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6/10 in my opinion. The underworld, Key and Peele and the soundtrack was great but I honestly couldn’t tell you what I just watched or what it was exactly about. I somewhat expected something better seeing that Henry Selick and Jordan Peele were behind it. It’s not terrible but it definitely was putting me to sleep. I’ll try it again another time.

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Wendell & Wild

Movies | Animation

Absolutely amazing! Ti West is killing it with these movies! Pearl is a a very well done movie. It’s horrific but you can’t help but love her. I can’t wait to see it again.

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Movies | Drama

WHAT THE F*CK?! This movie is so f*cking bad that it’s good! I recommend that you get high as f*uck and watch it. It’s new and on Tubi.

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Shark Side of the Moon

Movies | Action

Tom Hanks voice sounds f*cking stupid and my stoned immature self can’t stop laughing. Other than that it’s a good movie. If they ever re-did Grease they should have this Austin Butler play as Danny Zuko.

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Movies | Drama

WHAT THE F*CK!? This movie was f*cking wild especially when you find out it’s based on a true story. It’s also absolutely hilarious and I could not stop laughing. Parts felt like a sad train wreck but you cant help but feel some what bad for the Dad trying whatever he can to fix what he has with his son.

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I Love My Dad

Movies | Comedy

Absolutely amazing! Mind blowing! A work of art! 👏👏👏

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Scenes with Beans

Movies | Animation

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