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I liked random things about it but overall thought it could’ve been a lot better. Call me old but the first one will always be the best.

Space Jam: A New Legacy imageSpace Jam: A New Legacy image

Space Jam: A New Legacy

Movies | Animation

One of the best superhero movies ever made! Way better than that other one with the weird Jared Leto joker. I wish we could all forget about that one. John Cena in my eyes is finally cool af. Lol

The Suicide Squad imageThe Suicide Squad image

The Suicide Squad

Movies | Action

I put this movie of for a longtime thinking it was something else. Boy was I surprised by how much I enjoyed it. Great film with a very talented cast.

Fargo imageFargo image


Movies | Crime

I honestly feel like this is one of the coolest films I have ever seen and one my favorites. I could watch it on repeat.

No Country for Old Men imageNo Country for Old Men image

No Country for Old Men

Movies | Crime

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