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The Doctor is a Time Lord: a 900 year old alien with 2 hearts, part of a gifted civilization who mastered time travel. The Doctor saves planets for a living—more of a hobby actually, and the Doctor's very, very good at it.

Parental GuideTV-PG

Status Returning Series

First Air Date 2005-03-26

Last Air Date 2021-12-05

Seasons 13

Episodes 153


TMDB 7.3


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melanies_muses shared a tip "Really enjoying Flux! Love all the old references!"

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imtarynitup shared a tip "Love Doctor Who! It's my feel good show that I watch on repeat."

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sonia_burton shared a tip "I enjoy Dr. Who, beyond fantastic episodes and plots"

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holly_mcmiller shared a tip "Been loving Doctor Who: Flux so far. Can’t believe we’re at the halfway point already."

Caroline Phillips's profile image

carolinepiper shared a tip "First couple seasons great! Love the 10th and 11th doctors plus their companions."

Elizabeth Lowe's profile image

elizabeth_lowe shared a tip "I like the 11th doctor the best"

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jason_morrison_7743 shared a tip "Who's your favorite Doctor?"

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jennifer_davidson shared a tip "My absolute favorite"

A.F. Tanith's profile image

a.f._tanith shared a tip "Specifically, the Eleven/Amy/Rory era."

garf 's profile image

gothfield shared a tip "pros; fantasy, fun, alternating storylines cons; british people"

Kathryn Gartman's profile image

kathryn_gartman shared a tip "One of the best shows ever created! Please start with 9, he's so important!"

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angela_edwards_8490 shared a tip "After David Tenant left, I couldn't watch it anymore."

Michelle DiMarzio's profile image

michelle_dimarzio shared a tip "My all time favorite"

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michelle_dimarzio shared a tip "The best!!"

evette_stewart shared a tip "Np😁"

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tim_rhodes shared a tip "Did I hear geek fest???"

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VeganDave shared a tip "Enjoying the new season so far!"

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ian_a shared a tip "Good show, fell off around Capaldi but it was just because of bad writing with the characters, worthwhile watch"

Eric Armstrong's profile image

eggsaladsandwich shared a tip "Start with Season 5!"

james_rice_8208 shared a tip "I watched this because Lamyra Kinzer said it was good!💯"

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adam_effinger shared a tip "This is a classic show. It only shows new episodes every 2 years, but that doesn't detract from the story."

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natalia_alicea shared a tip "Great option for a long binge"

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christine_scott_1938 shared a tip "Thats like asking which child of yours is your favorite lol"

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ariana_didomenico shared a tip "Skip series 11 and 12. Chibnall (producer for those seasons) sucks."

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SmocksandJin shared a tip "David Tennant!"

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Driziana_Fae shared a tip "The show is really important to me because it shaped how I grew up. It's influenced me in many ways."

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sara_stokes shared a tip "Which Doctor is your doctor?"

Chad Smith 🤴🏼's profile image

chadd_ssmith shared a tip "@aliwang1990 Have you watched The Sorcerer's Apprentice?"

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jennifer_scarborough shared a tip "Number 4 will always be my favorite."

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suzanne_kelsey shared a tip "I like the show even though quality may vary by season"

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s_mockingbird shared a tip "You’ll love it! I rewatch it every few years :)"

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sharon_thiel shared a tip "Several 😃."

Walter Villacreses's profile image

walter_villacreses shared a tip "Good sci fi. Always keeps me guessing."

zoey_pearr shared a tip "oh i’m not even sure!"

Andie Tibbetts's profile image

andie_tibbetts shared a tip "Amy pond!"

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michael_navarro shared a tip "I can’t recommend this enough!! My favorite doctor is the 11th, if you do watch it I can’t wait till you meet him!"

me Brewer's profile image

me_brewer shared a tip "I don't have a favorite season, but matt smith and Peter capaldi are my favorites"

Alexis Day's profile image

alexis_day shared a tip "Best show in all of the universes"

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Kenzie_3322 shared a tip "I actually never seen the show, I think a accidental clicked it"

Jusenda Hansen's profile image

jusenda_hansen shared a tip "Love how he can trivial through time"

yadi_1220 shared a tip "Introduce me to sci-fix."

Gwendolyn Bahun's profile image

gwendolyn_bahun shared a tip "I adore this show"

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NatKat.25 shared a tip "This is possible the best show of all time"

seanbauer shared a tip "It’s been my favourite show of all time. Everyone I know knows how much I love it."

Jennifer Emery's profile image

jennifer_emery shared a tip "I was late to the party. Binged all seasons in 2020. Loved it."

Keith Strother's profile image

keith_strother shared a tip "I actually haven't seen the Jodie Whittaker run yet. But the rest is pretty good."

