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The son of a notorious serial killer becomes an acclaimed criminal psychologist who uses his unique insight into how killers think to help the NYPD.

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Canceled

First Air Date 2019-09-23

Last Air Date 2021-05-18

Seasons 2

Episodes 33


TMDB 8.3


h_g_9388 shared a tip "I found this show very compelling."

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jim_woehr shared a tip "I love this show. I hope it gets many seasons. But it is on Fox."

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jim_woehr shared a tip "A great show to catch up on if you haven’t seen it yet."

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jim_woehr shared a tip "Fox once again showed they are idiots. That have canceled this great show."

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jim_woehr shared a tip "Binge this show on Hulu. Hopefully someone will pick it up after Fox messed up."

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jennifer_montalement shared a tip "Why did they cancel this show!!!! It was getting so good."

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wendy_porter_4634 shared a tip "OMG YES !!"

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nicole_norm shared a tip "Gonna give this another try. By the sounds of it, most people are loving it."

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steve_campbell_9544 shared a tip "Love this show. For those that like solving mysteries, and getting inside the mind of mental illness."

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adam_schmadam shared a tip "kinky damaged man boy uses trauma to solve crime"

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nancy_monyhan shared a tip "This show was so underrated. I loved it!"

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beadzombie shared a tip "A little too dark for even me sometimes, but it is original and eye-catching. Worth a watch."

andreaxsunset shared a tip "This is show keeps people wanting more and beautifully well written"

megan_melnick shared a tip "SO GOOD! Comedy, drama, captivating. So sad they canceled 😭"

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probably_julian shared a tip "If you like guys who are unhinged and look like they haven't slept well since 2004 this show's for you."

PatriciaFR 's profile image

patricia_fr shared a tip "It's...different, but it kept me watching right through the last episode."

marlena_a._esquivel shared a tip "One of the best shows I have seen in a while, I can't believe they canceled it."

Loida Milian-Gonczarow's profile image

loida_milian-gonczarow shared a tip "Great to watch as he uncovers crime and begins unraveling his personal demons."

Laurie Galvin-Klinsky's profile image

laurie_galvin-klinsky shared a tip "Best show on TV right now!"

patty_valentine shared a tip "Best show on tv this season"

Monique Contreras's profile image

monique_contreras shared a tip "Season 1 finally was jaw dropping!!!! I can not wait for Season 2!!!!"

Madeleine Goodnight's profile image

mgoodnight shared a tip "HOW COULD THIS SHOW GET CANCELED?! #SaveProdigalSon"

Laura 's profile image

laura_heibs shared a tip "First episode took a minute to get into but by the end I was super into it."

Erica ThatByouKnow's profile image

ArYka shared a tip "💜"

Erica ThatByouKnow's profile image

ArYka shared a tip "💯🍿📣"

shiloh_peck shared a tip "Great series and great cast!"

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c_allen_2813 shared a tip "LOVE THIS SHOW!"

Davina A's profile image

davina_a shared a tip "Sad it ended but awesome show."

Erika Fletcher 's profile image

erika_fletcher1710 shared a tip "Show was recently cancelled go sign this petition to get season 3!!!"

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gary_munn_6749 shared a tip "What a thrilling finale!! Didn't see it coming!!!"

Kari Johnson's profile image

kari_johnson_7172 shared a tip "Kept me guessing. Great characters. Can't wait from season 2"

atef alrawashdeh's profile image

atef_alrawashdeh shared a tip "This what I watch now"

Nicole's World's profile image

nicoletherat shared a tip "Without a doubt my favorite show! :)"

Ivan Segura's profile image

ivan_segura shared a tip "One of my favorites. Start season 2, Jan 12"

Ivan Segura's profile image

ivan_segura shared a tip "This is such a mind bending show. Simply fabulous"

Holly Messner's profile image

holly_messner shared a tip "Wonderfully creepy!"

Robyn Gee's profile image

robyn_gee shared a tip "Very easy to binge! So good if you like crime mystery shows or novels!"

Sylar J's profile image

jess_sylar shared a tip "Staring one of my favorite actors: Tom Payne, this crime show is truly brilliant and is highly recommended."

Raven Young's profile image

raven_young shared a tip "Great crime /thriller show #crime #drama #serialkiller #dysfunctionalfictionalfamily"

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ray_hash shared a tip "Fun bad guy"

Andy D's profile image

randleton shared a tip "Sad thid was cancelled, hood 2 seasons though."

Lisa Drew's profile image

lisa_drew_6087 shared a tip "I LOVED this series. The characters were amazing. So sad it was cancelled!"

Amy Bairefoot's profile image

amy_bairefoot shared a tip "Watching this now and I’m hooked!"

Okay Aydree's profile image

okay_aydree shared a tip "Fantastic show!!! Absolutely in love 😍🔥"

Sharon Steinberg-Meris's profile image

sharon_steinberg-me shared a tip "Can not wait !!!"

leeanni shared a tip "Good show to watch any one watch this?"

