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After saving the life of the President, two secret service agents - Myka Bering and Pete Lattimer - find themselves assigned to the top secret Warehouse 13. The Warehouse is a massive, top secret facility that houses dangerous and fantastical objects. Together, Pete and Myka along with fellow agents

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Ended

First Air Date 2009-07-07

Last Air Date 2014-05-19

Seasons 5

Episodes 64


TMDB 7.7


Christian Anderson's profile image

christian_anderson_9620 shared a tip "Highy underrated show was canceled too soon."

vienna 's profile image

waiting.for.vienna shared a tip "this is a cringey and poorly acted si-fi show for boomers. I've watched many episodes with my mom and it is so painful to watch."

JC Anderson's profile image

jodilu shared a tip "Loved this show. Funny, you learn odd historical facts!"

Jalyse 's profile image

jalyseh shared a tip "@jesca_wales nerdy, but I like this one"

Jillian Moser's profile image

jillian_moser shared a tip "So good"

Kayla 's profile image

kayjzz shared a tip "just finished this show and got so attached to the characters omg i miss them already"

Lae Allen's profile image

lae_allen shared a tip "Absolutely loved this series. Mysterious, exciting, and funny."

Michael Newton's profile image

michael_newton shared a tip "Great show"

Elena Lindstedt's profile image

elena_lindstedt shared a tip "Named my child after the spunky Claudia D!!"

Brenton 's profile image

brntonreads shared a tip "That’s a tough one. I guess I would probably say the one where Myka gets trapped in Lewis Carroll’s mirror."

riley_miller_4991 shared a tip "Perfect popcorn TV"

Johnnie Wäste's profile image

johnnie_waste shared a tip "Very weird show, but I enjoyed it while it lasted."

holly_gorrell shared a tip "Entertaining action adventure show."

Josalyn Mcshane's profile image

josalyn_mcshane_2198 shared a tip "I will forever love this show♡"

danielle_1019 shared a tip "Best show on Earth"

Levi Jackson's profile image

levi_jackson_1674 shared a tip "A goofy cross between Indiana Jones and the X-Files."

Dana Chance's profile image

dana_chance shared a tip "Absolutely loved it. So sad it ended"

Sindi Alvarado Schmitt's profile image

sindi_alvarado_schm shared a tip "Antiques + Mystery = Binge watch!"

Eva 's profile image

eva_5441 shared a tip "In the sci-fi genre I think Fringe is still on the top of my list. What's your favorite show?"

Tom Zeason's profile image

tom_zeason shared a tip "Light-hearted TV sci-fi that doesn't take itself too seriously."

Nota Finga's profile image

nota_finga shared a tip "One of the best series ever on TV. I can’t rewatch it enough."

Theron M's profile image

theron_m shared a tip "Great storytelling of history with a twist. Good for binge watching."

kathy_rohde_4855 shared a tip "Sci-fi, fantasy, humor. This show has it all. "Endless wonder""

Krista Butler's profile image

krista_butler shared a tip "Love!"

Kylie glass's profile image

kylie_glass shared a tip "We just finished this series, and I miss the characters 😢"

Michael Na's profile image

michael_na shared a tip "Good"

krista_talbot shared a tip "Love, love, loved this show!!!"

Chase Stager's profile image

chase_stager shared a tip "It was a supprising show that hooked me with episode one and I wish I didn't have to come to an end."

Julia Dillon's profile image

julia_dillon_2988 shared a tip "I watching this right now. One of my favorite shows...too bad it follows the "5 years and you're done" SyFy formula."

Karissa Garner's profile image

karissa_garner shared a tip "Campy, psuedo-sci fi fun"

Nathaniel Gardner's profile image

nathaniel_gardner_8420 shared a tip "Sickk"

Lisa Winget's profile image

lisa_winget shared a tip "I loved this show so much. Perfect mix of sci-fi,humor and drama."

Aidan Lawrence's profile image

aidan_lawrence shared a tip "One of my favorites ! Endless wonder"

Emily McPeek's profile image

emily_mcpeek shared a tip "My favorite show by far! I rewatch it at least once a year!"

Wayne Bayever's profile image

wayne_bayever shared a tip "The characters were fun. The premise was also imaginative."

Rebecca Lodespoto's profile image

Ilikemoviesalotapparently shared a tip "Definitely a good show to watch as a pass time. It's a funny show but to me it's a bit of a dumb also."

Tyler Hansen's profile image

tyler_hansen_2836 shared a tip "Best show I've ever seen!"

ronald_schaefer shared a tip "One of my very favorite shows it was fun and a little corky and it always left you feeling good"

briana_manley shared a tip "Fantasy and funny with excitement and a little romance, too"

Paul Henderson's profile image

paul_henderson_8597 shared a tip "Guilty pleasure with a steampunk aesthetic."

Patty Claybrooke's profile image

patty_claybrooke shared a tip "Quirky, comical, a little cheesy, but I love them! 🙂"

tawnya_israel shared a tip "Excellent."

sheila Moore's profile image

sheila_moore_1021 shared a tip "Interesting storylines"

Janine Bingenheimer's profile image

janine_bingenheimer shared a tip "This show is amazing and after a thousand re-watches it still is very funny and a great watch."

Kevin Selvig's profile image

kevin_selvig shared a tip "One of my childhood favorite shows"

Angela Lee's profile image

angela_lee_4058 shared a tip "I love that they have little historical and cultural references when they talk about the artifacts."

Rachael Horner's profile image

rachael_horner shared a tip "Loved the history"

Shae 's profile image

shae_3142 shared a tip "#action_and_adventure #scifi_and_fantasy"

Nate hippy's profile image

nate_hippy shared a tip "Not anything like warehouse 13 as of right now. Currently I’ve been loving the Witcher, The magicians, The Boys"

lauren_straub shared a tip "Cheesy fun from the SyFy channel…wish there were more seasons!"

Cascata Nerina's profile image

cascata_nerina shared a tip "Loved the premise of the magical science and hiding it from the world. The relationship between the two agents is also great."

christy_wolfe_92 shared a tip "Loved this crazy adventure"

Daniella Valdez's profile image

daniella_valdez shared a tip "Great start and good story line till about season 3"

Darla Black's profile image

darla_black shared a tip "This has always been one of my favorites"

Andrea Burgher's profile image

andrea_burgher shared a tip "Anyone know of any shows that might possibly be as good as this? #Warehouse13"

brittany_green_8344 shared a tip "I love this show"

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