s cool if you don’t."

Semi Silent84's profile image

semi_silent84 shared a tip "Super funny! It was great!"

Amanda Shinnamon's profile image

amanda_shinnamon shared a tip "Absolutely!"

Jennifer Jacobson's profile image

jennifer_jacobson shared a tip "Counterculture comedy"

krista mcpherson's profile image

krista_mcpherson_981 shared a tip "Handmaid's tale, sons of anarchy, Wentworth, You, Orange is the New Black.. handmaid's is by far my favorite."

Aron Casillas's profile image

aron_casillas shared a tip "Wow I watched it so long ago I forgot it! I believe shame was a cop but I forgot what happened to Nancy Lol"

Joseph B's profile image

joseph_b_9569 shared a tip "Good idea for a show but can get boring and would only watch high. 5/10"

Kacie Schmick's profile image

kacie_schmick shared a tip "Love this show . Heard they was coming out with more episodes. 🙌🙌❤️❤️"

Jordan Allen's profile image

lakeway07 shared a tip "Hilarious! A good watch."

Bernald Danny's profile image

bernald_danny shared a tip "Really interesting"

Elenor Hodges's profile image

elenor_hodges shared a tip "Researched whole series"

Katrina Roberto's profile image

katrina_roberto shared a tip "Yes! First few seasons for sure"

diane_alvarez_2992 shared a tip "Orange is the new black and Good girls soooo funny and adventurous !!"

jennifer_essex shared a tip "Fargo (the tv show). All three seasons were amazing?"

C Bazerd's profile image

c_bazerd shared a tip "Id say so! Very good mix of drama and comedy"

Cindi Hunt's profile image

cindi_hunt shared a tip "Comical farce."

angela_9568 shared a tip "Very good series"

Heather Hager's profile image

heather_hager shared a tip "Omg this show made me used to want a Prius. I just love Nancy Botwin."

Cynthia Dagnal-Myron's profile image

cynthia_dagnal-myron shared a tip "I loved it. Sexy, funny and constantly surprising."

Megan Forgue's profile image

megan_forgue shared a tip "Yes. The later seasons aren't as good but it's great regardless!"

Jane Thompson's profile image

jane_thompson_241 shared a tip "Just finished Downton Abbey. It was great"

Moses Ayala's profile image

moses_ayala shared a tip "Yeah for sure"

Jessica Muranko's profile image

jessica_muranko shared a tip "I liked it although I started watching it, got disinterested in it and then went back to it"

Jessica Hargis's profile image

jessica_hargis shared a tip "Oh Nancy! Your shenanigans are bold, ballsy, and selfish, yet your beauty, wit, and sarcasm always seemed to keep you afloat!"

Lawrence Holland's profile image

lawrence_holland shared a tip "Good 👍"

gina_knap shared a tip "Super binge watched this series!"

Avah Springer's profile image

avah_springer shared a tip "I literally watched all 8 seasons in 5 days because it was so addictive! One of my favorite now!"

Cheyanne Tunnell's profile image

cheyanne_tunnell shared a tip "It was good! I really liked how it ended with Nancy and all her boys. Really wish we could have had atleast 1 more season though"

Windy Gibson's profile image

windy_gibson shared a tip "Awesomeness. That is all"

Debra Maurine's profile image

debra_maurine shared a tip "Funny & dark"

Elizabeth Hawkins's profile image

elizabeth_hawkins_5857 shared a tip "It started out good, but as it progressed in seasons it became unbelievable and unrelatable. Nancy becomes a character you hate."

Vicky Knoke's profile image

vicky_knoke shared a tip "Definitely! It stars strong and gets a little worse in later seasons but I still liked it to the end."

Lexus Williams's profile image

lexus_williams shared a tip "The first half is definitely better than th second, that's for sure @ellaanderson"

Kathleen Peterson's profile image

kathleen_peterson shared a tip "Yep! I loved it."

dan_schultz_3020 shared a tip "Yes!"

Jeff Lathrop's profile image

jeff_lathrop shared a tip "I loved it. Some of the later seasons werent as good, but solid funny drama."

amanda_davis_8677 shared a tip "Yes!!!! 🙌🏼"

Renee Dellinger's profile image

renee_dellinger shared a tip "It starts out really good but a warning that the later seasons are a little depressing!"

cw_4466 shared a tip "Good its very good it is very funny,sad"

Rad Berry's profile image

rad_berry shared a tip "There's way too many good shows to pick lol 😆"

Taylor Engle's profile image

taylor_engle shared a tip "My favorite show ever? That’s a tough one! I really love broad city. Have you seen it?"

patricia_niedzwiecki shared a tip "Mare of Eastown. A+"

Courtney Andrews's profile image

courtney_andrews_6015 shared a tip "Me too!"