J'Lyn Wilson's profile image

jlyn_wilson_2247 shared a tip "Time Travel/Galactic Federation/Aliens Saving Planets/Dr. Who 💖💫💖"

Arymilla Rosewood's profile image

arymilla_rosewood shared a tip "Fun, funny, something a bit scary. Never know what will happen next and shows no sign of stopping."

Stephanie Millard's profile image

stephanie_millard shared a tip "Through Matt Smith, definitely."

amy bachman's profile image

amy_bachman_5311 shared a tip "I've been watching since I was a kid. Brilliant British sci-fi!"

Tom Zeason's profile image

tom_zeason shared a tip "Perfect for bingeing! Pick your favorite Doctor, load up on snacks, and enjoy!"

Dorottya Szabó's profile image

dorottya_szaboo shared a tip "Obviously, with so many season, the quality varies, but a few of the monster of the week and a few overall arc are great."

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iamgroot shared a tip "Available in Netflix as well. But only for United Kingdom"

IamGroot 's profile image

iamgroot shared a tip "Yes it is good. Doctor who is widely popular TV show."

Pj Miller's profile image

pj_miller shared a tip "Mind bending and sometimes silly, perfect hour of entertainment"

limeypie222 shared a tip "~Series 1-7 was good- Moffat started ruining it, and Chibnall finished the job."

Athena Skaggs's profile image

athena_skaggs shared a tip "I love this show with all of my heart ❤️"

Tamara Gutierrez's profile image

tamara_gutierrez shared a tip "I love all of the them but I think I have to go with the 10th Doctor (David Tennant)"

Caitlin Newlin's profile image

caitlin_newlin shared a tip "Absolutely Brilliant!"

Carl Minch's profile image

carl_minch shared a tip "Not really. I do have a favorite doctor through and that's the 10th"

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amanda_bone shared a tip "Always yes!"

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lexi_williams_8049 shared a tip "I loved the very first episode of season 7 apt what about you"

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arianna_s_2022 shared a tip "Matt Smith! I haven’t seen the most recent seasons with the thirteenth doctor."

Ashton Pigsley SPAM's profile image

ashton_pigsley_spam shared a tip "Wonderful"

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raytav shared a tip "I love it i have seen every who docter who"

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tre_sha_tap_tap shared a tip "Love, love,love Dr Who, watch all episodes and anxiously waiting for more."

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shannon_burns_8426 shared a tip "I love Doctor who."

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delaney_byers shared a tip "Does anyone know what platform I can watch this on? I haven't been able to find it anywhere and I would love to rewatch it."

Nicole Brown's profile image

nicole_brown_1658 shared a tip "Its hard to pick a favorite. I like David Tennant really well."

Jessica Delgado's profile image

jessica_delgado_1925 shared a tip "It's really good hope you enjoy it."

Alex Pellikaan's profile image

alex_pellikaan_8694 shared a tip "Yeah it’s good for the most part. The seasons with David Tennant are my favorite because that’s the doctor that I started with"

Owen Goncalo's profile image

owen_goncalo shared a tip "Yep"

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erin_hodgson_5219 shared a tip "."

Janie Infante Camero's profile image

janie_infante_camero shared a tip "Yes it is a great series."

angie_e_9778 shared a tip "I’ve only seen two seasons but it’s great so far."

Cintya Gallagher's profile image

cintya_gallagher shared a tip "Call the midwife is always a good one"

Grace D'Onofrio Amstutz's profile image

grace_donofrio_amst shared a tip "Loved it! Number 10 & 11 were my favorite Doctors!"

knowledge_lee shared a tip "Definitely!"

kaylee_smith_3337 shared a tip "Doctor who is always worth it!"

Raine Myers's profile image

horrorgeek131 shared a tip "This is the best show ever! (The 10th doctor is the best)"

Josh Boyer's profile image

josh_boyer_69 shared a tip "I've also been watching NCIS."

Ellie Vasas's profile image

ellie_vasas shared a tip "Crash Landing on You. It's a cheesy Korean drama that I am in love with"

jennijean shared a tip "The Umbrella Academy"

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Valriddle shared a tip "Grew up on this show. It's my favorite show to watch."

Jacob Gordon's profile image

jacob_gordon_5316 shared a tip "Not watching any right now, but Hannibal, queen's gambit, and the terror are really really really good."

AbandonedPenguin101 's profile image

abandonedpenguin101 shared a tip "My favorite TV show ever"

lucia r's profile image

lucia_r shared a tip "Time travel, aliens, adventure, good laughs and good times... what more could you need?"

Cinthya M.'s profile image

cinthya_m. shared a tip "Best show ever!"

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diana_perez_1680 shared a tip "Funny, crazy plots, and lovable characters"

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NorNoga4dm1n shared a tip "Great tv show"

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stichesandscribbles shared a tip "My favorite Doctor is David Tennant!"