Adam Schmidt's profile image

BroteinAdam shared a tip "Very good show with twists and turns everywhere. Michael Sheen and Tom Payne are brilliant."

Wendy Mieszalski's profile image

wendy_35 shared a tip "Loved this show, fun, thrilling at times, easy to enjoy."

katylyn_boyett shared a tip "Everyone needs to sign the petition so we can get a season 3!"

Alexis Hull's profile image

alexis_hull shared a tip "Husband and I binged this show a couple months back. Wish they would bring it back for another season."

Michael D'Antonio's profile image

michael_dantonio shared a tip "If you like a good mystery"

Mediha Ayub's profile image

mediha_ayub shared a tip "Great acting, very interesting story, love the characters"

Angel Dunn's profile image

angel_dunn shared a tip "Unique, entertaining, deep, humorous"

Rissa Swan's profile image

rissa_swan shared a tip "Good to binge. Psychologically twisty."

Sherry Norris's profile image

sherry_norris_1812 shared a tip "I couldn’t stop watching this series. It’s so so good. Can’t wait for the next season"

LaVonne Sponseller's profile image

lavonne_sponseller shared a tip "Very good show"

Amanda Irish's profile image

amanda_irish_7785 shared a tip "Love the spin on this show with Malcolm and his father’s relationship."

taylor_scott_8622 shared a tip "It is really good but heads up It just got announced that it is canceled"

Wakanda Frappuccinos's profile image

wakanda_frappuccinos shared a tip "#dark #crime #mystery_and_detective"

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Whitten22 shared a tip "Bright is some eye candy to watch and has a talent that intrigues me."

Amy Bryant's profile image

abryant122 shared a tip "Yes! It's really intelligent and sucks you in."

Karah Brooks's profile image

karah_brooks shared a tip "Stupid way to end without renewing the next season."

nicole_roberts_8378 shared a tip "Definitely."

erica_ille shared a tip "One of my favs!! Really hoping Netflix picks it up."

Valerie Barraza's profile image

valerie_barraza shared a tip "ITS ALSO ON YOUTUBE TV!!"

Alan Ennis's profile image

alan_ennis shared a tip "Awesome show!!!!"

gina_gilbert shared a tip "Watching 👍"

joe_goetschel shared a tip "So **** good!!!!!!!!!!"

Molly Miller's profile image

molly_miller_9064 shared a tip "Never ever boring. EVER!"

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whatevensara shared a tip "Absolutely amazing and severely underrated"

Melanie Barney's profile image

melanie_barney shared a tip "Oh that hard.... I haven't really thought about it, but I can't wait for season 2!"

Amber Konda-Dabney's profile image

amber_konda-dabney shared a tip "Perfect show to binge watch! Keeps you wanting more."

tzk02 shared a tip "It was amazing and kept me on my toes!"

Aviva Jenkins's profile image

aviva_jenkins shared a tip "If you like crime dramas with suspense and twist this is the show for you!! It just keeps getting better"

joey_whitfield shared a tip "Amazing show to binge for some reason they took down the first season."

Megan Kloth's profile image

megan_kloth shared a tip "It’s so cheesy but Michael sheen and tom Payne and Lou diamond philips bring life to it!"

Daz Dezignz's profile image

daz_dezignz shared a tip "This is such an amazing show!"

Ève Filteau-Hubert's profile image

ve_filteau-hubert shared a tip "WOW, nothing more to say"

becca cole's profile image

Becca.C shared a tip "Detectives, murder, serial killers, and horror vibes all the wonderful things in one show."

jolie_kapahua shared a tip "This show is amazing. So ****** they didn’t renew it."

cindy_smith_5795 shared a tip "Not at the moment. Any suggestions?"

Carrie Pitcher's profile image

carrie_pitcher_4324 shared a tip "It's kind of slow and to be honest I didn't finish it."

Crystal Gamez's profile image

crystal_gamez shared a tip "Good plot and actors"

sarah_4210 shared a tip "It’s just amazing you’d have to take my word for it"

Jan Slocum's profile image

jan_slocum shared a tip "I can't believe this show was cancelled. It was brilliant, delightful, and so full of potential."

Natasha Menendez's profile image

natasha_menendez shared a tip "I enjoyed it. It was a good mix of dark and humor. I just wish it had more seasons."

Beth McClintic's profile image

beth_mcclintic shared a tip "The characters especially Malcolm Bright"

bella_clifford shared a tip "knowing he left the walking dead for this show is made a little better knowing how good the main actor is in this"

jody_branch shared a tip "Smart and storytelling"

Nikka Lamport's profile image

nikka_lamport shared a tip "Sooo good wish it didn’t get cancelled rip 😢"

Jenn Scarpa's profile image

jenn_scarpa shared a tip "So disappointing that there's not more of this series. It's got such a great cast and so many places to go."

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