Audrey Greene's profile image

audrey_greene shared a tip "It was funny and silly. Kind of a light hearted, feminine version of breaking bad..."

Thalia Messmer's profile image

thalia_messmer shared a tip "Of all time? This one and breaking bad. I don't usually watch tv...i read books"

Lyndsie Anderson's profile image

lyndsie_anderson shared a tip "Ozark on Netflix is good!"

julie henderson's profile image

julie_henderson_4116 shared a tip "I love it and there are many seasons!"

Ecstasyleech 's profile image

ecstasyleech shared a tip "When I was in highschool I thought Mary-Louise Parker was a milf and she still is. Great show. 🤦🏻😎"

Kara Cates's profile image

kara_cates shared a tip "I would say so... I liked it"

Libby Neer's profile image

libby_neer shared a tip "I enjoyed the show. It's a story of a mom doing all she can to provide for kids, in an unique way."

Joey Davis's profile image

joey_davis shared a tip "First show I ever binge watched."

mena_calarco shared a tip "I think I fell in love with Nancy by the end of it."

Ryan Cusick's profile image

ryan_cusick shared a tip "Skip the last season"

Nabila 's profile image

n00__6m2 shared a tip "If your a stoner you'll love this show"

Courtney Kelley's profile image

courtney_kelley shared a tip "It was bittersweet for me, how'd you like it?"

Damien Goss's profile image

damien_goss shared a tip "It was .......interesting....but I also loved the show."

Shannon Pettus's profile image

shannon_pettus_1589 shared a tip "No not really they need to make more episodes and show us what's goin on now"

cynthia_pantoja shared a tip "@tyresha_darby definitely binge worthy"

Doris Smith's profile image

doris_smith_2017 shared a tip "Love this series"

Girl Interrupted's profile image

girl_interrupted shared a tip "You wont be disappointed!"

Yarivette Mojica's profile image

yarivette_mojica shared a tip "It gets a bit repetitive on some episodes but you should give it a try. I did enjoy watching it 🙂"

Chandler Jordan's profile image

chandler_jordan shared a tip "YES! Earlier seasons are the best. The theme will get stuck in your head forever."

Camey Rutledge's profile image

camey_rutledge shared a tip "Good series."

Ruben Custodio's profile image

ruben_custodio shared a tip "Definitely"

Jeni Colter's profile image

jeni_colter shared a tip "Loved the first 3 seasons of this. Worth the watch"

Ryan Beattie's profile image

ryan_beattie shared a tip "Super binge worthy"

Gabe Almeida's profile image

gabe_almeida shared a tip "10/10"

griselda_flores shared a tip "All time favorite"

Morgan Rigdon's profile image

morgan_rigdon shared a tip "Omfg. Yes bitch"

marian_goodell shared a tip "classic hilarious"

Lynn Williams Felton's profile image

lynn_williams_felton shared a tip "Entertaining"

Abby Perez's profile image

abby_perez_891 shared a tip "I love nancy botwin!!"

paul_ladue shared a tip "The 1st couple of seasons are So-So. Then it continually improves."

Ashley Lagasse's profile image

ashley_lagasse shared a tip "Love it, one of the first shows I ever binge watched."

Brooke 's profile image

brooke_13 shared a tip "@turnergray1 Shameless and Norsemen are really good too!"

Dena 's profile image

denastoller shared a tip "Yes!"

Faith Gay's profile image

faith_gay shared a tip "liked it until the 6th season. should have ended there it was pretty uninteresting after that point"

Kelsey cormier's profile image

kelsey_cormier shared a tip "One of my favorite series ever. Rewatched it about three times!"

diana_day shared a tip "Content and characters"

Betty FKrocker's profile image

betty_fkrocker shared a tip "DARK comedy"

Susanna Anderson's profile image

susanna_anderson_7612 shared a tip "Check out Animal Kingdom and Ozark..."

Misty Medina's profile image

misty_medina shared a tip "Absolutely"

Nicole Minix's profile image

nicole_minix shared a tip "Very funny binge worthy"

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